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August 2012

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August 31, 2012

Socialism is as Socialism Does

August 26, 2012

Posting break

August 24, 2012

$300 million taxpayer investment in Solyndra sold for ... $90.3 million: Taxpayers get bupkis
Earth to MSNBC - Actually Reuters did want to see Romney's birth certificate
Mitt Romney'sWSJ Op-ed: 'What I Learned at Bain Capital'
New documents obtained by House Judiciary Committee reveal Obama administration 'cooking the books' to achieve record deportation numbers
Charles Krauthammer: 'Romney is in good position'
Robert Spencer and Michael Coren on the Democrat Party, Islam, and much more (Video)
Corruption Alert: 'Obama, Holder Sledgehammer the First Amendment' To Intimidate And Silence
Every Time You Hear Obama Utter The Words 'Clean Energy'
The Foundry: State Department Website Morphs into the World According to Obama

August 23, 2012

Shocker: Obama's Jobs Council chief, GE CEO Jeff Immelt, says he will vote for Romney? (Obama has had no jobs council meetings in months)
Must-See New Film "The Unvetted" Exposes Obama's Communist Cover-up
Per Michelle Obama ... Democrats Vote On November 2nd
Academics' Model (With Solid Track Record Of Success) Predicts Big Romney Win
Obama's Mediscare Attacks Not Workin' Out So Well
Crossroads GPS is Going Up With its First Ad in Florida
Barack Obama - Abortion Extremist
Obamanomics Update: U.S. Jobless Claims Climb To Month High
Another Wind Company Bitting The Dust After Taking Tens Of Millions Of Taxpayer Dollars
Obama's Arab Spring Thingy Is A Huge Disaster
Texas mother pleads to doctor to restore son's food and water
How bad will it actually be if Barack Obama is reelected?
Mitt Romney to Declare Goal of North American energy independence by 2020

August 22, 2012

Voters Be Warned: 'A vote for Obama is a vote for 9 percent unemployment'
News Busted: 'Frenzied Media Give Four Times More Coverage to Akin Flap Than Biden's 'Chains' Smear
Debuting At The RNC In Tampa: Clitizen United's 'The Hope And The Change'
Shocker: DNC Gives Prominent Role At the Upcoming Democratic National Convention in Charlotte to 'Usavory Gang of Islamic Supremacists With Ties to Jihad Groups'
New RNC Ad Destroys Obama's Claim His Campaign Never Suggested Mitt Romney is a 'Felon' (Video)
Reuters Manages To Perfectly Capture the Real Barack Obama (Not a Photoshop)

August 21, 2012

He's Baaack!
Obama to have the government buy meat and drive the price up ... in order to buy votes from farmers
Wagner and Akin to 'Trade Places'?
Combat Marine veteran detained for 'anti-government' Facebook posts
(Video) Paul Ryan: 'I'm a Catholic deer hunter ... I am happy to be clinging to my guns and my religion!'
New Romney web ad provides message of hope - focuses on welfare success story
Re 'Breast-Feeding Dad'
CBS' Norah O'Donnell: 'Obama needs to answer for the tone of the campaign'
The Democrats' Great Medicare Lie

August 20, 2012

Re: 'IPAB: Yes, It Can'
New Romney Ad:
Video: Former union boss at Occupy event: Our goal is to 'overthrow the capitalist system and build communism'

August 17, 2012

Team Obama responds to special ops criticism ...
Re: 'Obama's Medicare Flip-Flop'
Paul Ryan ... 'The Villages' in Florida Tomorrow
Axelrod Playbook 2008 Flashback: 'Obama Demands Hillary Clinton Release Tax Returns'
New RNC ad: 'This is not a parody'
Obama 'Hearts' Obama ... Edits Official State Department Documents to Tout Himself
'Most Effective Political Ad of the Season'
Education is the Foundation of the Future
City Government to Good Samiritan: 'Do Not Feed the Children'
American Crossroads fully endorses ... Joe Biden

August 16, 2012

Romney's Whiteboard Cuts-To-The-Chase On Medicare
Romney 'Fochs' Obama
Rasmussen: Romney +2 in Florida
Great news from the White House
Chip Bok on Ryan and Obama (Cartoon)
US Economic Recovery Weakest Since Great Depression
Latest RNC Video: 'Anger & Division'

August 15, 2012

'Dishonorable Disclosures': Intelligence and Special Operations Forces Speak Out Against Barack Obama's Politically-Motivated, Miltary And National Security-Endgangering, Intelligence Leaks (Video)
Yet Another Biden Gaffe
(Video) Newt Gingrich: 'Reid, Pelosi not living up to standard they set for Romney'
Shooting at Family Research Council Headquarters (Updated)
Former Obama campaign co-chair will stump for Romney
Zogby Poll: Over 40% of youth vote backs Romney
Mitt Romney: 'Mr. President, take your campaign of division and anger and hate back to Chicago'

August 14, 2012

Mitt Romney's New Medicare Ad
(Videos) JFK 8/1962 - Income Tax Cut to Spur Economy; Obama 8/2012 - Increase Taxes And 'Share Prosperity'
So, you think Paul Ryan's plan is somehow 'radical,' right?
Washington Post Voter ID Poll: 74% Back Photo ID Laws
Mitt Romney Ad: 'America Deserves Better'
DNC Chair Wasserman-Schultz Exposes Her Stupidity, Comes Apart At The Seams on CNN
(Video) Newt Gingrich to Piers Morgan: "You guys almost sound like you're an extension of the Obama campaign, you get off in a little club, learn a brand new mantra, then all repeat it mindlessly"

August 13, 2012

(Video) Fact-Challenged Obama Slams Paul Ryan For Not Passing Farm Bill ... That He Passed 2 Weeks Ago
Erskine Bowles, Barack Obama's Pick For Co-Chair of Deficit Committee: "Paul Ryan budget 'sensible ... honest ... serious'"
(Revealing Video) 'Barack Obama - The Anti-Israel President'
Team Obama Stoops Ever Deeper: 'Biden Invokes Paul Ryan's Deceased Father to Question the VP Candidate's Values'
'Democrats better ramp up the Mediscaring -- quick!
(Video) New Romney Ad: 'Long History'
Rasmussen Daily Presidential Tracking Poll: Romney +3
The Ryan Plan Is Somehow ... 'Radical'? Better Think Again!
Obanomics: A Legacy of Wasteful Spending (Video)

August 10, 2012

Tomorrow ... 9 AM (Updated - Now 8:45 AM)
American Crossroads Ad: "Cancer"
Re: 'Obama Threatens to Do to Entire Economy What He Did to GM and Chrysler'
If it isn't Right it's Wrong

August 9, 2012

New Obama Campaign Ad: 'Romney Murdered Jon Benet Ramsey'
New RNC video ad: 'What else?'
Video: MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarboro take Obama campaign to task for lying about Obama PAC's cancer ad
Rasmussen's Survey of Likely Voters: Romney Up By 4
100 Million Americans now on welfare
US fiscal gap just jumped $11 trillion - to '$222 trillion'
New Romney Ad: 'Be Not Afraid'

August 8, 2012

Documents Confirm Law Enforcement Told to 'Stand Down' and Not Enforce the Law Against Occupy Protestors Who Were Breaking Laws
Obama Administration Paying Illegal Aliens to Come Here
Even MSNBC Eviscerates That Completely Dishonest Obama Super PAC Ad
(Video) New TV Ad Attacks Obama, Geithner On Lost Delphi Pensions

August 7, 2012

Parody Video: '2008 Obama Voter Interviews Her 2012 Self'
Politico: 'Woman mentioned in Priorities ad died in '06' (Updated)
New Americans for Prosperity Ad: 'President Obama - A One-Term Proposition'
Re: 'Jimmy Carter to address the Democratic National Convention'
Gallop: 'More 2008 Obama voters plan to switch sides than 2008 McCain voters'
'Obama in Never-Never Land ... where regard for truth is no match for inspired mythography'
'The Real Poll Numbers'?
New Mitt Romney Ad: "Obama plan would 'gut welfare reform'"

August 6, 2012

Time For Another Update On Those 'Chicago Values'
Just Curious ...
New Romney Ad: 'It's Just Not Getting Better' (Updated)
Reality Chart: 'The Real Stimulus Record'

August 3, 2012

(Video) Afterburner with Bill Whittle: Going Out of Business!
Is the Inertia Greater Than the Momentum ?
Poetic Justice: Chick-fil-A Bully Adam Smith Fired After Self-Posted Video Goes Viral
Another Miserable Update On 'Chicago's Values'
Puh-leeze ... It's A Joke, Right?
Unemployment Rises to 8.3%
'A Very Scary Time To Be A Christian'

August 2, 2012

Anonymous Source: Harry Reid Frequents Prostitutes And Has Lied About His Finances
The Most Faith-Intolerant Regime in American History
Some Thoughts On The Left's Chick-Fil-A Debacle
New Romney Ad: 'These Hands: Virginia'
New Emergency Committee for Israel Ad: 'Next Year, President Mitt Romney in Jerusalem, the Capital of Israel'
Worst Economic Recovery Ever!
August 1 - A 'World Record' Day of Sales at Chick-fil-A

August 1, 2012

Obama's claimed 'independant' 'non-partisan' study used to attack Romney's tax plan - neither independent nor non-partisan (Updated)
The left's war on Christianity: It's not just Chick-fil-A
Founder of the Coalition of African-American Pastors Compares President Obama to Judas
And Mitt's VP Pick Is ...
New Romney ad criticizes Obama for closing GM dealerships