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July 25, 2011

'Non-religious' Extremism: 'Understanding the Norway Massacre'

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220px-Anders_Behring_Breivik_(Facebook_portrait_in_suit).jpgJust to set the record straight, let's get the truth on the table. Quite contrary to what the meme of the mainstream media, and particularly the New York Times, claims, Norwegian murder suspect Aders Behring Breivik is in no way a "Christian" extremist ... Christianity has nothing at all to do with his ideology ... nada, zippo, zilch ... and he has never, at any time, claimed to act in the name of Jesus or any church, or in fact, any religion whatsoever. In fact, Breivik describes himself as an economically liberal, revolutionary cultural conservative.

As John R. Guardiano writes in his piece at The American Spectator: "Understanding the Norway Massacre":

The online version of the Times, likewise, asserted (on Saturday), "Christian Extremist Is Charged in Norway."

The Times has since changed its online headline to read: "Right-Wing Extremist Is Charged in Norway." That's better, but still not quite right.

The problem is this: There is no "Christian extremist" movement in the way that there is an Islamist or "Islamic extremist" movement. There are bad Christians, to be sure; but they have no modern-day intellectual and political movement that supports and sustains them -- modern-day Islamists, or Islamic extremists, do.

Osama bin Laden, after all, founded al-Qaeda for the express purpose of waging war against the West -- and not only the West: As we learned in Iraq, al-Qaeda militants also target and kill other Muslims who dare to dissent from its extreme and intolerant views.

Hamas and Hezbollah perform a similar role in Gaza and Lebanon, respectively. And a deep-seated hostility toward Christians and Jews is inculcated in many Islamic Madrasahs worldwide.

There is today no Christian counterpart to al-Qaeda, Hamas and Hezbollah. Despite whatever historical failings you might attribute to Christianity, there is no active "Christian extremist" movement that preaches violence against non-Christians.

In fact, quite the opposite: Christians worldwide are taught to love their (non-Christian) neighbors and to hate the sin, but love the sinner.

Read the whole thing. As Guardiano goes on to make crystal clear, Breivik is not a "Christian extremist," especially since such an animal really doesn't exist today. Nor is he a "right-wing extremist," properly understood. Breivik's murderous rampage did not result from Christian influences any more than it did conservative or liberal influences. He is a loner with no discernible political, religious and intellectual allies ... and his acts resulted solely from his own evil and twisted mind.

Related: Via Hugh Hewitt: Patheos' Timothy Dalrymple has read through the Norwegian killer's manifesto, and if you read his column you will be better informed than just about every "reporter" relaying gossip from Oslo.

Posted by Richard at July 25, 2011 6:26 AM

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