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July 7, 2011

A Brief Rant On The Immoral Casey Anthony Verdict And Its Reflection On Today's America

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The public outcry has been enormous. Even in today's amoral America of abortion and immorality being forcibly made "Mainstream" by secularist "Judicial Fiat" and the "Ninth Circuit Court of Immoral Appeals" people have reacted with a gut-wrenching aversion to the Casey Anthony jury exculpating her on all counts except for the so blatantly obvious charges of "lying to the police" that they could not find a way to get around to also claim her "innocent" of said charges! But then, there is a darker, and more ominous aspect, to the unforseen consequences of this travesty and mockery of justice by this cadre of incompetent Pinellas County jurors!

This is how a Free People slowly slips into tyranny and oppression! As a result of the unjust and preposterous verdict these jurors have rendered, there could very well be a significant backlash on the part of the public against jury trials that could eventually result in their being abolished! And then we will all be at the mercy of the whims of "Activist Judges" with a political agenda and an axe to grind! God help us! But then, as this jury has amply demonstrated, maybe we deserve no better....

Let me say to begin with that trials such as this Casey Anthony fiasco should not be televised; no matter how sordid the sensationalism or high the ratings (even Fox News had no qualms about dropping the Fox Business Report with Neil Cavuto for a whole week just to cover this Casey Anthony trial garbage, for the ratings), unless it involves politicians, public servants, or would affect public policy; in which case transparency and accountability trump all other concerns. The judicial vicissitudes and misfortunes of private citizens, famous and infamous, should not be gloated upon and be the fodder for our morbid collective "Circus Maximus"!

Sadly, I am sure that many of our fellow Americans, perhaps such as participated as jurors in this travesty and mockery of justice, view the death of little Caley Anthony simply as her mother having an "abortion of an unwanted 3-year-old fetus"!

At the least, these jurors seem to imply that it is ok to be responsible for the death of your 3-year-old baby and dispose of her as garbage! Ironically, had Casey Anthony disposed of a bag of lawn clippings in the manner she disposed of her daughter, the environmentalist terrorists would be all over her, Al Gore would be pleading for her execution, Sea Shepherd eco-terrorist Paul Watson would have bombed the Anthony's home with butyric acid, and she would have faced a far harsher jail sentence and fines in our asinine Judicial System than she has for having been responsible for her little girl's demise and disposing of her like garbage! Go figure!

No wonder that in today's "dysfunctional" America Casey Anthony's sympathetic jurors shrug in their hedonism, and are willing to extend Caley's monstrous mother the pretext of even the slightest pretense of a "Legal Reasonable Doubt" to nonchalantly letting her get away with being responsible for the death of her baby daughter; while they promptly shirked off their civic duty as jurors to scurry back to continue their meaningless amoral lives of addiction, drunkenness, and of stupor...watching sordid and immoral "TV Reality Shows"!

The civic obligation of these jurors, in the face of the incontrovertible fact that this monster unworthy of being called a "mother" is responsible for the death of her innocent child - however it may have happened, and that she disposed of her baby's body as if it were garbage, while lying to police and leading them on a wild goose chase, even as she whored and partied in her "Bella Vita" as little Caley decomposed and rotted away unburied, was not to let her go scot-free, but to determine what would be her appropriate punishment; which in my opinion, should have been DEATH! Perhaps if Pearl S. Buck was still alive she would have written a book about Casey Anthony poignantly titled: "The Good Mother" !

But then Casey Anthony may ultimately get what she deserves. After all, we Americans are notable for taking the law into our own hands and correcting injustices, even as happened to Dr. Tiller the "Baby Killer"...

May that not ever happen, since whoever does it will wind up being just another victim of monstrous Casey Anthony and her cadre of soulless jurors!

Casey Anthony's lawyer, Jose Baez, has amply proven why lawyers are rightly generally considered to be "the scum of the earth" who, in the case of Mr. Baez, sell their souls to the devil to win a case and free a murderous mother... all for the sake of "thirty pieces of silver" ! Seems to me that had Hitler been captured, and Jose Baez been alive back then, he would have enthusiastically have defended him just as he did Casey Anthony, and brag about it to his daughter - he, the selfsame "sonofabitch" (as per the expression by Peter O'Toole) that for years did not support his daughter, and failed her as a Father! I think Jose Baez's daughter, by her own experience, knows better...

Any lawyer with an ounce of decency and humanity, should have precluded himself from representing Casey Anthony on the grounds of it being contrary to their ethics and moral beliefs, instead of like Baez, selling their soul to the devil, and procuring that this murderous "Lilith" be set free!

I wonder if when Jose Baez brags and gloats to his daughter how "he saved a life", he also infers to her that he is ok with killing her and disposing of her body, in the same way that beloved client of his did with her daughter! I would say Jose Baez should rather brag: "I saved a murderous, callous whore..."

This from a man who Fox News Latino has exposed as a cheat and a cad that reneged on the wife of his youth and his child, who ...

"...divorced her, and failed to keep up with $200 child support payments for his only child. He had to declare bankruptcy. Liens were filed against him for unpaid loans. His finances were in such disarray that he was not allowed to practice law - a decision upheld by the Florida Supreme Court".
According to the Orlando Sentinel, the court said his behavior showed:
"a total lack of respect for the rights of others and a total lack of respect for the legal system, which is absolutely inconsistent with the character and fitness qualities required of those seeking to be afforded the highest position of trust and confidence recognized by our system of law."

What a Paragon of our community! I suppose you may say that Jose Baez is as "civically upstanding" as the substance abusing jurors who upheld his immoral defense of Casey Anthony and let her get away with the murder of her innocent child scot-free! Solomon must be turning in his grave!

If a child cannot even trust his or her own mother, who can they possibly trust? Oh, wait, I forgot. Yes, the social worker sent over by Obama and "Big Brother" - just look at all those children in the "Hood"...or maybe the despicable Jose Baez himself!

Okay, having gotten this off my chest, I now I feel a bit better. Unfortunately, it won't bring Casey Marie Anthony back or bring justice for her.

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Posted by Althor at July 7, 2011 5:29 AM

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