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July 3, 2012

It Is High Time For Judicial Reform In America

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The recent unconscionable ruling of the Supreme Court by non other than Chief Justice John Roberts, imposing upon us all by his judicial fiat the yoke of Obama's onerous taxation to pay for his Obamacare socialized medicine disaster, is but the culmination of sixty years of judicial activism, and of rogue judges legislating from the bench, that have so indelibly changed the character of America, for the worse, forever.

Time and again we have seen how our courts, thwarting the will of the people, and overturning their choice on issues at the voting booth, have imposed upon us all, by judicial fiat, their secularist progressivist views - upholding the murder of the unborn as a "woman's right"; removing prayer from schools and God from the public square; striking down laws defining marriage and imposing gay marriage by judicial fiat; and countless other instances of judicial travesty, where these activist judges, instead of interpreting the law, have been legislating from their benches the advancement of their radical agenda.

Back in the "sixties", these commie radicals soon realized, just like Obama's friend and mentor Bill Ayers and his wife Bernardine Dohrn did the hard way, that they could not hope to achieve their radical ends of overthrowing our capitalistic system and of turning America into a proto-Marxist, socialist, secularist state, by force and "Revolution", like Castro and their murderous Icon "Che" did in Cuba. They also soon realized that the American people would never buy their godless, secularist, immoral, Marxist garbage at the voting booth. And so, they decided to morph the system from within - infiltrating every niche in our society - from the corporate boardrooms, to the newsrooms, to our classrooms, to our courtrooms; slowly and stealthily working their way up to positions of preeminence from which to then impose and advance their radical agenda. Even Bill Ayers and Bernardine, after their stint with the FBI, became lofty "educators" indoctrinating our children with their "Revolutionary" Marxist mush. All the students most intimately connected with the events of the so called "Kent State Massacre" became - you guessed it - "college professors" and "educators". Hermann Goering would have been proud of such insidious subversion from within!

Anyone who has read my posts here on Hyscience knows I am not per se a big Romney fan. But it is imperative that we not only defeat Obama, but that we take back the Senate, and keep the House, to be able to repeal this Obamacare monstrosity. At a time when our economy is tittering on the verge of collapse due to Obama's profligate spending, his onerous "Big Brother" over-regulations, and his gross mismanagement of our nation, the last thing America needs is more uncertainty, more regulatory nightmares, and more stifling taxes; all of which come in the wake of Obamacare.

Not only is it imperative that we repeal Obamacare and bring our flailing economy back from the brink, but, as this ill-fated decision by the Supreme Court amply demonstrates, it is also high time that we reform our judiciary; something that can only be done if we win back the White House, the Senate, and keep the House.

It is time that these vultures in black robes serve limited terms and not have a sinecure for life to impose their leftist ideology and their radical agenda on us all for decades to come. Imagine, John Roberts is relatively young , so are Sotomayor and Kagan. How many decades of rulings like this last one of his, to the detriment of us all, would we have to endure if we do not change the judicial system, kick them all off from their "Ivory Tower Judicial Thrones" for good, and replace them with jurists who would interpret the law; not enact laws and push their liberal progressivist agendas?

For one thing, we should institute a national panel of Constitutional Scholars, with power to recommend the removal of judges from the bench, that should have oversight of the rulings of these rogue judges legislating from the bench, to put an end once and for all to all this judicial activism mayhem in our courts that we have been enduring for sixty years.

For another, Romney if elected, should ask Chief Justice Roberts to step down and dissolve the court, that we may replace these politically tainted activist vultures in black robes at the Supreme Court, that scoff at our rights and mock our Constitution, with jurists that will uphold them!

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Posted by Althor at July 3, 2012 10:16 AM

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