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July 6, 2011

Casey Anthony verdict a case for ending the death penalty?

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If there's anything of value that's come out of the Casey Anthony verdict, it's that the near-criminal stupidity of the jury makes the case for ending the death penalty.

As Michael Graham points out at, any system too stupid to convict Casey Anthony cannot be trusted to decide if one lives or dies. And finding Anthony not guilty is an act of criminal stupidity.

[...] I've been following the Anthony case the way most men not named "Geraldo" have: Watching the headlines and reading the recaps, but not feasting on the daily dish. I knew everything I needed to know when Casey's lawyers announced her defense would be (I'm paraphrasing only slightly) "My precious 2-year-old daughter drowned, and I panicked and hid the body in the woods, wrapped in plastic and duct tape for six months."

Next case!

I didn't need more than that, but there was more. Much more.

There was a hair from the dead scalp of Caylee in the trunk of Casey's car. There was the distinct stench of a body, too. The kind of laundry bag and duct tape found at the crime scene were also found in Casey's house.

There would have been more evidence, but the hot, humid Florida climate had time to do Caylee's killer six months of favors. Six months of justice delayed thanks to six months of lying.

And how much lying does it take before the lying in and of itself convicts you? For months Casey tried to tell police that Caylee had been kidnapped by "Zanny the Nanny." Then, in November 2008, the defense suddenly changed its own story to suggest that Caylee may have been accidentally poisoned by chloroform at the hands of a distraught, unstable mom.

By the time Anthony went to trial, that story had disappeared, too.

Keep reading. As Graham goes on to suggest ... better to have one's fate in the hands of a single corrupt, drunken hack from the Massachusetts judiciary than 12 yokels too dumb to get out of jury duty.

As far as the Casey Anthony verdict actually being a case of "criminal" stupidity ... perhaps its a good thing that jurors "acting stupidly" isn't really a crime ... else there would indeed be 12 people from Pinellas County, Florida ... who probably still believe the earth is flat ... sitting in the Orange County jail ... as we speak.

Posted by Richard at July 6, 2011 8:16 AM

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