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March 2012

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March 31, 2012

Racial Incitement By NBC: The Network Aired Edited Zimmerman 911 Audio (Updated)

March 30, 2012

Obama Kills Atlantic Offshore Drilling For Five Years
(Cartoon) Flexible Enough
(Video) American Energy Alliance ad: 'Nine Dollar Gas'
(Video) New RNC ad on Obama's greatest bipartisan achievement: 'Zero Votes'
(Video) New American Crossroads Ad: 'Operation Hot Mic'
Canada Does What U.S. Democrats Refuse To Do: Raise Retirement Age And Take Steps To Balance Books By 2016
Hurt: 'Brutal week for Barack Obama ... the worst of his presidency'
George Zimmerman's brother speaks out on Piers Morgan
Where Does the Supreme Court Get Its Power?

March 29, 2012

Video: Arrested Drunk Guy Sings Bohemian Rhapsody
RNC Ad: Obamacare on Trial
Audio: Jimmy Carter: 'It's time for Democrats to moderate on abortion'
Video: Tip of the Iceberg - The Effects of Muslim Immigration to the UK From the Third World
Obama: End Tax Breaks For Oil In Order To 'Double Down' On Wind And Solar (Updated)
Obama's Pick for World Bank Hates Capitalism (Updated)

March 28, 2012

'How Obamacare Derailed the Economic Recovery'
Fed Chairman Barnanke on Obama's Job Numbers: 'He's Makin' Sh*t Up To Get Reelected'
Fox News' Special Report Panel on Trayvon Martin
Former NAACP leader C.L. Bryant: ''Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are 'exploiting' the Trayvon Martin tragedy to racially divide this country''
Re: Conspiring with Russia (Updated)

March 27, 2012

Krauthammer on Fox's Special Report: 'Obama Admitted To Medvedev That Second Term Will Be Pretty Hard Left'
(Video) Liberal CNN Legal Correspondent Jeffrey Tobin on Obamacare Supreme Court Arguments: 'This Was a Train Wreck for the Obama Administration'
CIA Counter-Terrorism Chief is a Convert to Islam
Barack Obama and the Problem of Proportion
It's Much More Than Just A Plot To Get Rush

March 26, 2012

'Media Omits Race Of Suspects In MSU Murder'
On Video: Obama Argues Against Obamacare
Re: 'UK Changing Law, No More Secret Halal Meat to Be Sold to Unwitting Public: Meat Must be Labeled'
On Saving Religious Freedom
Obama to Medvedev, on open mic: "I'll totally surrender on missile defense in my second term if Putin will give me "space" to get reelected"
On the Manipulation of the Tragedy of Trayvon Martin

March 24, 2012

Obama Wades Into the Trayvon Martin Controversy ... Adds to Racial Devisiveness (Updated and bumped)

March 23, 2012

Re: Media Pretty Sure of George "White Hispanic" Zimmerman's Racist Motive, But Not Quite Sure What Might Have Motivated Mohammad Merah
Re: Barack's People
Comparing the Ryan and Obama deficits to Obama's Own Deficit Commission's Plan
Krauthammer on ObamaCare
Video: NRCC Ad Parody For ObamaCare Anniversary
We Know the Problem ... What's the Answer?

March 22, 2012

Obama yawns as Saudi grand mufti declares it is "necessary to destroy all the churches of the region."
IBD: Obama Plans Won't Cut Oil Prices For Decades, If Ever
Romney's Mr. 'Etch-a-Sketch' Deserves A New Job
Someone Is Indeed Ignorant About Energy ... But It's Not Who the WH Claims
The 'Motive Mystery' and the Four Stages of Media Denial
On Choices And The Overextended America

March 21, 2012

Karzai calls Americans 'demons'
Islam: 'The Eighth Wonder of the World' (?)
Tebow traded to New York Jets (Updated)
Romney 'Finally' Gets Tea Party Support
Proof 'Man-Made Global Warming' Is Really - 'Man-Made'
Obama's So-Called 'All of the Above' Energy Policy Nothing More Than a Big Snow Job

March 20, 2012

Video: The Whole Truth (Obama Throws Grandma Off the Cliff)
Chart: 'Buffet Rule' vs. Obama's Deficits (2012 - 2022)
Re: 'One conservative's case for Mitt Romney'
(Must-see Video) 'Gimme Some 'Obama Bucks'
Congressional Democrats: We Don't Need No Stinkin' Budget
As of the Ides of March, Obama's addition to our national debt in 1,150 days now surpasses 8 yrs of the Bush administration
'Another example of the strange and radical company Obama has kept and continues to keep'
HUD Distributes $42 Million in Housing Counseling Funds to Radical Liberal Activists

March 19, 2012

White House Retreats From Claim Of Obamacare As Positive For Economy
Re: 'Axelrod Stays Classy With Romney/Hitler Comparison'
Krauthammer's Take From Friday
Early Release For Marco Rubio-Memoir

March 16, 2012

Afghan jihadi soldier murdered U.S. Marine on Feb. 1, Pentagon lied about cause of death (And there are other coverups as well)
Remember How Democrats And The Media Reacted When Bush Was President And Gas Got To $3.51 A Gallon? (Video)
(Hilarious Video) OBAMA: All countries are close allies!!
Krauthammer on Obama's 'rigid, fatuous, fantasy-driven energy policy'
Re: Obama Admin OKs Using Aborted Babies' Brains in Lab Tests
Re: CBO: Obama's budget adds $6.4 trillion to deficits
Pro-Obama Media Bias?
Wake up call: Most of the meat you buy in your supermarket is halal
Praetorian Progressives and Their Imperial Dreams
Re: Fla. Democrat County Chair Plays Race Card On Combat Veterans

March 15, 2012

David Limbaugh: 'Obama's Health Care Duplicity No Longer Debatable'
Obama, Heroin Trafficking, and the Taliban
Report: 13 women and children killed in Afghan bomb attack
(Video) Caught on Tape: Dead People and Clones Offered Ballots in Vermont Primary
Michael Barone, On The 44th Chief Executive
Re: 'Obama to Cameron: Let's Use Our Emergency Oil Reserves!'
Poor Sandra Fluke Wants You To Pay For Her $9/Month Birth Control ... But She Frolicks in Spain & Pompeii With Her Rich Socialist Boyfriend (Updated)
HHS Finalizes ObamaCare's Abortion Funding Rule

March 14, 2012

Zero Hedge: On This Day In History ... Gas Prices Have Never Been Higher
Looks Like We're Facing $2 Trillion (Plus) For a Decade of Expanded Health Coverage Under ObamaCare
U.S. Marines Disarmed Before Meeting With U.S. Defense Secretary In Afghanistan
The Shocking Photo Team Obama Doesn't Want You to See!
Why the Derrick Bell-Barack Obama Connection Matters (And What It Tells Us)
Veterans angry over American flag featuring Obama

March 13, 2012

Joe Biden: 'Republicans Don't Know What it Means to be Middle Class'
Muslim Journalist Defends Surveillance By NYPD: "The truth is, we do have a problem in our Muslim community"
Getting Down To What Really Caused The Murders Of Afghan Civilians By An American Soldier
Re: Selectively and Heavily Edited Obama Attack Video Against Palin, Breitbart, Hannity
Polls Show Left's 'War on Women' Meme Less Than Convincing

March 12, 2012

Coffee Is Also An Essential Benefit (Mandate it?)

March 9, 2012

Posting break
Real Rebels and the Counter Revolution

March 8, 2012

Gallop: Obama Approval Averaged 45% in February
Univ. of Rochester President:'Professor Disagreeing with Sandra Fluke is 'outrageously demeaning of a student'
Gallup's latest unemployment survey: Unemployment now up over 9%
Disgusting Report: Obama Playing Politics With U.S., Israel, Security - Bribed Israel To Delay Iran Attack Until After November Elections
Obama ''Personally Lobbying' Democrats to Reject' Keystone Pipeline
Barack Obama Now Okay With Presidents Helping Out Big Campaign Donors

March 7, 2012

Re: Wanted: Deus Ex Machina
Daily HHS Contraception Mandate Lies: Public opinion And The Right's War On Women
ICE To Provide Transgender Illegal Alien Detainees With 'Hormone Therapy'
What's The Real Story Behind The Sandra Fluke Contraception 'Campaign'?
Re: Remedial Constitutional education for Markos Moulitsas

March 6, 2012

Video: Laura Ingraham Blasts The View: When I Was Called A Slut, Barbara Walters Laughed It Off
Re: ''Daily Contraception Mandate Lie: 'Free' pills''
'Diplomacy Can Stop Iran From Getting Nuclear Weapons'
Is Fluke A Fluke?
Is "Much Ado About Limbaugh" A Fluke?
Re: 'The New Louisiana Purchase: Obamacare's $4.3 Billion Boondoggle'
What War On Women? (The Dems Are Geniuses At Changing The Subject)

March 5, 2012

Video: Gingrich Excoriates 'Elite Media' for Making Rush Limbaugh the 'Great National Crisis of This Week'
More Scoop On Sandra Fluke
The Reasoning Behind The Dems Creation Of Slutgate
Obama to Fellow Democrats: Get Your Own Damn Campaign Cash
Georgetown Woman Speaks: An Alternative View To Sandra Fluke's 'Going Broke For Sex'

March 2, 2012

Calvin, Predestination, And Mitt Romney
George Will: Take Congress, Forget About the White House
None Dare Call It ...
Steve Bannon Tells Hannity, Amdrew Breitbart's 'Obama College Videos' Will be Released in 7 - 10 Days (Video)
Newt Gingrich: Obama Is More Sympathetic to Islam

March 1, 2012

Americans held in Egypt are freed
New RNC Ad: '100 Fundraisers Later'
Re: Former Kos Kid: What Is Right About Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer
Democrats Table Blunt Amendment
Gallup survey: GOP leads in voter enthusiasm
On Dystopia in America
Raymond Ibrahim On The Historical Reality of the Muslim Conquests
Shocker: Andrew Breitbart Dead At 43
Two more American soldiers murdered by Afghan soldier, civilian
Another 2 'Green Energy' Companies In Trouble (Updated)
Re: If You Use Georgia Pacific Paper Products, Barack Obama Wants You To Turn Yourself In
Mandating contraception -- bad for policy, bad for liberty, and today the Senate faces a crucial vote.