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August 8, 2012

(Video) New TV Ad Attacks Obama, Geithner On Lost Delphi Pensions

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This new ad for TV from Let Freedom Ring features the stories of several Delphi salaried retirees, who lost their pensions at the hand of Obama's and Secretary Tim Geithner's Department of Treasury:

Via The Daily Caller:

[...] "I would ask President Obama why I had no rights and he had all the rights to take my pension away and never ever look back and say not only did I take it from Mary Miller, but I took it from 20,000 other people and their families," one Delphi salaried retiree, Mary Miller, says in the ad.

"It's made life pretty rough. I've really struggled to pay for the basics," Miller also says in the ad, adding that the Obama administration's actions led to her losing "over 30 percent of my pension."

The ad is destined for television sets and online ads in the battleground states of Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia, Let Freedom Ring executive director Alex Cortes said in an email to The Daily Caller.

The Caller goes on to point out that, back in May, Mitt Romney's campaign also addressed the Delphi pension in this May web video that tells a bit more of the Delphi story:

Yesterday The Daily Caller reported that a collection of emails recently obtained by The Daily Caller have called into question just how the decision was made to eliminate or substantially reduce the pensions of 20,000 workers from Delphi. Until now, it was assumed that the company made the cutbacks as a surprise, but now it has become apparent that those 20,000 jobs were eliminated for one reason above all else: They were non-unionized jobs.:

A General Motors company, Delphi is one of the largest manufacturers of auto parts in the entire world. Their United States operations stretch from Michigan and Ohio to Indiana and New York. In 2009, 20,000 non-unionized workers lost nearly their entire pensions when the government bailed out GM. On the other hand, those workers that were part of the United Auto Workers saw their pensions stabilize, and even grow.

For those that find it hard to believe, read on. Like many previous Democratic administrations, the Obama administration has been in bed with various unions from the beginning. From SEIU to the UAW, they have been perfectly willing to accept large amounts of union money in exchange for preferential treatment, such as granting waivers from Obamacare.

The emails that were obtained by The Daily Caller completely contradict sworn testimony given in court and before Congress by several administration officials. ...

The Caller goes on to point out that it has a set of emails that clearly show White House involvement. Much more here.

Bottom line ... the White House denied pensions for non-union personnel while protecting and actually increasing the pensions of union members ... then lied to Congress about it. And The Daily Caller has the emails to prove it.

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Posted by Hyscience at August 8, 2012 6:34 AM

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