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September 13, 2012

The Beclowning of the American Media ... by the American Media

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If there ever was any doubt whatsoever that the American mainstream media was completely in the tank for Democrats, and lately, especially FOR Barack Obama and AGAINST Mitt Romney, all such doubt was removed yesterday as the mainstream media exposed itself as the bunch of clowns ... naive fools, and anti-Conservative/pro-Democrat shills that they indeed are.

Media clowns.jpg

Erick Erickson writes at RedState:

Yesterday, as the American consulate in Libya was smoking and the rioters were returning in Egypt, the President of the United States flew off to Las Vegas for a fundraiser while his spokesman was telling the American press corps that yesterday wasn't really a normal political day. Had it been George W. Bush, the media would, right now, be marching on the White House with pitch forks and torches. Remember, on 9/11, as events were unfolding in Washington, the American media was crying for President Bush to return to Washington. They wanted Daddy at home in the White House where he could tuck them in bed, damn the security issues of getting him there.

I get that Chuck Todd is a former Democrat hill staffer. I get that the Politico is riddled with Democrats, some former activists and a former staffer for Debbie Wasserman Schultz. I get that Michael Scherer from Time magazine is a left wing reporter for Mother Jones and turned respectable, "objective" journalist. I get that Ben Smith, leading up Buzz Feed, is a leftwing journalist paraded about as if he is some sort of objective reporter at a trendy site full of cat photos. [Editor's Note: Totally forgot to include Journolist and have updated to include it] I get that precious Ezra Klein started Journolist so reporters and political operatives could collaborate on the news and narrative and now he sits at the Washington Post and gets trotted out as a fact checker. What I really get is that the American media runs with a herd mentality, leans left, and yesterday collectively fell over their group think as they leaned so far left to focus on Mitt Romney and not President Obama. Yesterday, the American media beclowned itself in ways I didn't really even think was possible, even knowing how in the tank for Barack Obama they are.

Yesterday, we learned that there were no Marines protecting our Ambassador to Libya despite State Department warnings about violence and kidnappings in the Benghazi. We already knew Al Qaeda was coming on strong there. But we relied on locals for support and now we know the locals betrayed us as they have in the past in Afghanistan and Iraq too.

But the media wanted to focus on Mitt Romney.

Night before last, the President condemned Mitt Romney in harsher tones than he condemned the rioters. It took him until sun up yesterday to condemn them.

But the media wanted to focus on Mitt Romney.

Yesterday, the media spent much time condemning the Coptic Christians for their movie, but we now know the movie had been out for months and we also know the riots were orchestrated in advance. We also know the attack on the American consulate in Libya used the riots as cover for the attack.

But the media wanted to focus on Mitt Romney.

Keep reading here. The media's beclowning of themselves is so obvious that ... even Slate and Dave Weigel finally point out that Mitt Romney's so-called 'gaffe' was no gaffe at all.

David Brody asks, "Has The Media Lost Its Mind?"

So let me see if I have this straight. We have Muslim terrorists storming our embassies, killing Americans, burning the American flag and flying the al-Qaeda flag in its place and the media is focused intently on the protocol of Mitt Romney's comments about the situation in the Middle East? The outrage from the media (including some democrats and republicans) is about political etiquette? Really? Wow. No all of a sudden the media is the protocol police.

While the timing of Mitt Romney's comments can be called into question, should it really be such a huge focus? Of course not. Why is the media not focused on how the U.S. Embassy in Cairo put out that wild statement about not hurting the feelings of Muslims? Why are they not focused on how President Obama's policies may have contributed to this mess? Instead, the headlines we get say this is the will be a, "challenge" for the president.

Romney's comments might not be playing well with the liberal media but they play well with the conservative base. The winning ticket for Romney is to hit the president hard on his foreign policy choices with regards to the Middle East.

Meanwhile, according to Obama ... Egypt is/was/not an ally but not an enemy ... before it is/was an ally (In other words he shoots first aims later) ... all while what we hear from the liberal media is - crickets, crickets, crickets ...

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Posted by Richard at September 13, 2012 3:17 PM

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