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July 15, 2011

Court Paves Way For Construction Of "Ground Zero Victory Mosque"

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Just days after an astounded America was slapped in the face by our judicial system acquitting little Caylee Anthony's murderous mother and setting her free, New York City Supreme Court justice Paul Feinman has just cleared the way for the building of the controversial "Cordoba House Ground Zero Victory Mosque" only a few blocks away from hallowed "Ground Zero."

When asked about the court's decision, the chief organizer of the proposed so called "Islamic Cultural Center", Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf , gloated with satisfaction, saying that he is, quote: "certainly in agreement with the ruling."

In an article tinged with subtle biases (what else could be expected?) on ABC News/U.S., and on ABC News Radio, by one "Reshma Kirpalani", showing pictures of a truck with anti-Islamist slogans driving by the proposed location, and of Black Americans carrying signs protesting in favor of building the Mosque, Kirpalani writes:

The backers of the controversial "Ground Zero Mosque" have won a court fight clearing the way for them to build the mosque and community center complex two blocks from the site of the 9/11 terror attack.

In a decision that was made public Wednesday, New York State Supreme Justice Paul Feinman dismissed a lawsuit by former firefighter Timothy Brown who argued that New York City was wrong to allow the destruction of a 150-year-old building to make way for the Islamic center.

The ex-firefighter who was among those who responded to the terror attack on the World Trade Center said the old building had been struck by debris during the collapse of the twin towers and was a "living representative of the heroic structures that commemorate the events of that day."

In a 15-page decision Feinman wrote, "Mr. Brown's claim that his ability to commemorate will be injured, is not yet recognized under the law as a concrete injury that can establish standing. Such an injury, although palpable to Brown, is immeasurable by a court."

The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), a conservative legal group that filed the lawsuit on Brown's behalf, said they plan to appeal the ruling.

"This decision fails to give appropriate consideration to first responders and others who risked their lives and lost loved ones on Sept. 11," ACLJ attorney Brett Joshpe said in a statement.

The ACLJ "remain[s] confident that this mosque will never rise above Ground Zero."

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In the estimation of many outraged Americans, this judgement by New York State Supreme justice Paul Feinman, simply paves the way for Feisal Abdul Rauf and his Muslim coreligionist enemies of America to build their "Ground Zero Celebratory Victory Mosque" in-our-faces and as an affront to the victims of the Islamist atrocities of 9/11.

But then, perhaps this ruling should not come as a surprise to anyone - benumbed as we should be by now, to the outrageous and immoral judgements of our "Activist" courts which have constantly trumped the legislation of our elected representatives as "unconstitutional", while imposing upon us by their rulings such as in the cases involving their godless, gay, liberal, agenda ... and having witnessed, as we have, the horrific failure of our justice system last week to procure justice for slain Caylee Anthony - but should only have come to be expected!

And then some have the gall - in the face of such a judicial system so fraught with injustices; so festering with "Judicial Activism" hell-bent on thwarting the will of the people and imposing its amoral, secularist, collectivist agenda upon us all by "Judicial Fiat" ; a justice system that acquits murderous mothers and sides with the gloating enemies of America - to call the reaction of an exasperated citizenry "Vigilante Justice" when said citizenry takes it upon itself to correct such miscarriages of justice in the face of the failures of our courts; much like those colonists in Boston who protesting the dictatorial tax imposed upon them without representation by a foreign despot, dumped that cargo of tea into Boston bay ... taking justice into their own hands!

Posted by Althor at July 15, 2011 4:11 AM

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