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July 25, 2011

Obama Rejects Bi-partisan Plan

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The moment I first heard that Obama has rejected the short-term bipartisan deal that Reid and Boehner put together, I was certain of two things; first of all, Obama's rejection of the plan surely has to do with it's not calling for "revenue" increases (Obama-speak for job-killing, economy-busting, 'tax' increases) ... and secondly, that the media would be making a big deal over Reid supposedly offering no tax increases and more spending cuts than Boehner, when in fact most, if not all, of the cuts are likely to be 'pretend'.

On the other hand, Reid is clearly moving in the direction of Boehner - which is a positive event, and as Ed Morrissey points out, Barack Obama just took full and complete ownership of the debt-ceiling crisis and whatever ensues - also a positive event.

Obama: Let Me Be Clear, My Reelection Campaign Is Far More Important Than This Default Stuff
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'If Obama wants the Social Security checks to go out, he and Michelle can scramble eggs for the girls.'

Posted by Richard at July 25, 2011 10:35 AM

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