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July 22, 2011

Explosion Hits Prime Minister's Office And An Oil Ministry Building Oslo (Updated)

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Oslo blast.jpg

And yes, there is indeed a militant Muslim presence in Oslo ... although this could still turn out to be some Oklahoma City, Timothy McVeigh-type nutjob.

A tremendously large explosion has hit Norway's Prime Minster's office and an Oil Ministry building in Oslo. According to the Associated Press, injuries have been confirmed, but no deaths at the moment, and the Prime Minister seems to be safe. However, Reuters reports that at least one person is dead. The Guardian reports that there has also been shooting on the island of Utoya, in which several people have been killed. It is not yet known if the killings on the island are related to the Oslo bombing.

As for my pointing out that there is indeed a radical Muslim presence in Oslo ... no I am not jumping to conclusions. First of all, over 90% of the terrorist attacks in the world are carried out by Muslims (making it reasonable to assume that when there's a terrorist attack Islamists are likely involved - yet keeping in mind that "not all Muslims are terrorists ... although nearly all terrorists are Muslim"), there is a militant Muslim presence in Norway .... and then there's this from the AP's report on the Oslo bombing:

[...] The blast comes as the Scandinavian country has grappled with a series of homegrown terror plots linked to al-Qaida, and six years after an uproar over cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad in neighboring Denmark.

Last week, a Norwegian prosecutor filed terror charges against an Iraqi-born cleric for threatening Norwegian politicians with death if he's deported from the Nordic country.

The indictment centered on statements that Mullah Krekar -- the founder of the Kurdish Islamist group Ansar al-Islam -- made to various media, including American network NBC.

Danish authorities say they have foiled several terror plots linked to the 2005 newspaper cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad that triggered protests in Muslim countries.

Last month, a Danish appeals court on Wednesday sentenced a Somali man to 10 years in prison for breaking into the home of a cartoonist who caricatured the Prophet Muhammad.

There's also this via Michelle Malkin:
Norway's Muslim rapist problem.
Mullah Krekar claims Islam will win.
Michelle also notes that Police report a "massive vehicle bomb" was the source of the blast and that Norwegian Twitter users are reporting that police may be searching for more bombs.

Update 1: ABC News is reporting that there were two explosions and at least one was result of a massive vehicle bomb.

Update 2: Oslo explosion - live coverage:

6:09 pm - NRK is reporting that an unknown group called "Helpers of the Global Jihad" have posted a message that this is only the beginning of the reaction to Norwegian periodicals publishing the Muhammed cartoons, according to Andrew Boyle, a journalist in Norway.

6.12pm: NRK is reporting that one person has been arrested on the island of Utoya, where the shooting took place.

6.21pm: Four people have been killed on the island of Utoya, an official from the AUF, the youth wing of the Labour party, told Varden (note that there are no other reports of deaths in Utoya at present, just that five people have been shot with no details of their condition):

More here.

Latest update - Camp Shooter Also Linked to Oslo Bombing!

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Posted by Richard at July 22, 2011 10:48 AM

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