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September 11, 2011

September 11th, 2001 - The Day America Lost Its Innocence

Topics: Human Interest, Islam And The War On Terror
"Man is himself, like the universe he inhabits, like the demoniacal stirrings of the ooze from which he sprang, a tale of desolations. He walks in his mind from birth to death the long resounding shores of endless disillusionment. Finally the commitment to life departs or turns to bitterness. But out of such desolation emerges the awesome freedom to choose -- to choose beyond the narrowly circumscribed circle that delimits the animal being. In that widening ring of human choice, chaos and order renew their symbolic struggle in the role of titans. They contend for the destiny of a world."
So wrote in his book of essays "The Unexpected Universe" the poet, Loren C. Eiseley... An American as American can be. A Nebraskan born of "the dew on prairie grass, prairie dust, and twisters", who by his own efforts rose himself from personal tragedy and a brush with death by tuberculosis, to become not only a poet, renowned scientist, popular author, literary laureate, Benjamin Franklin Professor of Anthropology and the History of Science at the University of Pennsylvania, and eventually its Provost, but America's greatest essayist and literary stylist.

On this hallowed day, ten years after the tragic events that changed us forever on September 11, 2001, Eiseley's words hauntingly parallel much of what America has come to pass through inwardly as a people and a nation in its aftermath.

America has fought many bloody wars and conflicts. We have endured much privation and self-sacrifice throughout our history. Along the way we have made many mistakes and learned many lessons; as well as have done much good in the world and freed many peoples. Yet, for all of our past disillusionments and struggles, on that fateful day America lost its innocence.

On that day we learned as a nation, that no matter how welcoming we may be of other cultures, other cultures may not be as welcoming of our tolerance and personal freedoms; but rather would take undue advantage of said tolerance and freedoms to impose on us by violence their twisted values and narrow vision of human freedom. Yet, in the blindness of their "well wishing" multiculturalism, still many in America today, adamantly refuse to heed the lessons of 9/11 and continue to offer those who are sworn to destroy us the leeway in which to do us harm once again, driven by their naivete and politically correct desire not to give offense to anyone - particularly to those who profess that very same barbaric worldview that compelled them to gratuitously attack us on that fateful day unprovoked. Hell is indeed paved with good intentions...

Whether impelled by the frailties of human nature of envy and resentment at our material success and prosperity, by the disdain and contempt at our gullibility and naivete born of that very same innocence we lost that day, or simply out of the gratuitous malevolence that often resides in human hearts; on that day we watched in horror and disbelief how people half a world away danced for joy, rejoiced, and passed candy around to their cheering children, in celebration of the fall of those Twin Towers and the death of three thousand innocent Americans - even as bewildered gypsum-caked everyday Americans walked aimlessly through the billows of dust, the panic and the mayhem in lower Manhattan, weeping in sheer incredulity and utter disbelief...

On that day that changed the course of history, our nation was veered by that senseless act of terror into a military response that though necessary, appropriate, and just, has divided us as a nation, cost countless American soldier's lives, and has depleted our national coffers.

Nothing has been or will ever be the same. On that day America indeed lost its innocence.

Amidst the disillusionment and the stark realities we face in the post-nine eleven world, Eiseley's words resound more poignantly than ever in their pertinence...

We ourselves, like this unthinkable nightmarish parallel universe that after 9/11 we inhabit, like the dark demoniacal stirrings of the twisted human nature, religious fanaticism, and barbarity from which this tragedy sprang, have become a tale of desolations.

We walk in our collective minds the long resounding shores of the endless disillusionment brought about by our realization of how wrong we were, when in the naivete of our collective good will and tolerance, we let our guard down, opened our welcoming arms, and embraced as our own, those very same followers of a Mediaeval ideology of hatred, intolerance, barbarity, and submission, who taking advantage of our freedoms and our tolerance, then plunged into our collective backs their knives of unrequited savagery and betrayal!

In turn, these events have marred in many of us the commitment to the once shining American idealism that informed our goals and choices, embittering us into becoming but the cynics dealing with the new realities brought upon us by 9/11.

We as a society must choose to have the courage to not to stick our heads like ostriches in the proverbial sand in denial, and come to grips with the harsh reality that no matter how much we may wish it was not so, no matter how much we may look the other way pretending that it is not so, or how much we may lie to ourselves collectively - calling the hateful religious ideology that impelled the attackers of 9/11 to carry out their heinous act of barbarism, terror, and senseless bloodshed, the "Religion of Peace", that our misguided wishful thinking does and will not make it so, no matter how hard we try!

For anyone who has even cursorily read the Koran, it becomes inescapably obvious, that Mohammed's command to his followers to "...spread by the sword the faith he preached." - as Byzantine Emperor Manuel II Paleologos so acutely pointed out almost six hundred years ago when he rightly assessed, as Pope Benedict XVI quoted in his Regensburg Lecture: "Show me just what Mohammad brought that was new and there you will find things only evil and inhuman..." (as we all but learned too well on 9/11); and his injunction to Muslims to wage "Jihad" against "Infidels" and forcibly enjoin them into Islamist "Submission" even if through oppression, violence, and all other means at their disposal including falsehood and deceit (Taqiyaa), and terror, or outright "eliminate" them, as it is written in the Koran; is an integral part of Islam and intertwined with Islamic teaching.

It is time we face the fact that a "good Muslim", according to the teachings of Mohammed and the Koran, is indeed the zealous Islamist fanatic willing to blow himself up in order to murder innocent "Infidel enemies", and be rewarded with seventy two "Houris" Islamist virgins in Mohammed's heaven even as Mohammed himself promised his followers who commit such heinous acts of self-immolation; who we insist on calling "Islamist radicals", even though if you are a Muslim "True Believer" that follows and observes all the teachings of Mohammed and the Koran, that would not be "radical" but the norm!

We have to realize that what we naively call in our political correct insanity and wishful thinking "moderate Muslims" are those lukewarm Muslims who have become "westernized" and or do not follow all of Mohammed's teachings and the Koran to the letter.

The problem is not "radical Islamists", as so many deluded apologists for inhuman Islamic savagery would impose upon us to accept in their multiculturalist lunacy and Muslim "Apologetics". The problem is indeed Islam itself!

As Bill O'Reilly, after his scuffle with the ladies of "The View", has numerous times concluded on The Factor: "...we have a Muslim problem"!

But, as Loren Eisely beckons us to realize: "...out of such desolation emerges the awesome freedom to choose"...

We all, as human beings, have the ability to: "...choose beyond the narrowly circumscribed circle that delimits the animal being..." : the intolerant murderous "Jihadist", the "eternally aggrieved and victimized" American negro, the reactive white "xenophobe", in all of us, and transcend the frailties of the baser bestial aspects of our shared humanity!

As Eiseley pointed out:

"In that widening ring of human choice, chaos [in this case Islamic terrorism, all the needless bloodshed, and brutality] and order [the hope for a better more humane and civilized world free of Islamic oppression and violence] renew their symbolic struggle in the role of titans..."
In the case of our "Clash of Civilizations" with Mediaeval, barbaric, Islam, they do indeed contend for the "destiny of a world"!

Not all Muslims are fanatical murderers of innocent people whose only goal in this life is to kill Americans and as many "Infidels" as thy dutifully can, even as Mohammed and his rapacious belligerent religion of conquest, conversion by the sword, and "Submission", impels them to do as a "religious duty".

Most Muslims, irrespective of what despicable "choices" they may make later on in life in observance of the exigencies that their murderous faith demands of them, simply opened-up their eyes one day, in their cribs, and saw mom, dad and the Mullah, without having much of a choice or say in the matter, and their lives have been influenced, whether positively or negatively, by their Muslim upbringing and their immersion in Islam. However, as Loren Eiseley so aptly remarks, as human beings they do have the "... awesome freedom to choose...", to go beyond the Mediaeval sectarian and religious superstitions compelling them to such acts of savagery in the name of their faith, and, choosing beyond the narrowly circumscribed circle of their Islamist upbringing, of their own volition reject such acts of gratuitous violence and carnage in the name of "Allah", as are carried out by their co-religionists!

It would be such Muslims then, who should then call for the equivalent in Islam of what was the "Reformation" in Christendom, ushering a new age in Islam of reasoning, openness, and "tolerance", that would salvage in Islam all that is beautiful, worthy, and humane, in it, while expunging out all the 10th Century aspects of barbarity, inhumanity, and belligerency inherent to it, that has brought so much needless bloodshed, strife, and grief, to the world for centuries.

If such a Muslim "Renaissance" is not soon reached, the world will be awash in blood for years to come, and there will inevitably be more 9/11s, more Madrid and London bombings, more Islamist terrorist attacks and savage butchering; until one of two unthinkable things comes to pass: Either the Islamists are successful in imposing Islam and Sharia upon the whole planet, and the world becomes one backward, oppressive, global Caliphate of Islamist "Submission". Or for the sake of the rest of humanity, one and a half billion people will eventually wind up being wiped off the face of the earth!

In the face of the potential of such horrifying stark outcomes, we should heed the poet's admonition, and remember, on this day of remembrance when we mourn so many needless deaths, that we do have that "...awesome freedom to choose..."!

Posted by Althor at September 11, 2011 10:00 PM

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