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September 10, 2011

Have You Heard About The Latest Union Thuggery Outrage Being Covered By The Media? Not So Much...

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union thug with bat.jpegWhile the Obama sycophants in the servile "Obama-lapping" Mainstream Media were assiduously covering far weightier subjects affecting all of our lives, such as the notorious Huffington Post coverage of Coco Rocha's (who?) "not so simple" dress and being "wowed" by the bottom of her "10' gown", they somehow managed to miss the ongoing union violence and thuggery taking place in the port of Cowlitz in Longview , Washington, that has since sparked more violence and virulently spread to the ports of Seattle and Tacoma, where on September 8th over five hundred thugs from Local 21 of the Longview ILWU chapter went on an illicit "wildcat strike", stormed the facility at approximately 4:30AM, broke down the gates, smashed windows in the guard shack, overpowered security, kidnaped six security guards that were held hostage until local police rescued them a couple of hours later, delayed trains, destroyed a cargo of grain which they wantonly dumped and contaminated, damaged railcars, engaged in sabotage endangering human lives by cutting the break lines on rail cars and a locomotive, and threatened people with outright violence and intimidated them with baseball bats!

Nineteen union goons were arrested, and the Longview Police Department is now carrying out a criminal investigation of the incident.

Even the notoriously Obama pro-union stacked "National Labor Relations Board" has been forced in view of all the union thuggery to weigh in, condemning the ILWU's violence!

And where was the Mainstream Media when all this mayhem and violence were going on - aside from peeking under Miss Rocha's unduly long petticoats? Not a peep! All we have heard from the Mainstream Media about all this union thuggery, conveniently enough for Obama and his union "shadow" Richard Trumka, is the virtual crickets chirping in the digital silence; while they covered "far worthier" subjects, such as the attire in Miss Rocha's closet!

Apparently, as Newt Gingrich so aptly remarked during the recent Republican presidential debate, the media is but "protecting" Obama, yet again, as they are wont to do as the nothing but unofficial propaganda mouthpieces of the Democrats and the Obama Administration that they are! Should we be surprised at all about their silence then? Sadly, I don't think so. The story was covered extensively locally in Seattle, but as usual it was Fox News - Bill O'Reilly on "The Factor" - the first major news outlet to brake the story nationally.

Think the above horrific? Brace yourselves, it gets far more insidious than that!

To begin with the whole conflict arose from EGT, the company running the Terminals, "having dared" to hire a contractor that is staffing - get this - its workforce with workers from "other unions" to staff Longview's grain terminal. This when under the present economic penury we are all suffering under Obama, and all the millions of Americans out there hungry for a job...any job, a company would be well justified nowadays in hiring more productive, lower cost, non-union employees, under the present economic circumstances, rather than hiring pampered, inefficient, union ones; even if albeit - Oh the humanity! - they are from other unions and not the ILWU. So much for all that much touted inter-union "brotherly love" out there!

Concerning the incident in Longview where six security guards were held hostage, for two hours, ILWU Local 23 (Tacoma) President Scott Mason unbelievably spun it all in the usual union rhetoric as that:

"The only thing held hostage is our jobs, that are rightfully ours,"
When a Federal Judge in Tacoma, who was not amused by the ILWU's portside antics, ordered the union's Longview chapter to refrain from violent conduct and return to court next week to answer possible civil contempt charges, Mason replied by remarking:
"Our members will be back to work... "All longshoremen want to do is work, that's all the brothers and sisters in Longview want to do is work," said Mason.
Too bad Mason doesn't feel as "pressing" the need to work of other "brothers and sisters" from other unions, who also all they "want to do is work". The two-faced hypocrite!

The International Longshore and Warehouse Union claims that it has the right to work at the facility, and that EGT is in violation of the port lease agreement by allowing Operating Engineers from other unions to work at the port. The case is now in Federal Court.

Though the ILWU has so far not officially called for a walk-out over the dispute, and claims it does not sanction the "wildcat strikes" in Washington's ports that have sparked such despicable thuggery and violence, and so much union criminality and brutality, on the part its members, as ILWU spokesman, Craig Merrilees from union headquarters in San Francisco, stated:

"There's been no formal action called by officials at union headquarters or at the local level,"
to which he added:
"It appears the [ILWU] members have taken action on their own,"

... evidence suggests that in fact this is not so, and that the ILWU has been using similar subversive tactics as those employed recently by the unions in Wisconsin - I would expect that when Mr. Merrilees disingenuously made the above statement, he must have been smirking!

As Lew Porters reported on his blog, union goons were bused in for the protests, which clearly implies that this was not the spur of the moment outrage of rowdy individual ILWU members, but a sinister concerted effort to threaten and intimidate:

"Ports up and down the Columbia River appear under siege by bused in thugs of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union as union goons escalate their dispute with the EGT Company at the Port of Cowlitz in Longview, Washington."

"Union thuggery breaking out in Southwest Washington has attracted national news media as the Wall Street journal, the Associated Press and Fox News are covering the union goons storming the port, breaking down gates, to smashing glass to overpower security guards they held hostage for a few hours in the wee hours of the morning, Thursday September 8, 2011. From there, bussed in thugs rolled out train cars, cut brake lines and dumped food grain on the ground."

"This is an escalation from Wednesday where hundreds of goons first stopped and blocked the train as it came through Vancouver Washington. Once it continued on, other goons blocked the train at Cowlitz County, tangled with the Police and vandalized the train. 19 union goons were arrested."

Porters goes on to site Cowlitz County Sheriff Mark Nelson, who in an article on The Columbian stated:
"This was not like the peaceful protests we've seen in the past. The protesters today were loud, aggressive and assaulted my officers,"
Sheriff Nelson added:
"[...] When our officers went in to make peaceful, lawful trespass arrests, they were rushed by a mob of hundreds of [ILWU] protesters who were resistive and throwing things at the officers,"
In his post, Mr. Porters goes on to point out how when the union thugs left Thursday morning, they:
"...waved baseball bats and crowbars at the Police telling them they would 'get theirs.' "
He goes on to poignantly ask - in view of the recent despicable and outrageous comments by Teamsters President Jimmy Hoffa Jr., last Sunday at a fundraising event where non other than Obama himself waited in the wings for his turn to speak at the function, where Hoffa called everyday average Americans, "Tea Partiers" who simply oppose Obama's reckless spending, onerous taxes, overregulations, and "Big Brother" intrusion into our daily lives, "sons of bitches", and told president Obama "this is your army" referring to the unions - if this mob of criminal thugs and goons of the ILWU is what Hoffa meant by his much touted "Obama army"!

But the ILWU's thuggery doesn't end there. When yesterday Friday, a local reporter for Portland television station KGW tried to interview union officials at the local International Longshore and Warehouse Union office (ILWU Local 21), he was derisively sent elsewhere, where another union goon threatened him and also threatened to break his camera.

There was a time in America, where collective bargaining and the unions played a pivotal role in improving working conditions and worker's lives, and in loosening the strangle hold and abuses of the "Robber Barons" over working Americans.

However with the passing of decades of previously unheard of prosperity enjoyed by union members, and the complacency and sloth it has begotten in many of them - coupled with the corrupt symbiosis that has developed throughout the years between Democratic politicians and the labor unions, where the unions use union dues to fill the coffers of Democratic candidates that win the elections through union support, that then return the favor by enacting legislation favoring the unions, that then line the pockets of union leaders who then pour union dues into the coffers of Democratic candidates willing to do their bidding, who then win the elections with the backing and financial support of the unions, in a vicious circle, all at the expense of businesses and local governments yoked with union contracts providing union workers with asinine wages, benefits, and pensions that are impossible to pay and will eventually ruin those businesses, states, and municipalities, or will drive businesses overseas; as has happened to the American automotive industry, the once powerful steel industry now non-existent, to many other industries, and to countless State Governments and municipalities across the nation - we can safely say that at this point in our nation's history unions have become but pariahs who are more negative and hurtful to our economy and our American way of life, than any good their often outrageous collective bargaining does America in general at this point, and that all they have become good for, over the years, is just to keep leftist, radical, hate-America Democrat politicians with a sublimated Marxist socialist agenda in power! It is sad to say, but today's unions do America more harm, than good!

It is time average Americans - many of whom have never been politically involved before - too busy raising families and juggling family and careers, make a choice:

Are we the "Sons of Bitches" who are just fed up with our bloated Federal Government taxing us onerously only to spend our money like "drunken sailors". Who are fed up with all the endless "red tape" and the asinine environmental and government regulations choking our economy and stifling the ingenuity and entrepreneurship that made America great in the first place. And who simply want "Big Brother" to stop meddling in our lives telling us not to consume salt or sugar, telling us what to eat and drink, and or what to smoke or not smoke (apparently the government thinks marihuana is "medicinal" while tobacco is noxious and to be suppressed at all costs)?

Or are we the Hoffa's "President Obama, this is your army" Americans Hoffa wants to "...give America back to an America where we belong"; of union thugs and goons like in Longview and Wisconsin, of corrupt unions in bed with politicians bankrupting our businesses and institutions, of the eternally aggrieved "Welfare Pimps" of racial baiting and divisiveness, of the Class Warfare "Redistribution of Wealth" Marxist ideologues now destroying our economy and morphing our country with their "Change" into but a Third World shadow of its former freedom, prosperity, and glory!

Who are we America? Are we Hoffa's and Obama's "army". Or are we the proud "Sons of Bitches" that manned the steel plants and the mills, who forged this nation with their toil and sweat; who defeated Germany and flew the Stars and Stripes defiantly over Iwo Jima; who planted that flag on the moon; and who are defiantly proud of our Republic, and want to make again America great?

Posted by Althor at September 10, 2011 2:37 PM

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