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March 21, 2012

Islam: 'The Eighth Wonder of the World' (?)

Topics: International News, Understanding Islam

That statement - Islam is the eighth wonder of the world" - doesn't really mean what you might normally first think it does. It comes from an honest criticism of the Islamic world, by one of its own ... Dr. Ahmad al-Baghdadi (died 2010 -- one of Kuwait's best known liberal activists and scholars), who as Raymond Ibrahim points out, is not the first Muslim to portray Islamic culture as a fantastic anachronism that has outstayed its welcome. In fact, according to Ibrahim, the prophet of Islam himself, Muhammad, made a similar prophesy in a canonical hadith:

"Verily, Islam started as something strange, and it will again revert to being strange, just as it began, and it will recede between the two mosques [Mecca and Medina, birthplace of Islam] just as the serpent slithers back into its hole" (Sahih Muslim 1:271).
Dr. al-Baghdadi writes (translated by Raymond Ibrahim):
As we know, the wonders of the world are seven; but there is an eighth "Wonder -of-Wonders" not counted among the seven: this is the "Muslim nation [umma]." I specifically did not say the "Islamic [or Islamist] nation," for within this Muslim nation are wondrous matters not witnessed by any other nation since Allah Almighty created Adam. Here are some of these wonders:

1. It is the only nation that believes it is in the right -- in every way -- while all others are wrong;
2. The only nation that exonerates or lightens the punishment of an indicted criminal if he is Muslim and has learned some Quranic verses;
3. The only nation where a cleric evades indictment for inciting murder if he describes one of his adversaries as "an apostate";
4. The only nation that does not penalize a murderer if he kills "an apostate";
5. The only nation that shows leniency and assuages punishments for the "honor killing" of a sister or a wife;
6. The only nation whose holy book [Quran] starts with the word "read" [iqra'] and yet it is among the least nations that reads books, if any at all;
7. The only nation that still uses the word "infidel" [kafir] against those who oppose its clerics or religious groups;
8. The only nation where the ruling of a fatwa [religious edict] upstages the ruling of the law -- and yet it brags about being a nation that upholds the "rule of law";
9. The only nation that does not contribute to the modern era -- not even by producing a tooth brush -- and yet brags about its extinct civilization.
10. The only nation that insults and condemns the West -- yet lives as a parasite relying on the West in every way.
11. The only nation that incarcerates intellectuals for practicing freedom of expression.
12. The only nation that claims to be religious and guards its piety on both the official and the public leve -- yet there is nothing righteous about it.

Dr. Ahmad al-Baghdadi makes 12 more points, read them here.

Meanwhile, France is confronting the emergence of home-grown Islamist terrorism (one of the followers of "the eighth wonder of the world") on its soil following the brutal killing of seven people, including three children, by a 23-year-old French citizen (of Algerian descent who claims links to al-Qaida and had been training in southern Afghanistan) who continues to hold out in a flat surrounded by police in the southern city of Toulouse.


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