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July 20, 2011

2012: The End of (America) As We Know It

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Peter Ferrara's must-read, 2012: The End of the World As We Know It, offers a sobering perspective on the deterioration of our nation into two distinct separate cultures, one with a vision of a booming economy restoring America's traditional world-leading prosperity and superpower might - the other with the socialist vision of the "progressive" American Left for whom that traditional American prosperity and superpower status is a moral embarrassment:

[...] Like a replicating amoeba, America is pulling apart into two separate cultures. One is strongly committed to the birth of an even more robust, pro-growth, entrepreneurial capitalism. The other thinks Che Guevara and Karl Marx had important social insights relevant to America today, and wants to follow the path of Juan Peron 's Argentina, if not Hugo Chavez 's Venezuela. This is the stark choice facing the American people in 2012.

[...] These separating cultures are reflected in the American media. Committed "progressives" can remain safely untouched by reality in the party-controlled cocoon of the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, and the three copycat networks. There America faces no debt crisis, taxes are lower than they have been in decades, the "rich" pay no taxes, life on the planet faces extinction due to global warming unless we repent for the industrial revolution, and there are no foreign threats to our national security.

To the heartland, those media institutions seem like a foreign press without even the cultural competence to report on America accurately. That is why these media institutions are all veering into bankruptcy. These media can shelter their audiences from knowledge of reality, but not the consequences of it.

But the heartland majority has already gravitated to the rising, robust American media, which prospers even in the Obama depression -- the Wall Street Journal, Fox News , talk radio, and the newly rising national media reflected in the New York Post, Investor's Business Daily, The American Spectator, and National Review. Unlike the party-controlled press, this media reflects the full spectrum of opinion. Through the crucible of debate, reality breaks through -- government spending, deficits and debt are rocketing through historical records, with taxes slated to follow, the top couple of percent of income earners pay most of the taxes (especially income taxes), global warming is an orchestrated fairy tale, and on its current course America is headed towards catastrophic, history-shattering, military defeat.

This cultural separation is why America can't even maintain a reasoned discussion of the issues. While even before Obama was elected, the top 1% of income earners paid more in federal income taxes than the bottom 95% combined, President Obama and his Democrats tell the party-controlled media that still more tax increases are necessary so that "the rich" (crass Marxist pirate terminology) can "pay their fair share." While even Communist China maintains a 25% corporate tax rate (with the socialist EU lower than 25% on average), and liberal Canada heading to a 15% rate, President Obama's Amerika maintains a nearly 40% rate with no end in sight. Proven, liberating, pro-growth entitlement reform is adopted even in Latin America and Sweden. Yet if entitlement reforms are even raised in America, the infantile Che Guevara Left runs ads showing responsible political leaders throwing grandmas in wheelchairs off cliffs.

Take the time to read the whole thing.

As Ferrara later points out in his piece, 2012 is fast-becoming one of the most important years in our nation's history - the year that the American people must decisively resolve the clash of these two increasingly separated cultures by fully replacing America's hopelessly stubborn, outdated and backward-looking establishment elite (reminiscent of the French Bourbon aristocracy) ... and the liberal-progressive establishment that now dominates Washington ... with a new generation of leaders. The American people will not tolerate the decline, and ultimately the fall, of America. Freedom of speech, and of the press, and of peaceable assembly remains in America. The party-controlled media cannot prevent us from recognizing the harsh reality of Obama's failed Presidency. Even the Communist Party-controlled media in totalitarian states could not prevent the people from seeing the truth and rising up to force an historic change of course.

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Posted by Richard at July 20, 2011 6:28 AM

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