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February 21, 2012

The Real Barack Obama

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Fred Barnes, on the 'real Obama':

For the past year, they've told the same story. No, the real Obama is not a pragmatist or a frustrated moderate or a well-intentioned but weak politician forced by political circumstances to take positions he'd rather not. Only sympathizers, notably media types, believe any of those notions.

The truth is not hidden. One merely has to digest the new budget Obama unveiled last week, his budget last year, and his four major speeches since last April, and the real Obama comes into focus. He turns out to be a left-wing progressive who rejects many of the mainstream political and economic ideas of post-World War II America.

This is not an entirely new take on Obama. Others have identified him as such, Stanley Kurtz in particular. What's new is that Obama has been so revealing in his own words. Only occasionally do you have to read between the lines to discover what he truly thinks.

I've gleaned his views from the two budgets and from the "reducing the budget" speech in April 2011, the address to a special session of Congress on jobs in September 2011, the speech at Osawatomie, Kansas, last December, and the State of the Union address last month. Here's what the president not only believes but is committed to:

Read the entire piece here.

Barne's assessment of Obama is amazingly spot-on, and frightening. Obama sees America as an unjust and deeply unfair country. He cares not at all about our looming disastrous debt crisis. He believes that government spending is better at spurring the economy than private investment. He thinks that when the rich get richer, the middle class and poor get worse off. He thinks conservative, free market economics is a plague. He sees Medicare and Medicaid as not being big problems, and believes the huge deficits they are projected to generate can be handled by "modest adjustments." These are beliefs that seem more directed at destroying our economy than helping it recover. These are the beliefs of an irrational far-left-wing progressive, not the beliefs of a man that is capable of leading a free country made great by free-market capitalism and preventing it from continuing its current trend of being another Greece. His ideology and agenda run completely counter to logic, reason, and what's necessary for America's fiscal (and perhaps also cultural) survival.

As Clark Judge says:

With all these signs that the economy is burning, the administration keeps playing its Keynesian fiddle and putting politics (as in the Keystone decision) ahead of economics. Press releases don't bring back an economy. That takes reducing the government's dead-weight burden on the economy, which means cutting unproductive spending, stifling tax rates and paralyzing regulation -- a lesson this administration has yet to learn.

So, Recovery February? Yes, if you accept a permanent downsizing of the American dream. I am not one who believes we are in another Great Depression. But it is all more than a little depressing.
That "permanent downsizing of the American dream" Judge speaks of is both very real and happening very rapidly. Four more years of Barack Obama is certain to make it irreversible, and surely, no one is going to be able to say we haven't been forewarned.

Posted by Hyscience at February 21, 2012 9:14 AM

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