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May 10, 2012

Re: The WaPo's Focus on Romney's Teen Years

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Erick Erickson puts The Washington Post's focus on an undocumented fifty year-old event purported to happen in Mitt Romney's teen years into its proper perspective ... and points to why, after four years of ignoring Barack Obama's bullying of religious groups and others from inside the White House, it's fair game to go after Mitt Romney as a supposed high school bully:

Let's Focus on Undocumented Fifty Year Old Events Because Otherwise We'll Have To Talk About The Economy:

The Washington Post can't be bothered to worry about Barack Obama's college years, college transcripts, communist friends, cocaine use, or cop-killing plotters in whose living room he first launched his major political career, but they can get in the really way back machine to 1965 and Mitt Romney's high school years.

Mitt Romney cut a hippy's hair at his preparatory high school. A day after Barack Obama caved on gay marriage, the Washington Post "coincidentally" says Mitt Romney cut the hair of a boy who "was perpetually teased for his nonconformity and presumed homosexuality."

Let's leave out the fact that the kid who got his haircut was subsequently thrown out of school for smoking one cigarette, but we're to believe that the assailants of his hair, witnessed by many, were ignored. Oh, and the guy who got is hair cut never, ever, ever mentioned it, including to family, and died in 2004 so it can't be verified. But a handful of students who now probably support Barack Obama have a crystal clear memory of events from 50 years ago. The people who were adults at the time of the incident and still alive have no memory of it, but remember Romney and said he was never a disciplinary problem.

[...] I guess we won't hear the left whining any more when we mention Barack Obama eating a dog since, as they are quick to point out, he was a kid when it happened.

We have now had more in depth examination of Mitt Romney by the Gang of 500 than of Barack Obama.

We do not really know much about Barack Obama's constituent record in the Illinois Legislature.

We still don't know his college transcripts.

We still don't know what exactly he did for ACORN in his community organizing time.

We still don't know all the details about the depth of the cocaine use Barack Obama admitted to in his book. Likewise, we know very little about his drug use in high school beyond just a few lines of reporting from 2007.

Take the time to read the rest for much more on what the WaPo has purposefully avoided talking about in regard to Obama's past.

Clearly, as Andrew C. McCarthy noted back in 2009, the media, especially the likes of the WaPo and the NYT, views its job as covering for Obama instead of covering Obama.

Posted by Hyscience at May 10, 2012 11:51 AM

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