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November 14, 2011

Where Is Janet Napolitano When It Comes To The "Domestic Terrorist Threat" Posed By The Occupy Wall Street Protestors?

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When back at the beginning of the "Tea Party" movement, regular folk, many of whom had never been involved in the political process before, became involved in the protests against Obama's disastrous policies ruining this nation: His socialist inspired "Big Government" profligate spending bankrupting the country; his intrusive asinine "Regulations Gone Wild" killing small businesses and choking our economy in this worst of recessions; and his Administration's increasing encroachment and "Big Brother" intrusion into every facet of our personal daily lives - even the micromanaging by Federal fiat of how much salt and or sugar Michelle Obama deems appropriate we should all ingest, and or what and how much we all should, or should not, eat, drink, and or smoke; a hand-wringing, alarmed, Janet Napolitano issued memos warning law enforcement agencies all across the nation, about the "possible domestic terrorist threat" posed by those stay at home moms carrying toddlers to the Tea Party protests, the blue collar fathers carrying their kids on their shoulders in attendance, WWII veterans proudly parading with their medals, people dressed up as Continental soldiers playing the iconic 1776 "Fife and Drums" of our Independence, members of our Armed forces returning home from Afghanistan and Iraq, and by those aging retirees sitting in lawn chairs and waving American flags at the events! All of whom Napolitano and her Department of Homeland Security categorized as potential "Timothy McVeigh types" and potential domestic terrorist threats! Oh my God! You know, let's raise the Homeland Security Advisory System threat level to "YELLOW" since grandma is such a "danger" to Obama, and his 60's radicals now in power in Washington, with that knitting needle!

Yet for all that the Obama-lapdogs at the Mainstream Media, the Democrats, and the left, vilified and ridiculed the Tea Party, falsely portrayed the movement as "racist", called them "domestic and economic terrorists" and characterized Tea Partiers as "violent","unhinged", "unsophisticated Rednecks", and "ignorant Clod-hoppers"; to the chagrin of their detractors, the Tea Partiers have generally proven to be peaceful, civil, have been exceptionally well behaved and respectful of local laws and city ordinances where they have rallied, and picked up after themselves after the events - not leaving a mess behind to be cleaned up by cities and municipalities at taxpayer's expense.

They did not incite anyone to violence, did not call for the violent overthrow of Obama, and or the government; for the most part have just voiced peacefully their desire for smaller government, less taxes, and less government intrusion into our daily lives, and voiced their love and pride in America (Oh my God, the humanity!) - which is probably one of the salient points that most irritates the "multiculturalist", Marxist inspired ideologues, leftist, hate-America crowd, about the Tea Party!

Now however, when unruly and often violent "Occupy Wall Street" protestors, comprised of Obama supporters, leftists, 60's radicals, anarchists, communists, social malcontents, criminals, and other Democrats - many of them recruited, sponsored, and paid to protest, by the SEIU and other Labor Unions, and by many openly communist and anarchist organizations funded by and Soros money; riot: slashing at police with knives, throwing Molotov Cocktails, setting things on fire, and wantonly defacing and destroying property; raping women with impunity - even a 14 year-old in Zuccotti Park, indulging in violence; and publicly binging on booze, drugs, and other illegal substances - to the point three protesters have already been found dead in their tents of drug overdoses in various cities; you don't hear a "peep" from our otherwise overly concerned (when it comes to Tea Partiers) Janet Napolitano or her department!

Where is Napolitano's overwhelming concern when it comes to the Occupy wall Street protestors, such as the one she had about grandmothers, knitting, sitting in lawn chairs at Tea Parties, and veterans parading with American flags?

How come "Big Sis" Napolitano (as Richard calls her) seems not to be as distraught about these rowdy revolutionaries and anarchists in our streets, who attack our police with knives, throw bottles, rocks, and Molotov Cocktails at them; set tires, dumpsters, and buildings on fire; and openly call for "Revolution" and the violent overthrow of America?

May it be perhaps be, even though the Occupy Wall Street crowd are violent, rioting, raping, destroying and burning things, and are a very real threat to public safety, as well as a health hazard and a public nuisance to our communities, that the reason why Miss Napolitano does not consider them a "threat to our national security" in the same breadth as she perceived the Tea Party to have been one, is because these leftists miscreants and malcontents grudgingly vote "Democrat" for lack of a Stalin, Mao, or Fidel, on the ballot, and thus politically, as a liberal, she shares in their ideology and objectives?

I mean, after all, the Occupy Wall Street protestors certainly have been praised by president Obama - who has made of inciting "class warfare" and "racial divisiveness" the hallmark of his presidency. And by the Democrats who promptly sided with these radicals and anarchists as some sort of leftist "Tea Party" they hoped to capitalize on politically.

Or by the Obama-lapping media, that has praised the protests by these doped-up leftist loons as an exemplary "civil exercise in democracy", while calling those who participated in the Tea Parties - even children who went along with their parents and grandparents to indeed learn to participate in our democratic process: "tea-baggers" - derogatorily ascribing to them an obscene homosexual practice as a mocking insult with which to belittle them and demean their conservative views on homosexuality and on the gay activism gone wild in our nation!

Can you imagine the outcry in the Obama-servile media had one NRA Second-Amendment-supporting Tea Partier, just one, have had the audacity to throw but a single "water balloon" at someone at a Tea party rally? I am sure that Janet Napolitano would have deemed that a "credible act of aggression" and "domestic terrorism", and as a result would've started rounding up all those "terrorist" Tea Partiers! But hell, if it's the "lefty" Occupy Wall Street radicals who are burning up Oakland? Then, that's ok!

These commie radicals who have taken over our parks and public spaces for over a month now; posing a public safety threat to our communities which have been forced to divert police and emergency resources away from other vital areas to babysat these social malcontents and Marxist "useful idiots"; which have disrupted commerce - bankrupting local businesses, and whose interminable protests are stretching many local city and municipal budgets already in the red, even further; which poses a significant health hazard and the spread of diseases because of the prevalent unsanitary, crowded, conditions, and has become but a breeding ground for all sorts of STDs and other communicable diseases, such as hepatitis, spreading - especially given the wanton promiscuity and drug use in these tent camps; pose more of a threat to our immediate public safety and to our Republic, than did any Tea Partier , whom Janet Napolitano perceived as so great a threat!

Hell, as far as I know not even one of those knitting grandmothers waving American flags from their lawn chairs suffered a heart attack while at a Tea Party rally; while, as I pointed out above, three of these doped-up losers at the Occupy Wall Street protests unfortunately have already died of drug overdoses...and counting!

Is there any comparison between the civil and orderly "Tea Party" rallies and these violent, chaotic, riots taking place in our cities under the "Occupy Wall Street" banner, except in asinine, sick, liberal, minds, such as that of Janet Napolitano?

As the colloquial saying goes, her thinking "is gay" pun intended.

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Posted by Althor at November 14, 2011 8:39 AM

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