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November 9, 2011

Post Gaddafi Libya Heading Towards Islamism

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Libya_islam.jpgAs with Tunisia, and soon Egypt, it is clear now that Libya is headed toward Islamism:

In any event, the implications of the trend towards imposing Sharia are truly alarming, yet unfortunately, as Hussein Ibish says, "there is an intellectually and politically indefensible rush to recast the leading Arab Islamist parties as more moderate or pluralistic than they actually are ... it's simply foolish not to recognize that they remain in every meaningful sense radical and retain their totalitarian impulses. That they would like to broadly and severely restrict the rights of individuals, women and minorities in the name of religion is obvious."
Unfortunately, Barack Obama is not the only American pol that failed to recognize that removing a Muslim country's leader would result in the country falling into control by sharia-loving Islamists; there were the usual RINOs like Lindsey Graham, John McCain and Mark Kirk ... and even misguided conservative Marco Rubio, as well.

With people like Obama, Graham, Lindsey, Kirk, and Rubio, the Islamists don't need to acquire additional weapons to subvert and take over nations ... even the U.S., they already have them.

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Posted by Abdul at November 9, 2011 6:30 AM

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