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June 2011

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June 30, 2011

Minority parents in New York to NAACP and the Teachers union: You are hurting our children!
Obama Gives New Grant to ACORN
Obama Has Been Lying About The Extent Of Our Involvement In Libya (Among Other Things)
Awsome Cycling Video
Government tests disprove environmentalist's demonizing of shale gas
Democrat Senator Durbin Flunks Constitution 101
Obama administration to resume formal Muslim Brotherhood contacts
Video: The Obama Press Conference Unplugged

June 29, 2011

Veterans Administration Bans Words "God" and "Jesus" From Veterans' Funerals
Obama's Strategy For Debt Talks: More Class Warfare (Updated)
Islamic thuggery in the Netherlands: Young Muslims jeer and mock at Christian funerals, pound hearse with their fists, yell "One dog less"
New York's Same-Sex Marriage Act: Are Laws Against Churches Defense Of The Truth Next?
Walter Russell Mead Thoroughly Decimates What Little Credibility Al Gore Had Left
Obama Administration 'Plan' For Captured Terrorists: Catch and Release!
From Arutz Sheva: Idea Of Flotilla For Hamas Terrorists Did Not Go As Well As Planned (Updated)

June 28, 2011

Breaking: Taliban Attack Intercontinental Hotel In Kabul
Attacking Libya Was the Smart (And Right) Thing to Do
McClatchy-Marist Poll: Obama Approval On Deficit Handling Big-Time Underwater
Iran Unveils Underground Silos For Missiles Capable Of Hitting Israel And U.S. Regional Bases (As the Obama Administration Ignore The Rapidly-Developing Threat))
Video: Neil Whitman's Story And The Negative Impact The Obama Administration Has On Job Creation
Obama Gun-Sting Breakthrough?
'A Common Lie in a Common Cause'
Re: 'Fun with Numbers: The New USDA Report on Corn Ethanol'
The Dems Don't Want To Hear This

June 27, 2011

Kitten Forced To Fight Ferocious Full-Grown Pit Bull (To Tune of Guns n Roses' "Live and Let Die")
Is Barack Obama Campaign Using the White House For Political Purposes? (Updated)
Obama's Medical Secret Police Has 'Mystery Shoppers' Calling Doctors
(Video) Chris Wallace: 'The Joke Is On Jon Stewart'
(Video) John Stossel: The State Against Blacks
Blackballed From Debt Talks, Pelosi Stammers Through Interview With Series of Offensive and False Claims
Re: 'There Are No Socialists'
TSA Insanity: 95 Year-Old Women With Cancer Forced To Have Adult Diaper Removed For Security Search

June 24, 2011

Hundreds of Muslims Surround Coptic Church in Upper Egypt, Threaten to Kill Priest: "We will kill the priest, we will kill him and no one will prevent us ... we will cut him to pieces."
We Can Do This Unless We Don't
How the Democrats Nearly Destroyed the Economy (What Really Caused the Financial Crisis of 2008!)
Wonder Cure For Type 2 Diabetes?
It's Good To Be King

June 23, 2011

FOX News On Sen. Jeff Sessions' (R-AL) Call For Openness In Debt Negotiations
Had Enough B.O. Yet? Join The Growing Crowd
(Video) Arizona Sheriff: 90 to 100 Percent Chance Fires Were Started By Illegals
Obama Taps Strategic Petroleum Reserve
'$1,400 bucks per household a year for 30 years'
Afghanistan: The President's Speech
Obama stacking the deck for unions
Medicare Trustees Confirm Democrats Plan Would Result in 'Actual' 17% Medicare Cut (Video)

June 22, 2011

Obama's Afghan Withdrawal Decision 'Not Approved' By General Petraeus
Re: Definition of Insanity: Senate Dems Want New Stimulus Spending in Deficit Reduction Plan
Hamas-linked CAIR loses IRS status
Remember When Obama-Reid Opposed A Debt Limit Increase?
CBO: U.S. Budget Outlook 'Daunting'
Florida Heroin Kingpin is Illegal Alien on FOODSTAMPS!
'Republican States Have The Best Public Schools In The Country, By A Long Shot'
All you need to know about Jon Huntsman

June 21, 2011

Jon Huntsman Is In.
(Video) Andrew Klavan's Economic Smackdown: Ryan vs. Obama
Re: 'President Barack Obama Will Reverse Course and Endorse Gay Marriage This Week?'
Obama Loosens Border Rules For 2012
Zuckerman: The Jobs Situation Is Worse Than It Looks (Much Worse Than the Administration Claims)
Obama's Food Police Crack Down on What You Can Choose to Feed Your Kids And What the Free Market Can Market
CNN's Fareed Zakaria: Today's Conservative Movement Like 'the Old Marxists,' Too Much Rooted In Abstract Ideas

June 20, 2011

Reports: Record Food Prices Linked to Biofuels
Michelle Obama and family members off to South Africa on your dime
On the even more disturbing aspect of the Weiner scandal
Big Brother Alert: USDA Wants To Impose Government-Wide Homosexual Sensitivity Training
Axelrod: ''It's 'Cool' To Be An Obama Supporter''
Issa, on Fast and Furious: Holder 'Absolutely' Knew About Earlier Than He Testified
Video: Iraqi Women Warn America About Islam

June 19, 2011

On Father's Day - An Anecdote
Pat Condell: ''The Word 'Islamophobia' Is Cultural Terrorism In Action''

June 17, 2011

'Misery Index' At 28-Year High
Rep. Allen West: Obama Has 'No Clue, No Plan' ... and DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Shultz is 'delusional'
Re: 'Cowardly British Cops Cover Up Muslim Crime'
Shouldn't Weiner's Muslim Brotherhood Wife Be Resigning?
America A Greek Tragedy
'Issa asks THE question at 'Project Gunwalker' hearing'

June 16, 2011

Home Depot legend Bernie Marcus on Obama: "He just doesn't understand it. He never worked a day in his life. How would he know it?"
Krauthammer: A White House Union-Owned And Operated
Gallup: Any Ole Republican 44, Obama 39
Book By UCLA Professor: Liberal Media Distorts News Bias
Another IPCC Blunder
Jon Stewart Mocks Obamas Puerto Rico Visit
Rasmussen Passion Index: Obama At -19 And Rapidly Dropping
Obama Clueless On the Economy
Weinergate coming to an end (Update)
Married to marriage: 'I believe marriage should be defined ONLY as the union between one man and one woman'

June 15, 2011

American Crossroads Ad: "Recovery Summer"
Big bundlers to Obama 'Campaign 08' rewarded with jobs, commissions, stimulus money, government contracts, and more
Yesterday's NY Post 'Weinergate' Cover
Re: Obama's Euro-Style Unemployment
New DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz Stars in New RNC Web Ad
Nationwide Test Shows America's Students Dumber Than A Box Of Rocks On History
Senator Marco Rubio's 'Must-Hear' Maiden Speech On Senate Floor

June 14, 2011

Obama On Unemployment: It's The ATM's Fault
Physicists: Earth may be headed into a mini Ice Age within a decade
US Housing Crisis Now Worse Than Great Depression
Re: Cain and Muslim Loyalty
'Worse Than It Was A Year Ago'
27 Republicans Vote for Handouts to Big Labor
Obama On New DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz: ''You Want Her 'In Your Foxhole' Because She's 'Charming' And Has A 'Cute Smile'
MSNBC's Resident RINO Joe Scarborough On Michelle Bachman: She 'Had Charisma' And 'Looked In Command Last Night'
CNN no longer even trying to hide its bias
FBI Probes Chicago Peace Groups and Labor Organizers: Some Crossed Paths With Obama

June 13, 2011

New Study: Electric Cars Could Produce Higher Emissions Over Their Lifetimes Than Petrol Equivalents (Updated)
Rasmussen: Just 26% of Likely U.S. Voters Favor Continued Military Action in Libya
Kosovo Muslims Turn Orthodox Christian Church Into Public Toilet and Waste Dump
'Pakistani Intelligence Announces Its Full Cooperation with US Forces During Upcoming Top Secret June 12 Drone Strike on al-Qaeda At 5:23 A.M. Near Small Town of Razmani in North Waziristan'
On Draining the Swamp
'A case study in progressive pathology'
Re: 'An American Descent Into Hell'

June 12, 2011

Source: Anthony Weiner finally considering he may have to resign amid sexting scandal
The Dalai Lama A "Marxist"?

June 11, 2011

The "Anthropogenic Global Warming" Fraud And Those Kyoto Protocol "Nobel Prize Laureates" Supporting It (Updated)

June 10, 2011

More On Weinergate, What We Know, And Why We Should Care About Congressman Weiner's Online Interactions with Underage Girls
The Self Fulfilling Prophecy Called Environmentalism
Re: Weinergate, Underage Girls, And The Press
Positively Negative
Quirky Michigan Republican Congressman, Thad McCotter, Calls Romney and Obama: " Not Rivals, But Running Mates"

June 9, 2011

She 'Really, Really,' Loves Cats And Wants A Man
"Foreskin Man" - The New Anti-Jewish Comic Superhero, And The Resurgence Of Anti-Semitism Being Spurred By The Left In America
Rasmussen: 75% Support Showing Photo ID At The Polls
Sarah Palin On ''Another 'WTF' Obama Foreign Policy Moment''
Obama administration pledges $26 million in aid for Libyan victims
Jobless Claims
What's this about a Part 2 of Weinergate involving conversations with underage girls? (Updated)

June 8, 2011

Only 1 in 4 Americans
On The Coordinates of Radicalism in America
Re: 'The dirty trick that launched Anthony Weiner's career'
Official motto of the White House economic team
Caroline Glick: Is Obama Deliberately Harming Israeli Covert Operations in Iran?
New study shows that only 19% of mosques in U.S. don't teach jihad violence and/or Islamic supremacism

June 7, 2011

Telegraph: Weiner 'used congressional phone' for sex chat with blackjack dealer
Breaking: New Mexico rancher murdered by illegal alien
Audacity Alert: GM CEO calls for $1 gas tax hike
The Face of the Modern Left
WaPo's Fact Checker Has Had Enough of Obama's Phony Accounting on the Auto Industry Bailout
No more national anthem at pacifist Indiana college
And the Most Ridiculous Defense of Anthony Weiner So Far Is ...
Survey: 30% of Employers to Drop Health Coverage Because of Obamacare
ABC/WaPo Poll: Romney Leads Obama

June 6, 2011

Re: 'Kill your baby, get a free pap smear'
Weiner to Speak at 4 p.m. (Updated x 2)
CBO: True Cost of Fannie, Freddie Bailouts: $317 Billion
It gets worse: ABC News has interviewed a woman who received pictures from Anthony Weiner
Newsweek Portrays Romney as a 'Dancing Lunatic'
On Those 'Unsurprising' Jobs Numbers
Uh Oh, Breitbart Has A Weiner Cache (Updated - More 'Uh Oh': Weinergate Grows)

June 4, 2011

You know the economic news is really bad when ...

June 3, 2011

Video: Klavan's One-State Solution: Give the Middle East to the Jews
Re: 'If the science is sound, why these lies?'
Federal Appeals Court Lifts Ban on Public Prayer at Texas High School Graduation After Uproar
Michelle Obama to Take Another Expensive Taxpayer-Funded Vacation
'Pretty Boy' John Edwards - Indicted
Jobless Rate Jumps To 9.1% (Arguably 11.5%)
Infuriating Assine Quote of the Day (Updated)
History Doesn't Repeat It Rhymes

June 2, 2011

Salon: 'Everything you've heard about fossil fuels may be wrong'
How Obama and the big-government Left blew the economy
Re: Radical Media Activists at Free Press Coordinated With FCC Commissioner to Write, Place Pro-Net Neutrality Op-Ed
Liberal-Progressive Former NPR CEO Headed to NBC
Defense Secretary Gates does a U-turn: Warns of downgraded US military under Obama budget cuts

June 1, 2011

Anthony Weiner sexually harasses female reporter
Re: Hollywood Hates Conservatives (Updated)
Very Bad Economic News
The Weiner Plot Thickens
WaPo and FactCheck agree: DNC chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz 'threw truth to the wolves'
No Real Evidence to Back Claim that Ryan's Medicare Reform Will Be Unpopular
'Tepid Rise' in May Private Sector Jobs
Re: Is Rep. Anthony Weiner Guilty Or Just Very, Very Stupid?