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February 20, 2012

What's Really At Stake In the Fight Against Same-Sex Marriage?

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It's not as much as what the fight is against, as it is for what it's for!

If one looks at what's really behind the same-sex marriage legislation and agenda, it's goal is to de-naturalize the family by rendering familial relationships, in their entirety, expressions of law ... resulting in relationships that are bled as they are of the stuff of social tradition and experience ... they are no longer family relationships at all. They're nothing more than policy relationships, defined and imposed by the state.

As Douglas Farrow notes:

[...[ Here we have what is perhaps the most pressing reason why same-sex marriage should be fought, and fought vigorously. It is a reason that neither the proponents nor the opponents of same-sex marriage have properly debated or thought through. In attacking "heterosexual monogamy," same-sex marriage does away with the very institution -- the only institution we have -- that exists precisely in order to support the natural family and to affirm its independence from the state. In doing so, it effectively makes every citizen a ward of the state, by turning his or her most fundamental human connections into legal constructs at the state's gift and disposal.

... it leaves the parent-child relation open to increasing intervention by the state. The current cover for that intervention is the notion of children's rights -- meaning, far too often, the right of the child to whatever it is that the state, acting on behalf of adults other than its parents, wants it to have: a good education in state ideology, for example, which these days includes "diversity training" in "alternative family structures."

That should surprise no one, for if marriage is not procreative, it is not educative either. Where is the educative authority to be transferred, if not to the state, whose pater familias power increases as the rights and freedoms of the natural family diminish? And what will the state do with its newfound power, if not use it to undermine further the sphere of the family, and the sphere of the church or religious community as well -- the two spheres where "divine and human rights" independent of the state are located?

More here.

Posted by Hyscience at February 20, 2012 12:21 PM

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