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July 14, 2011

Sicko: Casey Anthony's High School yearbook, other items, sold on ebay

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Let there be no doubt that there are really some sicko people out there. Else, why would one even consider purchasing "Casey Anthony" items on ebay ... or anywhere else?

10News reports:

Orlando, Florida - Some people call it a good business move.

Others call it disgusting.

Casey Anthony is now more popular than ever on eBay.

There are bumper stickers, t-shirts, a Bobblehead doll and even a newspaper with her not guilty verdict.

Then, there's the young Orlando mother's yearbook from Colonial High School that sold for $786, with a personal message from Casey herself.

"Have a nice summer," Casey wrote.

Read more.

"Disgusting" just doesn't adequately describe giving money to a woman that should have been convicted of murder but got away with it "scot-free". No one, absolutely no one, can dispute the fact that she was responsible for her child when somehow, someway, magically the child ended up in a garbage bag dumped in the woods near her house. That, in my mind, is at the very least - aggravated manslaughter of child.

Meanwhile, authorities are investigating allegations of witness tampering in the Casey Anthony case.

Posted by Richard at July 14, 2011 8:55 AM

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