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July 26, 2011

Meanwhile, as Obama continues his objective of taking America down the road to irrelevance in the world ...

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Lost in all the talk on the debt-ceiling and debt reduction is what lies at the core of President Obama's push for a "balanced approach" to budget cuts. Truth be known, the only spending cuts Obama is really willing to contemplate are, as Lurita Doan explains at Townhall, cuts in defense spending ... period!

The vast entitlement system that now eats the majority of tax dollars is, by contrast, not only on his list of programs to be sustained, but expanded. Mr. Obama seems determined to protect the welfare state. He lacks the courage and the candor to admit to the unsustainablity of an entitlement system which has pushed the nation to the brink of insolvency as our debts continue to mount. Instead of addressing the source of the spending problems, it is becoming clear that Mr. Obama intends to hollow out the military. What folly!

Only weeks ago, Obama signaled intentions to cut $400 billion from Defense, but key Democrats are already talking about even large cuts of $1 trillion to Defense. Such a move would signal a broad American retreat from the world and erode our national defense for many years to come. Obama's military budget shenanigans are yet another reminder that the key characteristic of Obama's involvement in any aspect of U.S. life --economics, policies or participation on the world scene -- is that Obama's policies have left Americans with a weaker world presence as a result of his involvement.

Military spending is an area which, traditionally, in past years, Dems have loved to cut. Democrat eagerness to cut military spending is the result of a fundamental, ideological difference: the GOP believes the U.S. is served best by a strong military, both at home and abroad, while Dems believe that a more kumbaya, we-are-the-world, approach is the way to best protect America. Obama, who first launched his apologize-to-the-world tour on this premise, has never been a keen supporter of endeavors military. Obama's recent threats, that our veterans might not receive their retirement and disability checks if a debt ceiling-budget compromise is not reached by 2 August, just prove that point.

It seems clear that the $100 billion in defense cuts proposed in the FY2012 budget are merely the tip of the iceberg. Further cuts will likely be proposed because the budget dollars for defense are so big and because cutting in this area will appease at least one faction of the Dems ideological extremist base.

Take the time to read the whole thing.

As Ms. Doan aptly notes later in her piece, thanks to the bungling of Obama and his team of advisors that have failed to yield significant growth in the economy or in jobs, and whose repeated efforts to stimulate the economy through government subsidies and increased regulation that punishes small business owners, the next U.S. president will inherit an economic disaster of a country on an epic scale. And in an equally disastrous outcome, the next president, courtesy of Obama's bungling, will also face a monumental, uphill task to restore the superior force and prestige of our military at home and abroad. For that, a new president, who believes in our country and believes in American exceptionalism is mandatory.

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Posted by Richard at July 26, 2011 1:46 PM

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