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February 2012

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February 29, 2012

White House denies knowledge of Chu's statement on gas prices
Santorum Vs. The GOP's Practical Streak
Understated Headline of the Day
Alarming Growth Of Mosques In America Since 9/11
Video: Debbie Wasserman Schultz Tangles With Gretchen Carlson On Fox & Friends
It's Not Just High Gas Prices

February 28, 2012

Obama Administration Admits It Is NOT Working To Lower Gas Prices
Offensive Obama Oil Policy Infographics of the Day
Georgetown Students Go Broke to Buy Birth Control
Video: The class-warfare 1% tip hoax
The Cost of Barack Obama's Gulf Oil Permit Slowdown
Clark Judge: 'How the GOP Will Win ... Or Lose'

February 27, 2012

Re: When They Came for Our Freedom, What Did You Do? Did You Say Anything?
Barack Obama: 'Son of Islam'?
Loony Islamo Claim Alert: Karzai Says 'Our people's emotion in this regard is legitimate and respectable'
Video: Obama, The Con Artist
Re: Islamic supremacists win 80% of Egypt's parliament vote
Video: Dr. Zuhdi Jasser joins Fox and Friends on Afghanistan Violence and PA Shariah Judge
With that apology, Obama makes it official!
Alarming, disgusting and dangerous ... is this for real?
Gallop: 72% of Americans think Obamacare unconstitutional

February 26, 2012

The Obama Volt: Do you smell something? (Video)

February 25, 2012

Re: Algae, European Gas Prices, and Born in the U.S.A
Re: Pelosi 2008: Bush to Blame for High Gas Prices; Pelosi 2012: Wall Street to Blame for High Gas Prices
In Pennsylvania, Sharia Law Trumps The Constitution
Bill O'Reilly's Gas Price Solution Is All Wrong
Re: After NATO Blood and Treasure in Libya: Graves of WWII British troops smashed and desecrated by Libyan Muslims in protest over U.S. soldiers' Koran burning

February 24, 2012

So Now We Need A Pond Scum Czar?
Obama To Afghan Muslims - We Are So Wrong, We Apologize! Obama To American Catholics - Screw You And The Horse You Rode In On!
Re: Rasmussen: Trickle-down environmentalism a loser
Video: Don't Like High Gas Prices? Blame Obama's Government
One Man's Ego Has Oftentimes Been The Undoing Of A Nation
Back In 2008 When Gas Prices Were $3.50 a gallon
The Forbidden Word 'Impeach'
New Romney Web Ad Hits Santorum With Spector Support

February 23, 2012

So, Just How Ridiculously Dumb Is Obama's Muslim-Appeasing Apology For The Afghan Quran Burning?
'Worse Than Greece'
Cutting Through The BS In Obama's Energy Speech Today
Why War With Iran Is The (Only) Answer
Today, Barack Obama To Blame Others For Rising Gas Prices
Video: Birth Control Question Booed At Debate
Re: 'Obama: Leviathan 2012'
Muslim Judge In Pennslyvania Enforces Sharia: Muslim Attacks, Chokes Parade Goer, Muslim Judge Rules against Victim

February 22, 2012

Jaw-Dropper of the Month: Guess Who Decides What FBI Agents Get To Learn About Islam?
Good news: Federal court upholds conscientious objection in Washington State
Getting To The Truth About Obama's Energy Policy
Re: 'McCain & Graham [Heart] the Muslim Brotherhood'
Department of Education: Catholic Schools Beat Public Schools In National Assessment of Educational Progress Tests
'Where Are the Women?'
UK Surtax On Wealthy (UK Version Of 'Buffett Rule') Results In 'Lower' Revenue

February 21, 2012

President Promises Massive Nuclear Buildup If Reelected
Remember When It Was Carter - 63%, Reagan - 32%?
Gallup Survey: Real Unemployment Rose To 19% in February
The Real Barack Obama
More Women Speak Out : The Pill Is Not Good for Women
Ron Paul Ad: 'Rick Santorum a Conservative?' (Video)
Religion Is Not America's Enemy

February 20, 2012

WND Exclusive: Obama finance chief funded Media Matters (Updated)
Our Clueless FLOTUS (And POTUS)
Remember, Obama Administration Wants $8/Gallon Gas
Video: President's Day Message From the Knights of Columbus (A message for Obama)
UK Schoolboys punished with detention for refusing to kneel in class and pray to Allah
Re: 'President Obama's Campaign Releases First-Ever 'Truth Team Tip Sheet'
New Web Ad: 'Security'
What's Really At Stake In the Fight Against Same-Sex Marriage?
Re: 'Santorum Says Global Warming Is A Theology'
Three Years Out ... A Complete Falilure of His Own Top 3 Presidential Priorities
When Foreign Policy Equals Chaos
Re: Media Hail GM 'Record' Profits, Forget to Mention GM Doesn't Pay Any Taxes
Obama's Mixed-Up View of the Common Good

February 19, 2012

Video: Obama Administration Arrests Praying Pastor and Priest Outside White House
What the Coercive HHS Mandate Says in a Nutshell

February 17, 2012

Obama Touts Manufacturing In S.C. Boeing Plant
New RNC Ad: 'A Promise That Became A Punchline'
"'Santorum Uses Same Arguments as 'Nanny-State Liberals'"
Re: 'Study: 24 Million Invalid Voter Registrations, 1.8 Million Dead Voters Still Registered on Rolls'
Scott Brown: HHS Mandate Opens Door To Endless Abuses Of Power
Re: 'Rick Santorum: Not Exactly Ronald Reagan'
The Man Who Would Be King (Bumped)

February 16, 2012

New CBO Report Decimates 'Obamanomics': Real Unemployment Hits 15%
'Every Single Bishop Has Condemned the Obama/HHS Mandate!'
Treasury Secretary Geithner: ''Obama Budget Leaves America With 'Unsustainable' Entitlement Commitments"
WSJ: 'Think the contraception decision was bad? Wait until bureaucrats start telling your insurer which cancer screenings to cover'
Rasmussen Poll: 63% Say Cut Federal Pay To Save Economy
All Liberty, Not 'Just' Religious Liberty, At Risk from Obama's HHS Mandate
Video: Darrell Issa's Opening Statement at 'Protecting the Right to Freedom of Conscience' Hearing
CNN: Liberal Catholics challenge bishops on Obama's contraception rule
Catholic Charities Makes Its Position Clear
Video: Bill O'Reilly: If Obama Wins in November "You're Not Going to Recognize This Country in 4 Years"

February 15, 2012

Video: Gas Prices Going Up
The Romney Super PAC Anti-Santorum Ad: 'Votes'
Payroll tax Cut Won't Even Cover Obama Gas Price Surge
Eric Holder Purposefully Aids And Abets Voter Fraud

February 14, 2012

Convoluted Liberal Logic Update: Obama Says Not Raising Taxes Is a Form of Government Spending
Outraged Catholics Categorize Obama Administration Of Being "Evil", Even "Demonic"
Gallup Daily: U.S. Unemployment At 9%, Underemployment At 19.2%
For Those Who Think Rick Santorum Is 'Conservative' ...
Obama's Far-Left Diplomacy a Global Failure
ZeroHedge: 'GOP Finally Discovers Obama's Achilles Heel: Just Let Him Do What He Does - And Encourage It!'

February 13, 2012

The GOP's oft-ignored and unheralded role in black history
Politico: Obama's Budget Can Be Seen As "Borderline Delusional"
Obama's Chief of Staff: No More Compromise on HHS Contraception and Abortifacient Mandate

February 11, 2012

Great Minds Must Think Alike?
Bill Whittle Video: Why Conservatives Suck (And Progressives Suck Even More)
Free Birth Control Is A Fundamental Component Of ... Climate Survival?
U.S. Army Prevents Catholic Chaplains From Reading Bishop's Pastoral Letter Critical Of Obama's Contraception And Abortifacients Policies At Mass!

February 10, 2012

U.S. Council of Catholic Bishops: Obama's Revised Contraception and Abortion Pill Mandate 'Unacceptable'
Obama Picks Fight With Catholic Church - Bites Off In His "Hubris" More Than He Can Chew! - Updated
Kim Jong-un Dead ? (Updated)
Everything You Need to Know about Obama's Phony HHS Mandate 'Compromise'
A Silver Lining in the Catholic Mandate Controversy
Obama, Saul Alinsky, and the Administration's War on the Catholic Church
Forbes Op/Ed: 'Don't Be Fooled, The Obama Unemployment Rate Is 11%'
New RNC Web Ad: 'Five Years Later'
Re: Obama's Version of a Faith-Based Initiative
The Sun is Setting Tell Everyone You Know

February 9, 2012

Archbishop Timothy Dolan 'Betrayed' by Obama
Video: Barack Obama's Monster Budget
So, Just How Dangerous Is Obama, Really?
Re: What the Heck is Wrong with Mitt Romney?

February 8, 2012

He Can't Say He Wasn't Warned
Rev. Robert Barron On The HHS Mandate: Anti-Catholic and Un-American
Justice Sotomayor Rules For Goldilocks On Sesame Street
Top Official at the United States Council of Catholic Bishops: Contraception 'Compromise' Obama May Be Considering Could Actually Make Things Worse
Rick Santorum Sweeps Colorado, Missouri, Minnesota, Embarrassing Romney

February 7, 2012

Video: The Unemployment Game Show: Are You *Really* Unemployed?
Members of 'Halftime in America' Ad Team Have Ties To Obama Campaign
An Illusion Of Economic Recovery
UN Wants "World Tax" To Fund Global Socialism (give "the needy" free housing, education and healthcare)
The Audacity of Barack Obama's Secularism
Video: Washington Free Beacon Enters 'Combat Journalism'
Obama Blames Founding Fathers For Controlling His Dictatorial Powers

February 6, 2012

For Those Who Think Head To Head Polling This Far Out Is A Reliable Predictor Of November's Results
Obama's made-up jobless numbers
Fox News Sunday Panel on 2012 Elections and More
Obama Campaign Super Bowl Ad: Good For Chrysler, Good For Obama

February 3, 2012

'... the Army asked that the letter not be read from the pulpit'
Mark Steyn On Obama Wanting To Be His "Brother's Keeper"
Komen Foundation Caves To Liberal Screams For Funding Of Killing Babies
Phony Balony Unemployment Rate (Updated)
If We Don't Win We Lose

February 2, 2012

'Saint Obama the Pious'
As For Those 'HelloFriend' TV Ads
Romney Headed For Blowout In Nevada
Fact and Fiction on Offshore Drilling

February 1, 2012

Thoughts On Mitt Romney's ''Very Poor'' Phrasing
CBO: Tax Something More? You Get Less Of It (Video)
Crossroads GPS Ad Hits Obama On Solyndra
Gallup State-By-State Numbers Predict Huge Obama loss
Sound Advice For 'Anybody But Mitt' Republicans
Our 'Islamist Firster' President Not What He Claimed
Obama Robs Riviera Beach McDonald's