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September 7, 2012

A Sound Warning, And Solid Advice, For The GOP From Stanley Kurtz

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In his piece titled Are Republicans Fooling Themselves?, Stanley Kurtz offers a sound warning and some solid advice for the GOP that Team Romney would do well to act on if they want to win this election for what is likely to be the very last chance for the survival of America as we know it.

Here are some excerpts to pique your interest:

[...] This election could go either way. If Obama squeaks by, he will have done so with the help of a Democratic Party that has taken a large, open, and disturbingly leftist turn. I think we're missing the significance of that. It is completely accurate to say that the Democrats are pushing a bogus reformulation of the American way of life-slapping a bunch of flags on their Julia ad and turning classic conceptions of civic and religious community into covers for a cradle-to-grave welfare state. Unfortunately, this way of thinking is becoming the new normal in this country, and Obama and his convention have only helped to cement the change.

[...] Conservatives can puncture these arguments all we like, but we can't cut through the media filter. More than that, the conservative case can't break through the left-controlled education system that has profoundly shaped the Millennials. True, youth unemployment is giving many second thoughts about Obama, yet it's been more a matter of sapping Millennial enthusiasm than of changing attitudes and ideas.

[...] Republicans won big in 2010 by defining Obama as an overweening ideologue. Yet that was the Tea Party's doing, not the Republican establishment. In those days, Romney even jumped on the Tea Party bandwagon with some surprisingly cutting observations about Obama's leftism. Obama may not have pivoted after the 2010 election, but Republicans did. They toned down their attacks on the president's ideology, and to some extent helped to build up the very wall of "likeability" they now fear to scale, even as the president rejected the Clintonian way and stayed left. Were Republicans smart to hold their fire? Romney did try out the argument that Obama is moving us toward European-style social democracy during the primaries, but he's dropped that now in favor of the kinder and gentler "break up" approach.

[...] I don't have access to the Romney campaign's focus-group and survey data. Maybe they're right to try to pry away those erstwhile Obama supporters in only the gentlest of ways. Yet I worry that the Romneyites are fooling themselves. Technocrats and fixers from a state where liberals dominate, they are neither inclined or prepared to show how the Obama Democrats are slowly redefining American exceptionalism into the European social democratic dream. Romney may squeak by on bad unemployment numbers and gentle coaxing of undecideds, but patriotic veneer the Democrats have managed to slap on their leftism is worrisome. If Obama wins, it will be because we allowed him to get away with it.

Take the time to read the entire thing, then pass it along to Team Romney. The more they hear about it the better the chance of them getting the all-important message. It's time for no more Mr. Nice Guy ... it's time to pull out all the stops and hit Obama for being the far-left ideologue that he indeed is ... and cut through the cultural, educational, and media filters and force a debate over the Obama Democrats' bogus redefinition of the American Dream.

Posted by Robert Owens at September 7, 2012 10:52 AM

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