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July 12, 2011

How the Congressional Republicans need to respond to the endless round of meetings on the debt ceiling

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As Hugh Hewitt aptly points out, the Congressional Republicans have allowed themselves to be sucked into an endless round of meetings from which issue a stream of leaks blasting them for obstruction. The next chapter will be stories focusing on rivalries within the Caucus. The third and final phase of getting rolled will consist of feature write-ups of the Republicans with the courage to raise taxes.

So Hewitt offers a simple and straight-forward solution (emphasis added):

... To change that narrative the House GOP needs to adopt and repeat --again and again and again-- a clear, simple and powerful message, specifically: "Mr. President, send us a list of non-defense cuts to federal spending. We will enact them all, and raise the debt ceiling for every dollar of spending we cut."

That's what is needed, a list of spending cuts from the president.

"Meetings are not necessary or even useful," the GOP must say --again, and again, and again. "What we need is the president's list."

Once articulated all the GOP need do is send out Speaker Boehner, Leader Cantor or Whip Kevin McCarthy on the hour to remind people that the president hasn't sent his list yet and thus the debt ceiling is closer and any crisis that looms belongs to the president.

It would also help if the GOP House leadership were to emerge from hiding and flood the media zone with this simple message. Rarely has so important a bit of media turf been so poorly defended.

Simple solution, but perhaps too simple a solution for the Congressional Republicans to utilize since they appear to be stuck on ever-more complex ways to lose the debate and the deals with Obama and the Democrats and come out on the short end of the stick.

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Posted by Richard at July 12, 2011 10:42 AM

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