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September 30, 2011

Herman Cain's Recent Win Has Liberal's "Borg" Collective Hive Mind Running Endless Loop Meltdown In Their Brains: "It Does Not Compute...It Does Not Compute..."

Topics: Follies of the Mainstream Media, Political News and commentaries

The recent victory by presidential candidate Herman Cain in the Florida Straw Poll, where he defeated other Republican presidential hopefuls by an overwhelming margin, has the Mainstream Media and the liberal pundits all befuddled and confounded, calling Cain's victory "stunning" and a "surprise win" since they cannot comprehend how those "racist" Tea Partier Republicans in Florida would choose Cain, a "black man", over the likes of Rick Perry and Mitt Romney by a substantial margin, utterly failing to understand that what most Tea Party conservatives hate and are prejudiced against Obama is not the "black" of his skin, but the "red" of his soul...

In the face of Mr. Cain's victory, dumfounded liberal pundits at MSNBC, such as Chris Matthews - who seems to suffer from some latent homosexual libido about our swarthy "Community-Organizer-in-Chief", despicable Ed Schultz, and lesbian Rachel "Maddcow" are said to be walking aimlessly - wide eyed - bumping into walls and each other, running a liberal infinite loop in their "Borgish" interfaced collective liberal hive minds, repeating to each other: "It does not compute.....It does not compute....It does not compute...." much like the robot in that 60's sitcom "Lost in Space".

Others, such as loathsome Janeane Garofalo immediately launched into incoherent rants spinning Cain's victory in Florida as the result - of all things - the Republican's dastardly attempts to hide their "racism":

...dismissing it, as ABC did in their Elitist "condescension" as being "insignificant" and referring to Herman Cain derogatorily as the "Pizza Baron"; or CBS' Early Show disingenuous Chris Wragge and co-anchor Erica Hill, who invited Cain to their program and congartulated him on his victory in the Florida straw poll, only as a preamble to launch into a barrage of disparaging questions, asking him why would he "stick with it" and simply not give up on his aspirations, and demeaning him by saying people thought him the, quote: "flavor of the week", though they refrained from adding: "chocolate"!

Of course, deluded by their secular progressivist leftist "Kool Aid", to the MSM and the pundits at MSNBC if you don't outright worship Obama, it must obviously be because you are a "racist"! How else, according to their twisted mindset, would you not simply feel "thrills running up your leg" when listening to the lofty rhetoric of the man; or swoon in a pseudo-sexual faint of "Jungle Fever" ecstasy at his sight; fervently agree with everything he says and does - like a good liberal "Borg", and follow blindly his "Black Liberation Theology" inspired, Marxist "Class Warfare", socialist "Redistribution of Wealth", pied piping...? To them it is incomprehensible that anyone would simply disagree with, or have a world view that differs from that of our socialist "Black Messiah", hence all who oppose, or even question Obama and his failed policies must necessarily do so motivated by "racism"! What else?

But as we approach the 2012 elections it will only get worse! Ironically, that Obama, who was supposed to be and was hailed as our first "post-racial" president, has in practice turned out to be personally the most race mongering and racially divisive president in our modern history!

Obama's supporters in the Mainstream Media, on the left, and his Black Congressional Caucus "Welfare Pimps" overseers of the "Democrat's 21st Century Plantation" - as Rep. Colonel Allen West so aptly calls it, have done nothing but repeatedly and shamelessly play the "race card" at every turn, launching into baseless and unfounded accusations of "racism" and lashing out into virulent and vicious attacks at the Tea Party, at conservatives, and or anyone who simply happens to disagree with Obama and or his Marxist inspired socialist vision of "Big Government" profligate spending bankrupting our nation, onerous taxes yoking all of us, asinine environmental overregulations choking our economy, and absurd "Big Brother" intrusion into our daily lives, whom they invariably would accuse of being "racists"!

And now; amidst his plummeting poll numbers, the general disenchantment and disapproval of the American people with his performance - when even some of his partisan supporters admit that Obama was not ready to lead the country when elected; in the face of the calamitous economy and unemployment nightmares that Obama has so direly exacerbated; and the numerous other monumental failures of his Administration - from all his appeasement-based Foreign Policy waffling and lack of decisiveness in the face of crises, and the deteriorating and increasingly strained relationship with our Allies the world over, abroad; to the rotund failure of his "Green Jobs initiative" and all his other empty promises and domestic failures, at home; it seems that Obama, in his desperation, is going to predicate his re-election campaign on nothing but "Class Warfare", "Redistribution of Wealth", "racism", and all that is negative and divisive that is tearing apart the social cohesion of our divided nation; pitting the "haves" against the "have-nots", the rich and well-to-do against the poor; blacks, Latinos, and other minorities against white Americans; and overall exploiting the existing social strife for his own selfish political expediency!

But then, what else is to be expected of Obama and his dirty "Chicago Politics Machine"? Didn't former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel said so himself while in the Obama Administration that (being the good "commie" radical anarchists that Obama and most on his team inwardly are), :

"You never want a serious crisis to go to waste, and what I mean by that is, it's an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before."

At the present time, and in Obama's case, it's something he doesn't think he can do otherwise, on account of his dismal record and performance: "Get re-elected"!

Posted by Althor at September 30, 2011 5:04 PM

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