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February 23, 2012

Re: 'Obama: Leviathan 2012'

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From Conrad Black's most recent NRO article, on President Obama's breathtaking power grabs:

"The budget opens up another front in Obama's program to transform America, both tactically and substantively. Tactically, it torques up his campaign to run as the candidate of the 97 percent, the virtuous, against the 3 percent of 'rich' freeloaders (never mind that a family of four earning $250,000 with two children in private schools is lucky to have a thousand dollars over at the end of the year after paying only essential expenses -- which is why most of them are in debt). The 3 percent the president is targeting pay more taxes than the other 97 he claims to be defending."
Under more rational times, more reasonable men and women would see through Obama's agenda for what it truly is - he intends on 'transforming' America into a country none of us will recognize and all of us, except those who place no value on freedom, will regret for having allowed it to occur.

Our nation stands at one of its most dangerous crossroads, turn further to the left to to the insolvency and turmoil of Greece, socialism, and ever-increasing government control over our lives ... or take a turn toward the center-right and return to the America of our Founders, that until the era of Obama, was the greatest, most powerful, most productive and free nation on the planet.

As Jim DiMint so aptly states: It's 'Now or never' to turn our country around' - - 'if we wait much longer, we'll lose control of our own destiny.'

Posted by Hyscience at February 23, 2012 7:31 AM

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