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July 19, 2011

Video: Will 'Big Government' throw Uncle Sam off a cliff?

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Sent out by CBN (hat tip - David Brody), with America staring at an uncertain future and a debt crisis of monumental proportions, asks the question: Will "Big Government" throw Uncle Sam off a cliff. It doesn't take aim at Democrats or Republicans, it's simply all about getting America's fiscal house in order ... and it won't be just "granny" at risk if lawmakers don't do something drastic about the debt crisis. It will be all of us:

The video is very similar to the "Throw granny of a cliff" made by the Agenda Project, a liberal group who released their video a few months ago to suggest that Republican Congressman Paul Ryan's budget plan would ruin the lives of senior citizens through big cuts to entitlement programs. ...
The dollar is going down, and if we don't change our course, "America the Beautiful" will soon be "America the Bankrupt". Now, Some people say that the conservative plan to slow the growth of government is akin to shoving grandma off a cliff... But who is really shoving who? A response to "The Agenda Project: America Is Beautiful"

Posted by Richard at July 19, 2011 11:59 AM

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