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August 2011

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August 31, 2011

'Obama Clock' - Number 1 iPhone Reference App
Study: Half of Hired Stimulus Workers Were Already Employed
Mark Levin On Andre Carson's "The Tea Party And Some In Congress Would Like To See Us Hanging From A Tree"
Re: Solar Company That Received $535 Million Stimulus Loan Guarantee Files Chapter 11
Quinnipiac University Poll: Rick Perry tops GOP poll, but Mitt Romney has edge against Obama
'They can't Speak it but they can Teach it'
Obama Schedules Jobs Speech on GOP Debate Night (Updated)
Another One of Those "This All Happened To Us Because We're Muslim And Has Nothing To Do With Our Breaking The Law" Incidents
Our Class Warfare-in Chief Has A New Class Of Victims - Now He Claims The Unemployed Are Being Discriminated Against
Bill Nye the science guy is the anti-science guy when it comes to global warming and hurricanes
Re: Our Selectively Inquisitive Press
Open Letter To Rep. Maxine Waters And Her Congressional Black Caucus

August 30, 2011

Re: Nearly Two-Thirds of ObamaCare's Supposed Beneficiaries Think It Won't Help Them
Father Edward Beck: 9/11 10th Anniversary Is a Day for Remembering, Not Forgetting
Obama's Jobs Plan: Same Old Same Old All Over Again (Updated)
Obama Supporter Warren Buffett's Co. Hasn't Paid Some Taxes Since 2002
About Obama's next chairman of the White House Council of Economic Advisers
Congressional Black Caucus Travels US Cities Using Violent Rhetoric - Declares 'War' on "Racist Tea Party'
Obama Issues Guidelines On How To Observe 9/11
Re: Our Fraud-in-Chief's Fraudulent Bus Tour (Updated)

August 29, 2011

Study shows they call it intestinal fortitude for a reason
Rising Criticism Of The Hurricane Irene Media Hype And Obama's "Theatrics"
Breaking revelation: ''Work Is ... ummm - 'Work', and people tend to work for ... ummm - money. And 'capitalism is a scam because you have to ... ummm - work to pay your bills'"
Gallop poll: Only 17 percent hold positive view of federal government
Obama/Holser DOJ Keeping Islamic Bank Settlement Secret
Want To Be Healthy? Eat More Chocolate
Obama's EPA likely to proceed with new rules that will shut down 8% of all US power generation
Obama's "Historic" Hurricane, Media Hype, And "The Worst Hurricane" In U.S. History - That Wasn't
Trying To Keep Up With Obama's War Against Democracy And Our Constitution
'Irene Reviving Relationship of Global Warming to Hurricanes' ?

August 28, 2011

Gallup: Obama Disapproval Hits All-Time High

August 27, 2011

Otherwise Aloof Obama Overly Concerned About Hurricane Irene's Impact. Really?

August 26, 2011

Video: Bernanke's $1.2 Trillion Of Public Money In Secret Fed Loans To Wall Street
On Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) Intemperate Remarks And The Democrat's Open War On The "Tea Party" - Updated
Exacerbating the 'Perception Problem': Center for American Progress Chronicles the American Right's Decade of Baseless Aggression Against Islam
Uh Oh: That Supposedly 'Settled Science' Needs Yet Another Revision
Freedom is as Freedom Does
With Barry On Vacation, Joe Steps In To Talk About Economy
Eco-zealous feds target Gibson guitars (Updated)
'In a typical presidential election, only 7% of Washington correspondents vote Republican'
Obama is a Tea Partier?
Awesome Interview With Family of Deceased SEAL Aaron Vaughn

August 25, 2011

Clearly, Obama Has Lost Mort Zuckerman
U.S. Jobless Claims Rise to 417,000
Media Ignores Holder's Justice Department Being Stuffed with Leftist Appointees

August 24, 2011

America's Daily National Debt Growth Is A Bigger Order Than Papa John's Could Handle!
(Video) Marco Rubio: 'The free enterprise system has lifted more people out of poverty than all the government anti-poverty programs combined'
Post Office Study Suggests USPS Can Save Money By Making Customer Service Even Worse
Energy Obamanomics: No green jobs and lots of red ink
Can't Get That Life-Saving Drug? Blame Obamacare!

August 23, 2011

Earthquake Hits Capital Region
Gallup: Obama Job Approval Hits New Low
Obama Labor Department to Re-Define Term 'Employer' to Exclude Union Bosses
CNN Geography-Challenged: Places Tripoli in Lebanon
Meet Obama's first deportation waiver winners
Rasmussen: 'Only 20% Think Government Anti-Poverty Programs Really Work'
Liberalism run-amuck? Obama's HHS: 'Children Are Sexual Beings'
On Liberals and their problem with reality
Obama's 'specific' jobs plan now just an outline?

August 22, 2011

Obama Debt Tracker - more than $4 trillion of total new national debt added in 31 months
WaPo Exposes Obama's Amnesty As Political Ploy
Ugh Oh: Libyan Draft Constitution States Sharia is 'Principal Source of Legislation'
Re: Obama: The Public Is Discontented With Me Because They're So Goshdarn Mad At Congress
Mitt Romney Calls On New Libyan Government to Extradite Lockerbie Bomber
Video: John McCain's 'Heroic' Libyan Rebels Violently Execute Surrendered Soldier With Shouts of 'Allahu Ackbar'
NABE: 'Spending Cuts, Not Tax Hikes, Best for Deficit'
Biggest Bunker Buster Ever Now In Production
MEMRI: 'Shari'a Movement Struggles to Globalize Campaign for Islamizing Western World'
Two Different Governors, Two Different States, Two Different Parties, Two Totally Different Outcomes

August 21, 2011

President Obama: "I Expect To Be Judged In A Year From Now" (In The Meantime Hit The Soup Kitchens, Folks)

August 20, 2011

Saturday Links
On Our Vacationing "King and Queen" - A Rant

August 19, 2011

Gallup's Job Creation Index: Energy states lead in job creation
CBS News Selling Barack Obama Merchandise in its Online Store
Green Jobs Not Actually Helping Employment Figures
Krauthammer on Obama's 'sorry excuses for a failing economy and a flailing presidency'
Shared Sacrifice? Obamas Fly 'His & Her' Jets to Lux Vineyard Vacay
Perspective: 'Hard Work and the Real Meaning of Wealth
Who Needs Robin Hood?

August 18, 2011

Re: Annals of the Arab Spring: Obama Administration Backs Muslim Brotherhood in Syria
Busted: Dashboard Camera Filmed Woman, Baby Stroller In Bed Of Pickup Truck
Nothing 'New' About The President's New 'New' Jobs Proposal
Obama Endorsed For Second Term-By Raul Castro's Daughter
Rasmussen Consumer Index: Only 7% Rate U.S. Economy As Good or Excellent
Breaking: July Jobless Claims 'Unexpectedly' Rise To 408,000 (Updated)
Developing: Multifocal Terror Attack Hits Southern Israel (Updated)

August 17, 2011

If Rocky Doesn't Find A Home He'll Die On August 24th
Confidence In Obama On The Economy In Free-Fall: Drops Sharply To 26%
Free Speech Death Watch Alert: Secretary of State Clinton says State Department will coordinate with OIC on legal ways to implement UN's resolution criminalizing "defamation of religion"
MSNBC Edits Video To Misrepresent Rick Perry's Views And Accuse Him Of Racism
Chris Christie Preparing To Jump In?
$2.4 Trillion
Frantic final phone calls of woman, 19, eaten alive by brown bear and its three cubs: 'Mum, the bear is eating me!'
Is Stagflation On the Way?
Obama Claims He Has It Tougher Than Abe Lincoln
Victor Davis Hanson: 'The Left's greatest dream is becoming its worst nightmare'

August 16, 2011

Obama Attacks Tea Party for Holding Back Recovery
The Poisoned Fruit of Social Democracy Is Nothing Less Than Complete Collapse of the Economy
Democratic Politicians Hate Corporate Tax Breaks, Unless ...
New Mitt Romney Ad: 'Welcome to Peosta, President Obama'
The Ignorance Of King Barack The Dunce

August 15, 2011

Re: Obama's 'green jobs' fizzle
(Video) Pat Condell on the Riots in Great Britain: 'Britain is a Riot'
Video: Police Let Flash Mob Rob 7-11 in Maryland
Romney Hecklers in Iowa Were Part of Radical Street Thug Group
Rick Perry's Not-So-Well-Known Stealth Jiahad Problem
Much-Needed Perspective On the 'Tax-the-Rich Mentality' (Video)
(Video) Klavan on the Culture: 'Obama's Talking Crap 3: Absolute Crap!'
Joe Wilson Vindicated: Proof Obama Lied About Obamacare Not Covering Illegal Aliens

August 12, 2011

(Video) Mother of accused British rioter turns daughter in to the police
Obama's voracious appetite for class warfare
11th Circuit Court Of Appeals Rules ObamaCare Individual Mandate Unconstitutional
Attendees with links to Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood omitted from Obama's 'squeaky clean' published Iftar guest list
SEAL Team Six Movie poster

August 11, 2011

'This president is a hypcocrite, an egocentric louse, a liar, and a thoroughly unpleasant personality' ... 'Every word that passes his lops drops with demagoguery and nastiness'
Romney to hecklers: 'It's my turn to speak'
Obama's Vacation At Martha's Vineyard Will Cost Taxpayers Millions
Jay Carney: Unemployment Benefits Could Create Up To 1 Million Jobs
On The Democratic Party and the Language of Bankruptcy
Daily Mail: Britain's liberal intelligentsia has smashed virtually every social value
History Doesn't Repeat It Rhymes
Failure of Leadership (Video)

August 10, 2011

Political Payback? Sony Hosted Obama Fundraiser, Releasing Bin Laden Movie Before Election
Pawlenty Puts Out Best Generic Republican's Ad Yet
Gallup Poll: Muslims Really Really 'Heart' Obama
CNN Poll Illustrates Why We Have a Deficit
Fugitive Dougherty siblings spotted in Colorada (Updated - Captured)
Taliban who downed US helicopter killed by 'international forces'
Shameful and Disgusting: White House Posts Obama Photos At Dover
Muslims in Egypt attack Christian village after breaking Ramadan fast: Begin by attacking priest's house
A very good reason for very low expectations from the 'debt reduction super-committee' (Updated)
Tea Party Triumphs Over Big Labor in Wisconsin Recall Election: GOP Holds On To Senate

August 9, 2011

Future taxpayers of America demand gigantic welfare state
Controversy Surrounds Wisconsin Jobs Now! Personnel Inside Polling Site (Updated with recall links)
David Limbaugh: Obama's Spending Is Just Our Second-Biggest Problem
AFP: Taliban laid trap for U.S. helicopter in Afghanistan
Senate Democrats Reviewing S&P Downgrade
When even a WaPo columnist suddenly discovers Mr. Cool is nothing more than an overrated narcissist ...
Why Taxing 'Reginald Bigbucks III' Doesn't Work
Obama 2012 Election Strategy: 'Destroy Romney'

August 8, 2011

Political Islam and 'The Annihilation of Civilizations'
Dow Nosedives Down 600
45.8 Million
Video: Small Business Owner Says Obama Should Apologize for Economy
Bank Of America Imploding; Bankruptcy Contemplated?
Obama in 2009: 'It's My Economy? Fine. Give It To Me'
As the Markets Plummet, Campaigner-in-Chief Busy Raising More Money
Samuelson: Deal Was Victory For the Welfare State Over National Defense

August 7, 2011

Don't Get Your Hopes Up For The Deficit-cutting Super-committee To Accomplish Much
Re: Eula Hinderaker, RIP

August 5, 2011

Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner on April 19, 2011: 'No risk' the US will lose its top credit rating'
Ugh Oh: S&P Downgrades US Credit Rating to AA+, Outlook Negative
Re: 'Lies, Damn Lies, Statistics ... and Government Numbers'
Italy Moving Toward Balanced Budget Amendment
Mind Boggling Liberal-Progressive Naivite: Obama Says Extending Unemployment Benefits Will 'Create Jobs Right Now'
'Fjordman' reveals his identity
'A Declaration of Independence'
Good News Bad News
Re: Schooling Matt Damon

August 4, 2011

Jake Tapper To Jay Carney: 'We Know Obama Attends Fundraisers, What Is He Doing To Create Jobs?'
More Liberal Civility
Raymond Ibrahim: TLC's New Muslim 'Reality' Show Is Anything But Reality
Peter Schiff, CEO of Euro Pacific Capital: Forget 'double-dip' ... we're in a depression
MSNBC Host Martin Bashir And Guest Consider Whether Tea Partiers Are 'Delusional' Addicts
(Video) Bret Baier's 'Special Report' Panel on Obama's Reelection Challenges, Vulnerabilities
Good news: Only 31% of America's likely voters are totally clueless about scientists lying about global warming
(Video) DNC Chair Wasserman-Schultz on Obama: 'He's Brought Us So Far. We've Really Begun to Turn the Economy Around'

August 3, 2011

The always insightful, always refreshing, Marco Rubio
Rep. Paul Ryan to Obama: 'Where's your budget, Mr. President?'
On civility ... and the lack of it ...
'Revelation' from the NYT: 'Debt deal does not actually reduce spending'
Casey Anthony spotted in Ohio
New NRSC video: 'Welcome to the Recovery'
The new Spiderman ... half Black, half Latino - and soon to be Gay?
Is Barack Obama purposefully driving the U.S. to insolvency?

August 2, 2011

More liberal enviro-craziness: Mother fined $535 after 11 year-old daughter saves endangered woodpecker from hungry cat (Updated)
How to Turn a Recovery into Another Recession in Six Easy Steps
The Obama Downgrade of America, Alphabetically
Nanny state update: Police shutdown 4 year-old's lemonade stand
Obama still spending like a drunken sailor
To you journos on the left marching in lockstep with your current meme: Go to Hell. All of you.
Re: 'Why Obama's Economy Won't Improve'
The Telegraph: The real story of the US debt deal is not the triumph of the Tea Party but the death of the Socialist Left
Pat Condell Weighs-in on the Norwegian Murderer, the Defense of Free Speech, Truth, and the lie of Multiculturalism

August 1, 2011

Before you start celebrating over the Reid-Boehner debt deal ...
Video Perspective on total U.S. debt
Study: Internet Explorer users are dumber than users of other browsers (Update)
Re: Profiles in Media Objectivity, Part XXXIV
Ugh Oh: Judge orders Casey Anthony back to Florida
Re: Obama's 'Wildly Inaccurate' Claim about 'Domestic Spending'
Just To Be Clear, The Budget Deal Doesn't Cut Spending A Single Cent
Q & A: Guess who charged Secret Service rent, lining his pockets with government cash
Baseline Budgeting 101 (How, in reality, a 'cut' is actually and 'increase')
Re: John Boehner's Powerpoint On 'THE DEAL' ... And Barack Obama