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December 2011

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December 30, 2011

Just 55.3 Percent of Americans Between 16 and 29 Have Jobs
Ron Paul: Iran justified in closing Strait of Hormuz
Best news bloopers of 2011 (Video)
The Obama Administration's War Against Catholics and Other Traditionalist People of Faith

December 29, 2011

New Iowa TV Ad: Ron Paul - Wrong On Marriage!
(Video) Jan 2009 Iranian Press TV Interview: Ron Paul Bashes Israel and Defends Hamas
Latest Rasmussen Survey: Romney 45, Obama 39
Owens' Law Of Oscillating Pyramids

December 28, 2011

Videos: Top 11 Big Government Busts of 2011 - #2 ... Our National Finances
Video: Christmas vs. Ramadan (Obama Style)
Lessons Learned On the Long Road to Hijab
Mitt Romney: 'Healthcare Mandate A Fundamentally Conservative Principle'
Barack Obama - The Trojan Horse President

December 27, 2011

Obama To Ask For Another Debt Limit Increase
Seven Devastating Mathmatical Facts About 2012 That Presidential Candidates Must Wrap Their Minds And Messages Around
Re: 'Will the Last Job Creator to Leave California Please Turn Off the Lights?'
Obama Administration to Allow Embattled Yemeni President to Receive Medical Care in US
Europe Running Out of 'Other People's Money' (Socialism's Canary Is Dying)

December 26, 2011

The Tax -Cut Debate: 'A Telling Difference in Economic Visions Between the Two Parties'
Standing Up For the 99%, Update: Nancy Pelosi Spends Chrismas Holidays in $10,000 a Night Hawaiian Suite
New Romney Ad: 'Conservative Agenda'
November, A Month of Christian Persecution

December 23, 2011

Midnight Masses Canceled in Iraq Because of Growing Security Concerns
Christianity May Be Eradicated in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Egypt
Hamas, Hizballah and Al-Qaeda flags Flying at Obama-Endorsed #Occupy DC
Courageous Ex-Muslim Woman in Muslim Country Starts Extraordinary New Website

December 22, 2011

Aisha Khan Fakes Hate Crime, Blames Infidel, And Gets Away with It
House Republicans Agree to 2-Month Extension
Barack Obama's Pro-Union NLRB Rams Through Ambush Election Rule
Ron Paul on Those Newsletters He Claims He Didn't Know About
US Debt-To-GDP Passes 100%

December 21, 2011

Obama Christmas Carol
WSJ Slams House Republicans For 'Throwing 2012 Election To Obama'

December 20, 2011

'What We Were Told About Obama Never Had Much Basis In Fact -- A Fact Now Increasingly Clear As Hype Gives Way To Reality'
Fact Checking the AP Fact Checker On the Obama Administration's Cleansing Government Files of References to Radical Islam
NewsBusters: Full-Time Employment Barely Up Since Recession Ended, As Media Yawns

December 19, 2011

Taxpayer-funded Hamas Public High School in Lutz, Florida?
Bank of America to let terminally ill woman stay in foreclosed home until she dies
Vivid new Battle of the Bulge photos
Is Jeb Bush Thinking About Jumping Into The Race?
Video: North Koreans weeping hysterically over the death of Kim Jong-il
'Shared Sacrifice' Update: The Obama's Expensive Christmas Getaway
The Democratic Party's War On Workers

December 16, 2011

Re: 'Thirty-three Year Temperature Update - Well Below Computer Model Predictions'
An Really Big 'Uh-oh' For Ron Paul?
Did You Hear The One About ...
Executive Orders
Obamacare Support Tanks To Record Low
House Speaker John Boehner Challenges Short-Term Extension of Payroll Tax Holiday
Union Gangsters, Saul Alinsky And Democrats

December 15, 2011

'The Obama Defense Department: Headquarters of the Willfully Blind'

December 14, 2011

Report: Iranian and Venezuelan Diplomats in Mexico Plot to Conduct Cyberattacks Against U.S. Targets, Including Nuclear Power Plants
Unemployed Launches Campaign To Stop Republican Slashing Of Unemployment Benefits When Millions Of Americans Need Them Most
Times Person of the Year (Updated)
Children Found Chained In Basement As Police Raid Islamic School In Pakistan Thought To Be A 'Taliban Training Center'
Barack Obama - 'Marxist Wizard of Oz'
Re: Tebowphobia

December 13, 2011

Former VP Dick Cheney: Why didn't Obama destroy the drone when he had the chance?
1% of New Yorkers Pay 43.2% of the City's Income Tax
Gallop: Americans Fear Big Government Far More Than Big Business
Obama Administration Giving Islamists a Say Over Our Right to Free Speech

December 12, 2011

Watching the Huntsman-Gingrich Debate (Updated)
Obama's Vision ... In His Own Words
Loony DNC Chair Wasserman-Shultz: 'Unemployment Hasn't Risen Under Obama'
Gingrich Told The Truth About Palestinians Being 'An Invented people'
Video: Jeff Sessions On Fox: President's Policies Threaten The Middle Class
Continuing the Payroll Tax Cut: The End of Social Security As We Know It
The Alarming Truth About Barack Obama's 'War on Religion'
Why Obama's Stimulus Failed: A Case Study of Silver Spring, Maryland (Video)
US Navy Paying $15/gallon for green fuel (Obama Crony Involved)

December 10, 2011

Jihad Watch: Muslim students threaten, force resignation of prof who quoted from Islamic texts

December 9, 2011

(Video) Nancy Pelosi: Unemployment benefits should not be 'paid for'
Chna 'Hearts' fracking ... Discovers Major Shale Gas Reserves
Union-owned NLRB Drops Case Against Boeing
What Scholastic Is Teaching Your Kids About the Occupiers
Putting the Paste Back in the Tube

December 8, 2011

Fox News: Obama refused to retrieve UAV lost over Iran
Quinnipiac Poll Shows Bad News For Democrats In Key Battleground States
House Report: Islamists Targeting U.S. Military (On U.S. Soil)
Holder Lies About Lies
IBD: Five Big Lies In Obama's 'Fairness' Speech

December 7, 2011

Obama Administration Calls Ft. Hood Jihadi Attack An Incident of "Workplace Violence"
Documents Show ATF used 'Fast and Furious' to make the case for gun regulations
More Reasons for Jews to NOT Vote Democrat
Obama's Reelection Strategy: 'Organizing the Takers Against the Makers'

December 6, 2011

DOJ Sues UCSD Over 'Excessive' Employment Eligibility Check (Updated)
Re: 'The Stupid Party'
Video: Chris Mathews' Thrill Is Gone: Turns On Obama; 'I Hear Stories That You Would Not Believe'
Teddy Roosevelt and 'Obama's Super-Socialism'
Opinion: "Virtuoso" Obama's Playing Of The Republicans ... Like A Violin

December 5, 2011

Video: Obama Outright Lied About Republican Senators' Payroll Tax Cut Vote Last Week
Mugger chooses wrong victim
Re: Harry Reid's Jobs Surcharge
Obama's 'New Nationalism' Speech
Walter Reed Hospital Bars Family Members From Bringing Bibles to Injured Soldiers
Netanyahu Told Us So
(Toon) Hope And Change Are Out The Door - And He Wants Four More?

December 2, 2011

Must-watch Video: Obama - The Anti-Israel President
Video: "Somebody needs to pay for all of my children. Somebody needs to be held accountable ... and they need to pay"
Good News Bad News on the Jobs Report
Smoke and Mirrors

December 1, 2011

On Obama's War With Boeing (And Private Businesses)
Domestic Terrorist Bill Ayers Admits Holding Fundraiser For Obama (Obama lied in 2008)
Report: Jobless claims back above 400,000 level
Glo-bull Warming Alert: 'Residents in Alaska city could get $9-a-gallon gas'
Omega Advisors CEO 'Goes Nuclear' On Obama
Our Ambitious, Inherently Dishonest President's Demonization of Ambition