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August 12, 2011

(Video) Mother of accused British rioter turns daughter in to the police

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This amazing clip comes from Allahpundit, and proves that not all rioters come from bad homes. This woman's daughter Chelsea -- a teen ambassador for the London Olympics, allegedly was caught on CCTV smashing a British cop car (photos here) Her parents saw the clip on the news and promptly dialed the police. Mom Adrienne said, "I have no regrets. I love my daughter but she was brought up to know right from wrong." According to British prosecutors, Chelsea was heard yelling "This is the best day ever!" before throwing a rock through a shop window:

If only more parents followed Chelsea's parents example, there just might, maybe, be a lot fewer teens carrying out mayhem in the streets of Britain. The problem is, as Melanie Phillips has discussed, after years of the liberal-progessive experiment which has torn up virtually every basic social and moral value, there's far fewer parents like Chelsea's than those that essentially condone, aid, and abet mayhem by their children, and there have even been parents participating in the riots themselves. Add to this fact the entitlement culture and its associated social and moral decay have resulted in a generation who don't respect their parents or police' at all.

Interesting related video: Ann Courter on Bill O'Relly - Liberal Policies Led to U.K. Riots:

Transcript here.

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Posted by Hyscience at August 12, 2011 9:10 PM

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