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February 10, 2012

Obama Picks Fight With Catholic Church - Bites Off In His "Hubris" More Than He Can Chew! - Updated

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Update: Even as I was writing this post earlier today, Obama was backtracking himself, with despicable Catholic Apostate Katheleen Sebelius conspicuously at his side, wiggling himself out of the political corner he had painted himself into, while invariably spinning his much touted so called "concessions", which are, in fact, nothing but more Obama spin, and "smoke and mirrors", while the basic Obama / Sebelius agenda of promoting and advancing their zealous campaign of abortions and contraception, remains basically unchanged!

As the Catholic League so aptly points out:

"President Obama's latest ploy just adds insult to injury. If the insurance plan of a Catholic institution must cover services it deems immoral, then such a healthcare plan is [in itself] offensive, [immoral, and totally unacceptable according to the teachings of the Church] plain and simple."
In other words, Obama is just passing the buck when he disingenuously claims that it will not be the Catholic institutions, but the insurance companies, who will be reaching out those employees and providing them with contraceptives and abortifacients. The two problems with such an Obama feat of sleight-of-hand, is that in the end, whether provided by the Catholic institution itself, or its insurer, this arrangement in the end results in the very consequences that the Catholic institution finds abhorrent and contrary to Church teaching, not to mention it is simply ludicrous that insurance companies will simply swallow the added expenses of providing said services, just because the "Anointed One" said so, and not eventually pass on the added cost to the religious institutions, which, in the end, will eventually wind up picking up the tab in increased premiums for those services - something that is so egregious and abhorrant to their core beliefs as Catholics! Nothing has changed!

Obama, in this controversy of his own making, is but playing the part of the "Devil's Shyster", while Sebelious, at his side, is the "Priestess of Moloch' that whispers in his ear....much like Rev. Wright did, in his church of racial hatred and resentment for twenty years!

Imagine if CAIR or some other Muslim institution in America would be forced by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to provide pork to its employees, on the grounds that not all of its employees, some of which may not be Muslim, follow a "Halal" diet, and using the argument that pork is actually leaner and healthier than red meat, and is good for you, and that making available leaner, healthier, pork to all Americans was the new "Obamacare Federal Dietary Mandate"! The outcry in the mainstream media would be thunderous and immediate, MSNBC pundits would cut the varicose veins on their "feel-an-Obama-thrill-running-up" legs in outrage, American flags would be burned by crowds of enraged Islamists, and our embassies would surely be set on fire all over the world in Muslim lands!

However, when it comes to Catholics, Barack Obama indolently and callously disdains Catholic dogma, and Church teachings and sensitivities, and spurred on by his HHS Secretary Katheleen Sebelius - who worships at the altar of the Democrat's "sacrosanct" abortion and infanticide, which they fashion as "women's reproductive rights" - has dug-in his liberal, secularist, doctrinaire, political heels, ignoring the far reaching implications of this most unfortunate and despotic decision on his part, and reneging on the assurances he personally gave Cardinal-designate Timothy Dolan, Archbishop of New York, to the contrary, now adamantly insists that under his disastrous Obamacare mandate, Catholic hospitals, schools, and other Catholic institutions be forced to provide insurance coverage of contraception and the so called "morning after" abortifacient pill, both of which are totally contrary and abhorrent to Church teaching and Catholic dogma, and would theologically be considered a mortal sin for Catholics in those institutions to provide!

You know, for a man who fancies himself such a savvy "multiculturalist", and boasts to be so "erudite and knowledgeable", Barack Obama seems to be quite ignorant of history, and or of the far reaching consequences of his decision to advance his pro-abortion zealotry with total disregard for the religious rights and freedoms of others, guaranteed by our Constitution.

Back under the reign of that other narcissistic despot, Henry VIII of England, when Henry, wishing to annul his marriage to Catherine of Aragon because she had not given him a male heir to the throne, threatened Pope Clement VII with having the Church of England break away with Rome if he did not acceded to his demands, the Pope, when finding there were no grounds for the annulment, even at the expense of losing England to Protestantism, could not dogmatically, and would not, annul Henry VIII's marriage to Catherine. Likewise, Catholic institutions cannot dogmatically, and will not, provide contraceptives and abortifacients, even if it violates American Federal law, Catholic institutions are fined, and Catholic clergymen are imprisoned! In this case, our boastful narcissist-in-chief, may find to his chagrin, he just picked the wrong fight! If the millenarian Catholic Church stood fast by its doctrine and its principles in the face of Henry VIII - even though knowing full well it meant the loss of England to Protestantism in one of the most challenging and tumultuous periods in Church history - it will not falter now, in the face of this petty Moorish despot in the White House!

On the other hand, maybe such an assault to our religious freedoms was necessary to reawaken Christians, and particularly Catholics, in this country from their cowering slumber! For decades Christianity has been under attack by the progressivist liberal forces, which virulently assault it at every turn and at every chance they get! It is time that as American Christians and Catholics we assert our rights as Americans to unapologetically worship with freedom of conscience according to the tenets of our faith!

Bill Maher is not a comedian. That is not comedy, but outright offensive, leftist, atheistic, secularist propaganda being passed as "comedy"! There is nothing funny about his hatred of us and all we believe in! The war is not on "Christmas", but on "Christ"!

Enough "Madonnas in Dung" and "Crucifixes in Urine" by godless people whose ulterior motives are not "artistic", but to mock, dehumanize, and belittle our faith! What would the "politically correct" media say if some "artist" made a representation of the new Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial in Washington, in dung? The outcry and the outrage would stink to high heavens, wouldn't it!

Ah, but see that would be different! The same as if that self-same U.S. Department of Health and Human Services that wants now to force Catholic institutions to provide for services that are contrary to Catholic teaching, were to force Muslims to provide pork in Muslim institutions because it is a healthier and leaner meat - as I pointed out in the beginning of this piece - then, we would not hear the end of it, either, would we! Hell, such a thing would be deemed "politically incorrect" to just even think, about thinking about it!

Oh, but, when it comes "Madonnas in Dung", "Crucifixes in Urine", or forcing Catholic institutions to provide for contraception and abortifacients that are Anathema to their beliefs - Oh, that is perfectly alright!

I know Jesus admonished us to "turn the other cheek", but enough is enough! It is high time that Christians, in particular Catholics, stop cowering, shackled in the chains of today's "political correctness," affirm our Faith, and say to the secularists that would deny us our liberty and the freedom to worship, that yes, we want to keep "Christ in Christmas" because after all, that is what Christmas is all about - "Redemption", and not all the hedonistic boozing and the partying, the gluttony and overindulgence, and all the profligate spending on worthless baubles; that abortion is the outright "murder" of the innocent, and contrary to the teachings of the Church and the "Uses of Life"; and that sodomy, homosexuality, and lesbianism, are inherently but an "aberration," an "abomination," and wrong; and there is nothing "Alternate" about such abnormal and negative behavior! That this is what the Bible and the Church teaches us, and we believe as Christians and Catholics, and that if it offends anyone's "politcal correctness" and or their depraved hedonistic "moral relativism"...TOUGH!

This controversy will also bring forth to the front a very touchy issue, which it is high time the Catholic Church broaches.

No Catholic Bishop or Archbishop wants to excommunicate anybody. But, for years secularist Catholic politicians, not only here, but abroad, have spoused, supported, and promoted, all sorts of abominations contrary to Church teaching, such as abortion, euthanasia, and gay marriage, disingenuously claiming that though they "personally believe as the Church does", they cannot enforce their views on their constituents who may not be Catholic or Christian, and that therefore, that is why they support - as politicians - such political positions.

Some, like Nancy Pelosi, have even had the audacity, the gall, and the hypocrisy to meet with the Holy Father, Benedict XVI, while avidly advocating and promoting the abortions and gay marriages agenda! One cannot serve two masters...

Catholic Bishops and Archbishops, undoubtedly not presuming to know the consciences of such Apostate Catholic lawmakers, and or come between them and God with such a consequential separation as that of Excommunicating them, have for years looked the other way, or chastised them mildly, but, until when? When will the Kerrys, Pelosis, and Bidens of this world feel the weight of the righteous Canonical Jurisprudence of their Catholic Church? Until when will Catholic Bishops and Archbishops exchange niceties, shake hands, and give communion to all these infernal betrayers, who then go on to advance their immoral liberal agenda of hedonism, sexual aberrations, and infanticide? Isn't it high time, in the face of the present controversy, that the Catholic Church remembered what its place as God's arbiter in this world is, and begin to Excommunicate all these Apostate Catholic politicians?

One particularly egregious case, that indeed clamors for the Church's Judicial Canonical examination towards outright Excommunication on the part of her Bishop, is that of the infamous aforementioned Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Katheleen Sebelius - the chief architect of this onerous Obama mandate that so fragrantly infringes upon what supposedly should be her own Catholic values and our American religious liberties - who, though born and raised a Roman Catholic in her native Cincinnati, Ohio, and to this day nominally a Catholic, yet she has been one of the most rabid and virulent promoters and supporters of abortion, particularly of late-term abortions in her state of Kansas, worshiping at the Democrat's altar to "women's reproductive rights" which categorizes an unwanted pregnancy as an "undesirable disease" and thus medically would deal with it as such, even until barely days before said pregnancy is due to come to term!

In Sebelius case, it is generally agreed that politically she owes her initial election as Governor of Kansas, largely to the help and financial support of the late, infamous, "post-viability" late-term abortionist Dr. George Tiller "The Baby Killer" and hundreds of thousands of dollars of his "blood money" contribution which he donated to her campaign, and to the Kansas pro-abortion Lobby. In return Sebelius paid him back by vetoing a number of pro-life bills that would have restricted Tiller's abortion business, and even hosted in recognition a lavish private party at the Governor's Mansion, in April of 2007, exclusively for Tiller and his entire abortion clinic staff of butchers!

During the subsequent investigation and the filing of thirty criminal charges against Dr. Tiller related to late-term abortions by then State Attorney General Phill Kline, then Governor Sebelius not only remained a staunch ally of Dr. Tiller, but used the considerable power of her Office to impede Kline from bringing him to justice, and to influence the outcome of the proceedings in Tiller' favor!

In order to thwart Kline's efforts to prosecute her politcal mentor,Tiller, Sebelius, who was known for appointing ideological soul-mates to positions throughout the state government that would protect abortionists from accountability to the law, hand-picked, Paul Morrison, a once Republican turn-coat now turned Democrat, to run against Kline in the elections, with the intent of halting Kline's investigation into Tiller, and the abortion clinics in Kansas.

Once Morrison won the election, however, even Morrison, under intense political pressure, was forced by the evidence to indict Dr. Tiller on nineteen counts of criminal charges of having committed illegal late-term abortions without the second concurring signature of a Kansas physician who is legally and financially unaffiliated with him.

Later, when Morrison was forced to resign in disgrace, after being exposed in a sex and abortion corruption scandal involving a former employee and lover, Linda Carter, whom he allegedly pressured to "spy" on Kline's investigations as District Attorney for the purpose of impeding them (on Sebelius' behalf?), Sebelius appointed yet another rabid pro-abortion advocate to the post, Steve Six, whose tenure was marred by a contentious and scandal-ridden political battle over the indictments against Dr. Tiller and Planned Parenthood, which had also been investigated and indicted on one hundred seven criminal counts!

Naturally, as a reward for all the obstruction of justice on the part of Sebelius as Governor, of her abuse of power during the Kline investigation; as reward for all the scandals surrounding the handling of those cases by those she appointed, and for their lack of competency; but most of all for her dogged and unflinching commitment to the abortion industry, and her virulent secular, liberal, values; Obama appointed her Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, since, of course, there is no greater "Human Services" a government can provide, than for a woman to have an abortion! In Obama's eyes, Sebelius was, of course, perfect for the job!

Given the analogy between the ancient Phoenician practice of offering their newborns to their demon-god, Moloch, as "burnt offerings", and the fact that aborted fetuses are disposed of in abortion clinics by incinerating them, one can almost say that rather than worshiping at the Democrats' altar to "women's reproductive rights" and or "women's health", Katheleen Sebelius seems to be rather worshiping at the altar to "Moloch", and seems quite devout about it!

Far be from me to abrogate to myself the judgement of Almighty God! But, I have this nagging feeling that there is a special place in hell, set apart for Katheleen Sebelius - gagging and drowning eternally in the blood and offal, of all the thousands of fetuses she has caused to be aborted!

May the Lord have mercy upon her sinful soul!

Posted by Althor at February 10, 2012 3:29 PM

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