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August 2, 2011

Pat Condell Weighs-in on the Norwegian Murderer, the Defense of Free Speech, Truth, and the lie of Multiculturalism

Topics: Understanding Islam

Pat Condell offers his take on the Norwegian murderer a useful, succinct response to attempts to demonize all those who have criticized Islamic teachings or the untouchable dogmas of multiculturalism:

"The Norwegian murderer has shown himself to be as much an enemy as any jihadist, in fact he is a jihadist by any other name. He claims there's a war going on, and there certainly is - a war between civilized people, and violent barbarians like him ...

... Islam is still a totalitarian ideology that actively threatens our freedom, political correctness is still, yet, cultural Marxism, and multiculturalism is still a lie. And all over Europe, de facto blasphemy laws are still being used to prosecute people who criticize Islam ... and only Islam. These horrific murders have not changed any of that. The only thing that will change it ... and the only way to get the overwhelming public support needed for change ... is not through violence, but by defending freedom of speech and by telling the truth. That's 'all' we need."

Hat tip - Jihad Watch

Posted by Richard at August 2, 2011 6:30 AM

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