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September 17, 2012

New David Limbaugh Column on Obama's Denialism: 'Video or Bust'

Topics: Middle East News and Perspectives

In his new column today, David Limbaugh addresses Obama's denialism of the dangers of jihadis throughout the world, and puts the blame squarely on his and his administration's narcissistic worldview that Obama has fundamentally transformed Islamist sentiment toward the United States and made us safer:

How can an administration that believes that Islamists need a reason to attack us apart from their default hatred of infidels conduct a coherent foreign policy?

Even if its assessment were correct, how can someone who is presumably sophisticated enough to become the so-called leader of the Free World believe he can convert Islamists overnight into fawning admirers of a new and improved America under his rule?

Yet that is precisely what Obama professed to believe. When campaigning for the presidency, he said: "We will restore our moral standing in the world. ... I truly believe that the day I'm inaugurated, not only does the country look at itself differently but the world looks at America differently. If I'm reaching out to the Muslim world, they understand that I've lived in a Muslim country and I may be a Christian but I also can understand their point of view. ... The world will have confidence that I am listening to them and that our future and our security is tied up with our ability to work with other countries in the world. That will ultimately make us safer."

Obama's lofty confidence on the matter didn't wane once he was in office. He said in April 2009, "I would like to think that with my election and the early decisions that we've made ... you're starting to see some restoration of America's standing in the world."

In his stunningly ambitious and arrogantly naive Cairo speech, Obama said, "I've come here ... to seek a new beginning between the United States and Muslims around the world, one based upon mutual interest and mutual respect."

And just this year, Obama said, "We've strengthened our alliances (and) restored respect for the United States around the world." Soon thereafter, he said, "One of the proudest things of my three years in office is helping to restore a sense of respect for America around the world."

But polls reflect that despite Obama's reset of our relations with Muslims, he is less popular in the Muslim world than was the dreaded President George W. Bush, and America is less popular with Muslims under Obama than it was under Bush.

A new survey of the president and his policies in 21 countries by the Pew Global Attitudes Project shows that "global approval of President Barack Obama's policies has declined significantly since he first took office. ... In nearly every country where trends are available, support for Obama's international policies has declined over the last three years. ... Among the EU countries surveyed in both 2009 and 2012, a median of 78 percent approved of Obama's policies in 2009, compared with 63 percent now. Among Muslim nations, the median has slipped from 34 percent to 15 percent. Major declines have also taken place in China, Japan, Russia and Mexico."

Yet Obama continues to maintain the ruse that through his magical rhetorical bouquets to Islamists, he has dramatically reduced their animosity toward us. For him to acknowledge that they attacked us in Egypt and Libya because they still hate us would be an admission that he has failed in his promise to make them love us, so he is scapegoating the anti-Muslim amateur video of an unknown filmmaker.

Read the whole thing. The more one learns about the truth vs. the Obama administration's absurd blame on a video trailer for the meltdown of the Middle East, the more laughable Obama and his clowns become.

Meanwhile, with Muslims all over the world attacking and killing Americans, Afghan 'police' turning on American troops and killing them in cold blood, the response of Barack Obama's Pentagon is to order our military undergo 'Islam sensitivity training.'

I already know what you're thinking, and you're right ... you just can't make this sh*t up. The inmates are in control of the asylum, The clowns are now the masters. The world is indeed upside down.

Just imagine what four more years of Obama-insanity would bring us.

Posted by Richard at September 17, 2012 4:28 PM

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