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November 7, 2011

IAEA: Iran on brink of building nuclear weapon

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The fruit of Barack Obama's political correctness run amuck, willful ignorance, dithering, and reaching out in naive "friendship" to the mullahs (h/t - Robert Spencer).

Jennifer Rubin is wondering, like the rest of us, "Is Obama going to let Iran get the bomb?":

The administration has been spinning a fairy tale, namely that sanctions are "working" and Iran is "isolated" like never before. In fact, we're on the verge of a national-security calamity. Soon, it seems, we'll be presented with a choice: Accept a nuclear-armed Iran or take military action.

Schmitt cautions, "The problem the West and Israel now face is that, while an attack might stop Tehran for awhile in building a bomb, the Iranian program has been matured to the point that is seems likely that the Iranians have all the technical know-how needed for rebuilding any part of the weapons program that might be destroyed in an attack. That doesn't mean you wouldn't attack but it does mean that, absent regime change, you will likely be facing a similar problem down the road." The administration, of course, booted the best chance for regime change when it failed to back the Green Movement fully in 2009.

The Obama team has been congratulating itself on its supposed foreign policy prowess. They got Osama bin Laden. Moammar Gadaffi is dead. And our troops are leaving (abandoning?) Iraq. But nothing -- no foreign policy flub, no economic miscalculation, no ethics scandal -- would come close to the magnitude of the failure to stop Iran from getting a nuclear weapon. Two presidents have vowed that it is unacceptable for Iran to acquire a nuclear weapon. It would change the dynamic in the Middle East, confirming the preeminence of Iran and placing Israel in mortal danger. Obama's pipe dream of a nuclear-free world would be dashed. This administration would go down in history not for its economic incompetence or its hyper-partisanship but as the gang that let the mullahs get the bomb. So what are they going to do to prevent that?

Truth be known, Bush mishandled Iran as well. However, like just about everything else he's touched, what Barack Obama "inherited" he's made ever more worse. And in the case of Iran, we've come to a point of no return. One of two things is now certain to happen. Either the international community finds some magical way to stop Iran now ... or Iran will have both nuclear weapons and a willingness to use and deliver them in the very near future.

Related: Last month, in an interview on Fox News, former UN Ambassador John Bolten warned of the dangers of a nuclear Iran and said in no uncertain terms that everyone in the Obama administration and Congress who thought we could negotiate with the Iranians over their nuclear weapons needs a big reality check, because "it ain't gonna happen" (video)

Posted by Hyscience at November 7, 2011 12:52 PM

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