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May 16, 2011

Update to those ''Six 'Individuals' Charged for Providing Material Support to the Pakistani Taliban''

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There's an update to those six "individuals" located in South Florida and Pakistan that have been indicted on charges of providing financing and other material support to the Pakistani Taliban ... all of which are Muslim, two of which are Florida imams. But you'd never know that from the lead since, as usual, the government and the media go through great lengths to avoid using the "M" word ... after all, wouldn't want to relate the "religion of peace and tolerance" they keep telling us about, with violence, right?

It turns out that the Miami imam supported the Pakistani Taliban through a madrassa he founded, and had expressed a wish that Allah would kill 50,000 American soldiers:

[...] Khan has allegedly used the madrassa to provide shelter and other support for the Pakistani Taliban and has sent children from his madrassa to learn to kill Americans in Afghanistan.

According to the allegations in the indictment, the defendants endorsed the violence perpetrated by the Pakistani Taliban. On one occasion in July 2009, defendants Khan and Irfan Khan participated in a recorded conversation in which Khan called for an attack on the Pakistani Assembly that would resemble the September 2008 suicide bombing of the Marriott Hotel in Islamabad, Pakistan. On another occasion in September 2010, Hafiz Khan participated in a conversation in which he stated that he would provide that individual with contact information for Pakistani Taliban militants in Karachi, and upon hearing that mujahideen in Afghanistan had killed seven American soldiers, declared his wish that God kill 50,000 more....

Both 'imams' are U.S. citizens ... so called "American" (moderate?) Muslims.

Oh, almost forgot to mention that our Muslim-appeasing, Islam-kowtowing, DOJ had the F.B.I. agents wait until the prayers ended and remove their shoes before entering the mosque and arresting the imams.

And, as noted at the link, the United States attorney for the Southern District of Florida made it a point to note that "... this is not an indictment against a particular community or religion," instead "today's indictment charges six individuals for promoting terror and violence through their financial and other support of the Pakistani Taliban."

Like I said, "individuals" equals government and media-speak for Muslims ... and of course these charges aren't an indictment against Islam. After all ... they could have just as well have been Presbyterians, Baptists, Catholics, or Budhists that were charged with funding al-Qaeda and the Taliban ... or plotting the murder of "50,000 or more American soldiers," right?

Posted by Hyscience at May 16, 2011 8:26 AM

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