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March 15, 2012

Obama, Heroin Trafficking, and the Taliban

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The Drug Enforcement Administration reports that the trafficking of heroin from countries in southwest Asia is a continuing growing problem. The drugs are delivered too many areas around the world but mostly to those of the same ethnicity living in the country. Over 90% of the heroin seized in the United States is from southwest Asia, one of the primary areas it's coming from is Afghanistan. The drugs cost half as much as if they were brought in from other areas in the world and the ability of the Afghans to supply the drug is not limited by our government or President; even with the controls that are supposedly put in place with the war.

Afghani heroin is some of the most pure and available narcotic on the market. It is more than nearly 37% more pure and dangerous than any other drug out there. The money from the trafficked drugs directly fund terrorism. And the worst part is that the availability and trafficking of the drugs have continued to increase; especially with the continued war where tighter controls could have been put in the primary problem associated with the conflict at hand.

As early as 2007, warnings were being sent out about the amount of heroin produced in Afghanistan. Just that year the production of the drug grew 27%. At that time nearly 1 million Afghans were involved in drug trading. Even the former drug czar from the Clinton era warned of possible heroin problem amongst American soldiers who were stationed in or near the country allowing them to continue to let the terrorists bring drugs into the United States in order to feed their own addiction in the U.S. and abroad.
According to an article in Executive Intelligence review, President Obama has been defending the opium trade in the country and allowing it to continue without interference. While drugs are being trafficked into the United States killing our citizens, and American soldiers are becoming addicted to Afghan heroin, the drug trade funding the people that want to kill Americans.

And it is happening in a very big way. Reports indicate that $100 million from heroin directly funds the Taliban. The group began in the early 90's and are the biggest threat to the United States being the primary cause of the 9/11 attacks all while President Obama allows for this and doesn't use our military resources to destroy these fields. President Obama needs to complete research on mycoherbicides, specialized bioherbicide agents designed to inoculate the soil against the growth of certain plants, ensuring that the targeted plants cannot be cultivated. In Afghanistan, we must subsidize the cultivation of alternative crops to the poppy. But instead he turns his head and doesn't confront the real problem.

Posted by Abdul at March 15, 2012 9:21 PM

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