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June 23, 2011

(Video) Arizona Sheriff: 90 to 100 Percent Chance Fires Were Started By Illegals

Topics: Immigration and Border Issues

Via The Sonoran Alliance ... Cochise County Sheriff Larry Dever spoke out about the historic Monument fire this week and makes a good case that the fire could have only been started by illegal aliens:

"When this fire started Montezuma National Park was closed, there were no people allowed in the forrest ... no camping, no traveling, no nothing ... the forest around it was closed, no travel was permitted, no hiking, no travel, nothing permitted in there ... so whoever started the fire was there illegally. The fire started at the end of the fence where it starts up the mountain on the U.S./Mexican border - a high intensity drug and human trafficking area, a known smuggling route for humans and narcotics ... anything is possible except from lightening which wasn't going on ... it wasn't the rabbits or the rattlesnakes that started this fire, it was human beings and the only human beings traveling in that area at the time were smugglers and illegal aliens ... there's nothing to suggest it was anything else. I've lived here for sixty years, worked in law enforcement here along the border for 35 years ... experience and understanding the landscape tells me that the highest probability - way up in the 90s to 100 percent is that that's what happened"

Posted by Richard at June 23, 2011 2:12 PM

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