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March 6, 2012

Is "Much Ado About Limbaugh" A Fluke?

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As pointed out in another article, here on Hyscience, last Sunday on "Meet The Press" Newt Gingrich excoriated despicable Obama-shill David Gregory, when the leftist media lackey began his questioning of the former Speaker by bringing up Sandra Fluke and the comments Rush Limbaugh made about her in his radio program, as if the greatest crisis presently facing our nation was this non-news item the left and the Obama-servile mainstream media are making "Much Ado About Nothing"; while, as the Speaker so poignantly pointed out, purposely trying to deflect attention from the Obama Administration's monumental failures, such as skyrocketing gas prices, a stagnant economy, the sixteen trillion dollar national deficit bankrupting us, the most acute period of unemployment seen since the Great Depression, and a foreign policy in chaos - with Obama apologizing to Islamist radicals, while reneging on our staunchest ally Israel, even as Iran rushes headlong to develop nuclear capabilities unimpeded, Syria is in the throes of civil war, Egypt is in the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood, and the Middle East is aflame in turmoil! All thanks to the subsequent instability and strife Obama helped unleash with his "Arab Spring" and his disastrous, naive, foreign policy!

The irony about "Slutgate" and Miss Fluke, however, is that even though crude, Rush Limbaugh was in fact right in his appellation. Rush need not have apologized for voicing the obvious. Miss Fluke wants someone to pay her for her promiscuity and having sex - albeit safely. Well, so do the girls at the "Bunny Ranch." Viva la difference!

And yes, it is the issues that are being obfuscated with all this much ado about Rush's comments, and making of the aptly named Miss "Fluke" the poster child for the left's rabid, anti-religious, unfettered abortion, and contraception promoting, feminist agenda - parading her around all the talk shows and the other mainstream media leftist propaganda venues, to advance the left's and Obama's agenda.

But, forget the underlying Obama Administration's more sinister assault on our Constitutional Religious Freedoms in their brazen attempt to force by government mandate religious institutions, such as the Catholic Church, to pay for, subsidize by higher insurance premiums, make available through their insurance coverage, and condone within their campuses, contraceptive and abortifacient practices that are contrary to Church practices, a sin for a Catholic to provide and or make available in any way, and anathema to millennial Catholic Dogma and Church teaching!

The mundane question which begs asking of Miss Fluke is why does she expects and demands that anyone other than herself is obliged to pay for her sex life and her promiscuity - whether it be a religious institution, an insurance company, or we the taxpayers???

Miss Fluke wants "contraception"? How about going to that "great" organization the government helps finance to the tune of $300 million dollars annually at taxpayer expense, Planned Parenthood, and getting herself some? I am sure they'd be happy to oblige! Or how about buying them over the counter at Walmart - I am sure there's one nearby Georgetown. Then, as Santorum backer Foster Friess told Andrea Mitchell on a recent interview on MSNBC, she can always resort to that tried-and-true old fashioned method of contraception of putting an aspirin between her knees to keep her legs closed (for a change), not to mention she'd have the aspirin at hand when she tells one of her sexual partners of turn: "Not now, honey. I have a headache." Andrea Mitchell was stunned by Friess' so apropos remark. Apparently Miss Mitchell could use a bottle of Bayer herself.

Then, Miss Fluke can always buy herself a dildo and go f*** herself!

Yesterday, on The Factor, Bill O'Reilly raised the possibility, which I am sure he and his staff will be investigating, that Miss Fluke, who as Jeffrey Lord points out is a leftist activist and staunch pro-abortion advocate, who while at Cornell helped shut down with her group of radicals a pro-life speech on campus by counter protesting with their usual tactics of intimidation and coercion, may be a leftist plant at Georgetown. I mean, let's face it, if you want contraceptives and abortions provided by your school to go whoring around "safely" why pick a Jesuit religious learning institution, when there are so many amoral, hedonistic, secular schools out there that already provide those services, even without Obamacare? Why Georgetown, when Miss Fluke would obviously have felt more at home at Berkeley?

Perhaps what has come to pass is precisely why. In order to advance her abhorrent, secular, pro-abortion and contraception, leftist, feminist agenda...and that of Obama!

Given Miss Fluke's demands on the Jesuit university, how she's actively promoting the trampling of the institution's freedom of conscience and religious freedom, and given that it is a private religious institution, perhaps it is high time the school should ask Miss Fluke to go seek her education elsewhere...where the school policies would be more to the liking of her hard-core, far-left, ideology and anti-Catholic agenda (and obvious low moral character given her willingness to distort the truth about her background) ... and good riddance!

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Posted by Althor at March 6, 2012 11:50 AM

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