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May 13, 2011

Video: Arizina Gov. Jan Brewer to Pres. Obama: Stop the Jokes - Secure the Border

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Gov. Jan Brewer slams Obama on border security in what describes as "a hard-hitting, moving and effective response from the state that has had to endure the most turmoil due to the federal government's failures at the US/Mexico border (hat tip - Nice Deb).

Mr President, Stop the Jokes - No one in Arizona is laughing :

From the YouTube posting:

Almost a year ago, Governor Jan Brewer invited President Barack Obama to visit the Arizona border. He declined. Since then, the Federal Government has sued the State of Arizona for making sure immigration laws are enforced.

Brewer has been celebrated by many for taking action to enforce laws that Washington has long ignored, those who oppose the law continue to choose pithy punch lines over responsible and pragmatic action.

Two days ago in El Paso, President Obama decided once again that Arizona's unsecured borders and illegal immigration crisis are a laughing matter. Unfortunately, no one in Arizona is laughing.

As Gateway Pundit points out, two Arizona border agents were killed chasing suspected drug smugglers near the border yesterday.

Indeed, border security is not a joking matter, Mr. President.

Posted by Richard at May 13, 2011 9:07 PM

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