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November 10, 2011

Another Day ... Time For Another 'Religion of Peace' Update

Topics: Understanding Islam

First ... a few Muslim-related news items reflecting the reality of what Muslims and deeply misguided liberals call the "religion of peace":

Pakistan: Jihadists kill four members of peace committee, beheading one (Peace might be a bit farther off than the learned analysts expect.)

Muslim and his friends hack wife to death with axe: 'He kept accusing her of having had an affair even though he usually kept her locked up in the house for the duration. (Monstrous acts of honor killing like this is santioned by Islamic law.)

All-American Muslim: "I've been searching adamantly for information about jihad and my responsibility as a Muslim in America" (The American Muslim on trial for plotting jihad spoke "of being devout in his faith." Obama say, "Respect it!")

Iran's Supremo: Iran 'will respond with full force to any aggression or even threats in a way that will demolish the aggressors from within' (Especially from "America and its stooges and the Zionist regime.")

Egypt: Women Herded and Tied Like Camels? ('Progress' - Arab Spring style)

Now for a Muslim-related news item of the sort we seldom hear of ... one in which American Muslims are acting like ... get ready ... 'American' Muslims:

Muslim Students Criticize Banzha's Legal Action (Catholic University crosses case)

University Muslim students have announced their opposition to the recent lawsuit against the University proposed by George Washington University professor John F. Banzhaf, who claims that the University is discriminating against Muslim students by not offering them a separate place to pray on campus.

... "Neither me nor any Muslim student I know has ever filed a complaint against CUA for any reason," said sophomore biomedical engineering major Alawiyah Al Hashem. "I haven't seen any actions taken by the university or any of its students that would justify doing so."

A fine example of the kind of common sense, honesty, and anti-creeping sharia position that you never see coming from CAIR, ISNA, and their ilk.

Posted by Richard at November 10, 2011 11:00 PM

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