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September 24, 2011

Freed American Hikers - First Thing They Do: Bash America!

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You could not make this up if you tried!

After being the focus of our national concern and of our prayers for over two years; having been detained by the Iranian authorities for supposedly straying into Iranian territory while hiking, and been subsequently accused by the Iranian regime of being American spies. No sooner did Shane Bauer and Josh Fattal - the two male hikers remaining in Iranian custody after a third female hiker detained with them, Sarah Shourd, was released back in September 2010 - both of whom were sentenced by an Iranian court to eight years in prison on trumped-up charges of espionage, and who were just recently released after Omani officials secured their release with one million dollars bail - pressured by our Department of State which has been unrelentingly negotiating and pressing for their release for the last twenty two months, along with many other national and international organizations pleading for their release since their capture, were free in Oman, than the first thing Mr. Bauer and Mr. Fattal did during their first press conference as free men, was to bash America and falsely accuse the United States of holding political prisoners!

It is worthy to note that if you Google about what these two hikers bashing America said about the U.S. holding political prisoners, the Obama-lapping "Mainstream media", YouTube, and other sources have "conveniently enough" chosen to ignore and or disregard the disparaging comment, so that you can't find any reference to it anywhere on the Internet, except on the following leftist website that proudly celebrates the hikers as espousing their leftist, peaceniking, anti-American agenda:

Were it not for Bill O'Reilly exposing this yesterday on "The Factor" we may have never heard about this outrage!

But then, perhaps, the heinous remarks on the part of these released hikers should come as no surprise to anyone, since both Shane Bauer and Josh Fattal, who are friends since they both attended that leftist chancre of rabid anti-American radical ideology - the University of California at Berkeley, as well as their companion in internment, Sarah Shourd, were well known for their left-leaning activism before their sojourn in Iran.

Shane Bauer is a freelance photojournalist and journalist who has worked for such leftist propaganda rags as Mother Jones, The Nation, and Berkeley mouthpiece Pacifica News Service.

Josh Fattal, is an environmental activist "tree-hugger" and leftist "educator" who was involved prior to this incident with a project in Aprovecho, Oregon, where he explored and promoted "sustainable living". Rest assured the one thing Fattal did not miss in Iranian captivity was toilet paper. Heh!

Sarah Shourd grew up in Los Angeles, California. She worked in education and "social justice" in, of all places, Damascus, Syria, you know under that affable dictator now slaughtering the Syrian people, Bashar al-Assad, where she taught refugees from the war in Iraq.

But even though their anti-Americanism is only to be expected with their backgrounds, yet it is amazing that after having spent over two years in the hell-hole of an Islamic Iranian jail (in the case of Miss Shourd fourteen months) subjected to such barbarity, predations, and dreadful prison life as inspired the 1978 film "Midnight Express", that these individuals would not have, under such impact, come to realize the error of their twisted, ideologue, liberal ways, but would persist in them!

Which begs the question: What is it in the liberal secularist mindset, that impels some people to act this way, so unexplicably irrationally?

The liberal mindset predicates on the secularist premises of the Humanist view that places man as the center of the universe, and that there is no God, since he is not an observable, measurable, quantity, that we can scrutinize in a lab under a microscope.

From this springs the liberal's secularist moral relativism that there is no good or evil, but that all moral or ethical positions are equally valid in a Nietzschian world where, since there is no God, there is no arbiter of what constitutes good or evil.

Hence that the Judeo-Christian Ten Commandments be so abhorrent to them, as a childish human projection of what they perceive to be simply but a narrow-minded, primitive, archaic legal code, contrived in antiquity by an uncouth and ignorant people, whose priesthood, in order to impose it upon others, imbued it with the superstitious divine origin of having come as the mandate from that non-existent God; and that therefore it is tribal and societal mores, traditions, customs, and conventions, what assigns to any action a moral or ethical value.

Espousing such a nihilistic outlook devoid of any moral constraints by the absence of an arbiter God that will in his justice exact vengeance here now, and or in an afterlife, as just retribution for their transgressions, it follows then that the focus of liberal secularists should be that of amoral, hedonistic, immediate, carnal self-gratification, where all is permissible and everything goes!

Thus to liberal secularists such wanton, promiscuous, and or aberrant behaviors as intemperance, promiscuity, homosexuality, pedophilia, and such, are not inherently wrong, but simply "alternate" views of what in a society is considered the norm for morality.

And, that since man is the center of the universe and answers to no one other than himself and his animal instincts, selfish needs, and base passions, and or to the tribal consensus of the immediate societal context in which he exists, that then any such "Alternate Lifestyles" are not immoral or wrong - in their multiculturalist and moral relativist view - but should in fact not only be accepted and tolerated in an "enlightened" and "comprehensive" society, but be embraced, promoted, mainstreamed, and imposed, upon current more narrow and conservative societal mores, into societal acceptance, by the secularist's modern equivalent of those aforementioned primitive, rigid, Ten Commandments: Through governmental legislation and Judicial Fiat!

Thus in a vicious circle, anthropocentric godless Humanism begets the moral relativism, that begets the multiculturalism in which all societal mores, tribal customs, and practices - however primitive, brutal, or barbaric (such as Muslim Islamic practices) - should be embraced, cherished, and accepted by our society, which then supports the anthropocentric godless Humanism, that started the whole circular thinking process in the first place!

This circular thinking, and the psychological incertitude and resulting anxiety it promotes, caused by the lack of direction in life and the inner conflict of the moral ambiguity created by the absence of any absolute moral compass by which to steer their lives and or evaluate their own actions, more often than not results in the liberal mindset being beset by any number of neuroses, even as psychopathologist, Dr. Lyle Rossiter, Jr, M.D., recently expounded in his book, "The Liberal Mind", which we covered here on Hyscience, where Dr. Rossiter attributes modern liberalism's twisted irrationality as being the product of psychopathology: "a massive transference neurosis acted out in the world's political arenas", which are compounded by the "social activism" and other pseudo-altruistic liberal "cause celebres" in which they have a compulsion to engage, as a displacement activity with which to fill the spiritual vacuum and aimlessness of their empty hedonistic lives:

"So extravagant are the patterns of thinking, emoting, behaving and relating that characterize the liberal mind that its relentless protests and demands become understandable only as disorders of the psyche: a massive transference neurosis acted out in the world's political arenas, with devastating effects on the institutions of liberty."
So that in order to be able to rationally comprehend the origin of the liberal secularists' self-destructive political correctness in the face of Islamist terrorism, their inordinate multiculturalist "Apologia" and Dhimmitude in the face of all the Muslim barbarities and atrocities, we must come to the conclusion that indeed there is much truth to the proposition that the secularist liberal mindset is indeed a mental disorder.

Otherwise, how can their self-denial in realizing the threat Islam poses to our Western Civilization way of life, that guarantees our personal freedoms, the equality of women, and tolerance, possibly be explained? Such as all the San Francisco liberal "Alternate Lifestyles" bleeding-heart gays, bellowing for the closing of Guantanamo and whining about the human and legal rights of Jihadists and captured enemy combatants sworn to kill us - who, ironically, if they had their Jihadist Muslim "Sharia" ways, would be the first to turn on these selfsame gays defending them with their neurotic bleeding, liberal, hearts, for being the immoral unnatural aberrations they are, who would without a second thought cheerfully behead them, impale them, and or burn them alive, for their depraved homosexuality!

That the liberal / Marxist / Communist / Leftist mindset is a mental illness may also explain why even though morally they are diametrically opposed to oppressive intolerant Islam in their hedonisitc permissiveness and sexual aberrant ways, that they would sympathize with Islam as sharing with them their common goal of overthrowing Western Civilization, the Judeo-Christian values and Ethos that created it, and of the Capitalism that flourished as a result of the liberty, freedom of conscience, individualism, entrepreneurship, and industriousness it fostered - of which that free and prosperous Exceptionalist America, that both liberals and Islamists so love to hate, is the Epitome and its greatest exponent - that has fueled its cultural global "Colonialist" preponderance, and "Imperialist" prosperity; which they both despise in their envious resentment, and wish to supplant with their, again, diametrically opposed, obtuse "collectivist" visions.

One definition of lunacy or madness, is the manic compulsion to engage in the same repetitive behavior expecting to achieve a different result or outcome, again and again. Maybe that explains why in their mental illness liberal secularists are so enamored with Marxism, communism, socialism, and all other leftist collectivist "...isms" even though every time collectivism has been implemented in recent modern history, it inevitably has turned out to be nothing but an oppressive, totalitarian, complete and utter failure, and a rotund economical disaster! I mean, how many more Soviet Unions, Koreas, and Cubas do liberals need, before they come to the conclusion that their manic, obsessive, compulsion, to impose on nations their repeatedly proven failed Marxist-inspired collectivism DOES NOT WORK?!?!

Just look where Obama is leading us now with all his collectivist, bloated, "Big Brother" let's "spend us into bankruptcy - then tax us onerously to pay for it" fiscal policies destroying our economy, and his much touted "Redistribution of Wealth" - which, historically past collectivist implementations, such as in once flourishing and prosperous Cuba, have invariably wind up ending rather as "Redistribution of Destitution" than any real redistribution of wealth, in practice!

But I digress. Going back to our just released American hikers, and at the expense of being cynical and Machiavellian, I wonder if given their association with Berkeley, sundry leftist publications, environmentalist activism, Bashar al-Assad sponsored "social justice" educational programs in Damascus, and Muslim Arabs, if their pretext for hiking in the Iraqi Kurdistan / Iranian border where they were arrested by the Iranian authorities, was not in fact precisely to provoke some sort of international incident with which to embarrass and embroil the United States, that given their Arab Muslim associations rather than Persian Muslim ones, simply backfired on them in the face of wary Iranian paranoia and suspicion.

If the ideological allegiances of these ungrateful "American" hikers who no sooner were they free than they so gratuitously bashed and maligned America - in spite of all the concern and the prayers of their fellow Americans throughout their ordeal, and the unceasing efforts of our Department of State to secure their release - are so sympathetic to Muslim and Iranian's grievances against America, one has to wonder why the hell they did not then accept in resignation the verdict of the Iranian courts and duly serve out their sentences, rather than whining and moaning so much to be freed, only to turn around and bite the hand that freed them! Their totally uncalled for asinine comment, and baseless accusation of America harboring political prisoners, have justifiably so irked the ire of many Americans, who feel betrayed by these hikers.

Bill O'Reilly on "The Factor" very, appropriately, featured their folly in his segment about "Pinheads", joking with his guest, Greg Gutfeld of "Red Eye", about how maybe we should ask for a refund on their bails, and send them back to Iran to serve their sentences. Even though O'Reilly and Gutfeld said so tongue-in-cheek jokingly, I am sure after the hiker's comments many Americans share the sentiment!

Talk about "...enemies foreign and domestic"! With brainwashed, Dhimmi, leftist, liberal American cretins like these, who needs enemies!!!

Oh well, another million dollars wasted...

Posted by Althor at September 24, 2011 10:23 AM

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