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June 29, 2011

From Arutz Sheva: Idea Of Flotilla For Hamas Terrorists Did Not Go As Well As Planned (Updated)

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In an article by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu in the Israeli publication Arutz Sheva, it seems that in the face of Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netenyahu's adamant order to the Israeli Navy to interdict the terrorist supporting Islamist propaganda "Gaza Flotilla" organized by such of Obama's buddies as domestic terrorists Bill Ayers his wife Bernadine Dohrm, and his buddy Columbia University colleague and PLO "Fifth Columnist" Palestinian terrorists operative professor Rashid Khalidi, the so called "Gaza Freedom Flotilla" seems to have fallen apart and not have been as "spectacular" as intended by the enemies of Israel.

According to Arutz Sheva the Israeli Government Press Office said Sunday that any journalist on one of the ships that sailed yesterday in this pro-Hamas terrorists propaganda venue for Israel will be barred from entering the country for 10 years; and rightly so.

Greece postponed permission for a ship to sail following a complaint last week challenging the safety of the ship that is to sail from its ports. Cyprus already has banned the planned sailings to Hamas-controlled Gaza, and Turkey effectively blocked the Mavi Marmara ship from sailing from it ports through convenient bureaucratic delays.

Personally I say, great reaction to this "Flotilla" provocation by the enemies of Israel on the part of that Son of David, Israeli Prime Minister, Binyamin Netenyahu! But I would go further, and ask, since the "Flotilla" has the option of unloading their supposedly "humanitarian" cargo in Egypt, even as that "Lover of Israel", the United Nations (forgive the pun) has proclaimed that there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza, and that all goods and merchandise can be sent to Gaza overland through Egyptian and Israel crossings, why should any "Flotilla" vessel should be allowed to violate Israeli waters in what is brazenly but an open provocation and but anti-Israeli propaganda machine.

On the last "Flotilla" incident, where Israeli Navy Commandos were brutally assaulted by terrorist activists, and nine of the terrorists were killed before the Commandos were able to take control of that same Mavi Marmara, as the Arutz Sheva article poignantly points out, it later was discovered that the boat was not carrying any humanitarian aid, but had been planning for an armed confrontation all along!

So I say, if the "Bleeding Heart" socialist, hate-Israel, supporters of Muslim Palestinian terrorists , and of Hamas, wish to bring them "aid and comfort" - even as they kill innocent Israeli children with their unrelenting rain of Kazam rocket attacks - they are welcome to unload their support for terrorism in Egypt and have it sent overland into Gaza. All others who insist on making of this an anti-Israeli propaganda medium, and whose intentions are not humanitarian, but rather confrontational, should simply be blown off the face of the waters by the Israeli Navy and sunk! And I say, good riddance!

We await with baited breath news of this latest Marxist / Islamist fiasco as it trickles in...

Am Yisrael Chai! God does keep His Promises! Israel once again Is!

Update: A commenter below notes that finally, the truth about the Freedom Flotilla is beginning to circulate around and invites readers to check out Prevent the IHH Flotilla Towards Gaza ...

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Posted by Althor at June 29, 2011 8:43 AM

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