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July 1, 2011

Romney Campaign Releases Awesome Video Ad As Obama, Romney Go Head-To-Head In Philadelphia

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Direct, right to the point, brutal, and on-target ... the kind of ad all GOP candidates should be running against the Community Organizer-in-Chief:

Stephanie Condon reports at CBS News' Political Hotsheet:

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is confronting President Obama on the economy today, visiting a closed-down factory that Mr. Obama himself once held up as an example of a company on the mend.

And before Romney holds a news conference at Allentown Metal Works in Pennsylvania this afternoon, he'll be in Philadelphia for fundraising events -- just hours before Mr. Obama attends his own Philadelphia fundraising events.

Ahead of his visit to Allentown Metal Works, Romney's campaign released a video this morning highlighting the fact that Mr. Obama visited the factory in December 2009. At the time, the president predicted his stimulus package would help the company recover from the economic downturn.

[...] "The 2012 election is going to be a referendum on the president's failure to turn around the economy," Romney said in an interview with the Philadelphia Inquirer. "He's grown detached and isolated from what people are feeling and experiencing."

Romney, who is the frontrunner in most GOP presidential polls, has on a number of occasions reached out to local media in the markets where Mr. Obama was visiting -- a strategy that shows the Republican is already looking past the primaries to the general election.

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Posted by Richard at July 1, 2011 11:08 AM

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