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April 13, 2012

Harvard Prof. Alan Dershowitz Unloads On Zimmerman Murder Affidavid - Calls It 'Politically-motivated, Irresponsible And Unethical'

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It's nice to know that Harvard Professor Alan Dershowitz agrees with my own assessment of the charges in the George Zimmerman case ... nothing less than politically motivated nonsense.

However, Dershowitz, a law professor and a political liberal, went on to say much more, even going so far as calling the charges "irresponsible and unethical":

Harvard University law professor Alan Dershowitz appeared on MSNBC's Hardball where fill-in host Michel Smerconish asked him his opinions of the arrest warrant issued and carried out for alleged Trayvon Martin murderer, George Zimmerman. Dershowitz called the affidavit justifying Zimmerman's arrest "not only thin, it's irresponsible." He went on to criticize the decision to charge Zimmerman for second degree murder by special prosecutor Angela Corey as being politically motivated.

"You've seen the affidavit of probable cause. What do you make of it," Smerconish asked. "It won't suffice," Dershowitz replied without hesitation.

"Most affidavits of probable cause are very thin. This is so thin that it won't make it past a judge on a second degree murder charge," Dershowitz said. "There's simply nothing in there that would justify second degree murder."

Dershowitz said that the elements that would constitute that crime are non-existent in the affidavit. "It's not only thin, it's irresponsible," said Dershowitz.

Dershowitz went on to strongly criticize Corey's decision to move forward with the case against Zimmerman. "I think what you have here is an elected public official who made a campaign speech last night for reelection when she gave her presentation and overcharged. This case will not -- if the evidence is no stronger than what appears in the probable cause affidavit -- this case will result in an acquittal."

[...] Smerconish identified the total lack of any mention of the supposed fight that occurred between Martin and Zimmerman prior to Martin being shot. He said he was disappointed that he did not see any mention of that conflict that led to Martin's murder.

"But it's worse than that," said Dershowitz. "It's irresponsible and unethical in not including material that favors the defendant." (all emphasis added)

As for Dershowitz' suggestion that the case won't make it past the judge, I disagree. Besides this case being politically motivated, it's also about, as I said previously, catering to the race baiters like Sharpton, Holder, Obama, Jessie Jackson and the New Black Panthers than it does with the facts in the case and justice, and more to do with emotion than logic and reason. And for these reasons, and these reasons alone (including the political motivation) ... the judge is likely to allow the second degree murder charges against George Zimmerman to proceed.

Where's the 'Probable Cause'? (The case as put forward by the prosecutor in the "affidavit of probable cause" is startlingly weak.)
What Does the Prosecutor Have on George Zimmerman? (... if the prosecutor isn't even prepared to allege, let alone prove, that it was Zimmerman, not Martin, who started the fight, one wonders what chance she has of convicting Zimmerman of anything.)

Hat tip - Mary B.

Posted by Hyscience at April 13, 2012 7:59 AM

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