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July 27, 2011

Bottom line in the debt-ceiling 'negotiations': 'Republicans are being played as fools'

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There are simply too many "coincidences" for it to be otherwise.

Erick Erickson is right on target when he says Republicans are being played for fools, and will wind up with all of the blame and very few cuts and the size and scope of the federal government will continue to grow all thanks to John Boehner who is on his third plan continuing to compromise not with the Democrats, but with the Republicans:

Consider that John Boehner and Harry Reid named their different legislation to raise the debt ceiling by the identical name.

Consider also that John Boehner and Harry Reid's legislation are virtually mirror images to each other -- a fact that the rhetoric has obscured, but is in reality accurate.

Consider, in fact, that Boehner and Reid use the same language in various portions of their legislation.

Consider that John Boehner told Sean Hannity tax hikes could come out of his deficit commission despite earlier denials.

Consider also that in one of the key differing portions, John Boehner uses Mitch McConnell's gimmick of letting the President raise the debt ceiling on his own with merely a congressional vote of "disapproval" that the President can then veto. This is a gimmick embraced by Harry Reid.

Consider that John Boehner claimed actual cuts to the federal budget for 2012 would be just over $6 billion -- that is for an entire year. The federal government spends $10 billion a day.

And there's more.

Simply put, 2010 appears to have accomplished zippo, nada, butkus ... absolutely zilch!

On the other hand, Peter Ferrara looks at the bright side of things.

Posted by Richard at July 27, 2011 6:13 AM

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