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August 1, 2011

Ugh Oh: Judge orders Casey Anthony back to Florida

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The "most hated mother in America" just thought she was free when she left the Orange County Corrections Facility last month with that s**t eatin' smirk on her face.

Casey and Jose.jpg

It seems there was a not-so-little problem with Casey Anthony being set free by Department of Corrections officials following her being found 'not guilty' of murdering her child Casey. Turns out she hadn't served a one year's supervised probation that a judge had previously ordered.

The Daily Mail reports:

[...] The order relates to a ruling made by Orange Circuit Judge Stan Strickland in January last year after Anthony pleaded guilty to six counts of cheque fraud while awaiting trial for the murder of her two-year-old daughter Caylee.

Judge Strickland, who heard the fraud case, sentenced her at the time to a year's probation, which he said she should serve if and when she was ever released from jail.

But probation officers mistakenly had her serve the probation period while she was still in jail, allowing her to walk free on July 17 without any further legal constraints once she was acquitted of murder last month.

Now Judge Strickland has signed court documents demanding that Anthony - dubbed 'America's most hated mother' by her detractors - to serve out her sentence as he originally intended.

'From my reading of this, she should be reporting to probation in Orlando probably within 72 hours,' he said today.

'I suspect she's going to be required to report to probation.'

[...] Charges of cheque fraud, involving Anthony having stolen cheques from a friend, Amy Huizenga, and gone on a $650 shopping spree in the weeks immediately following Caylee's disappearance, were handled separately to her murder case.

Read more.

As the article goes on to note, the order to return to Florida to serve a one-year period of supervised probation is likely to prompt a fierce new battle with Anthony's defence team, who are expected to argue that their client has served her probation and that regardless of the error by Department of Corrections officials, she cannot be made to serve it again. However, it appears that Judge Strickland has an entirely different opinion. My money's on Judge Strickland being the winner in this argument.

And you can bet that Nancy Grace is going to be a very happy camper.

Posted by Richard at August 1, 2011 2:38 PM

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