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October 11, 2011

More Unintended Consequences Of Obama's "Arab Spring" - Coptic Christians Protesters Shot Down and Run Over By Armored Personnel Carriers In Cairo

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Ongoing. The violence in Egypt escalates even as what was originally intended to be a peaceful demonstration by Coptic Christian protestors over the latest church burning, were attacked by Muslim mobs and set upon savagely by the Egyptian security forces, which shot live rounds at the crowd,

and literally run them down on the streets of downtown Cairo with their armored personnel carriers, as earlier today Fox News correspondent Leland Vittert reported:

"In running street battles reminiscent of the Egyptian revolution downtown Cairo burned, as thousands of Coptic Christians, protesting another church burning, fought riot police."

"The army brought in armored personnel carriers to run down protesters. 'They run them down with tanks' - said this demonstrator - '...and shoot them with bullets like this one.' "

"Christians gathered Monday to begin burying the nearly thirty people who died this weekend. Coptic Christians in Egypt have always been under threat, but enjoyed protection from former president Hosni Mubarak. Since Mubarak's resignation violence has increased, with reports of Muslim gangs raping Coptic women with impunity. Many Christians supported the military which took over in February, but now feel betrayed."

"The people want the general to step down, the crowd roared over the sound of gun fire, tear gas canisters, and street combat. The overwhelming military response used against the Christian protesters now, and the tacit approval of a violent mob that stormed the Israeli embassy in Cairo last month, shows the government is scared of hard-line Muslim elements within the country."

Since last February, after Obama's fanning of the flames of the infamous "Arab Spring" spreading throughout North Africa, his withdrawal of American support for Hosni Mubarak and repeated calls for his resignation, the Egyptian president - one of our staunchest allies in the region for thirty years - was forced to step down, numerous Coptic Christian churches and monasteries have been attacked and or burned down by Salafi Muslim traditionalists in the aftermath in the wake of the rising tide of Muslim persecution and violence against Christian Copts in Egypt.

Yes, Hosni Mubarak was a dictator for 30 years. His secret police was ruthless when dealing with the Muslim Brotherhood, Jihadists, and other Muslim radical elements. And yes, those whose activities aroused the ire of Mubarak's secret police often wound up disappearing, killed, being tortured, jailed without due process, did not have recourse to lawyers and other "Eric Holder-styled" legal niceties, and were certainly not held in such humane conditions as the "Goldilocks accommodations" we offer Jihadists and enemy combatants in Guantanamo - with "not too cold, not too hot" cells, "not too hard, not too soft" beds, three square "Halal" meals a day, big screen TVs, plenty of recreation, and five calls to prayer daily (bad Americans!). But under Mubarak, such barbarities as are happening today in Egypt, under the guise of "democracy" and of a "populist revolution", would have never happened!

Enter naive Barack Hussein Obama, who driven by his anti-Colonialist, Marxist-leaning, Islamist-simpatico, ideology, opened the "Pandora Box" of the so called "Arab Spring" he so tacitly supported and encouraged, which has unleashed so much violence and upheaval in North Africa and the Middle East, and which more ominous and catastrophic consequences we, unfortunately, may yet have to witness!

Not only did Egypt enjoy under Mubarak the longest lasting period of peace and stability it has ever experienced since way back to the early part of the 20th Century, but he kept the peace with Israel for thirty years and was a staunch ally of the United States - a feat not easily accomplished given the prevalent anti-Israel and anti-American hostility so prevalent in the Arab street, and that the underbelly of Egypt was and is a hotbed of Islamist extremism, from which such terrorists groups such as Hamas and Egyptian Islamic Jihad,as well as Al-Qaeda's second in command, Egyptian-born Ayman al-Zawahiri, were spawned by that very same "Muslim Brothehood" now ushering the populist democracy in Cairo, and which today's naive liberal ideologues, such as Obama, see as "a positive force for a democratic Egyptian future" in post-Mubarak Egypt. It is interesting to note at this point, that in response to the Christian Coptics' protests and consequent brutal government crackdown violence going on, an emboldened Muslim Brotherhood, conscious of its growing Islamic grip on power in Egypt, had the gall to issue a statement on Monday codemning the Coptic protests on Sunday, saying that the time "was not right."

In the meantime, the persecution, the burning of churches, the slaughtering and the raping of Christian Copts, being carried out by the followers of Mohammed's "Religion of Peace" in Egypt continues, and it only gets more rabid, savage, and vicious....Not even the ruthless Chinese had the audacity to run over that now iconic Chinese protester, heroically standing in the way of those tanks in Tiananmen Square, in front of the rolling cameras and the eyes of the world, the way these barbaric Egyptian special forces ran over the Coptic Christian protesters in their armored personnel carrier "toys"... as if they were but plastic traffic cones that stood in the way!

Posted by Althor at October 11, 2011 10:15 AM

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