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May 1, 2011

Some Thoughts On The San Francisco Chronicle / White House Spat - An Opinion

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"The problem for the president, who loves being serenaded as long as the lyrics include Mmm-mmm-mmm, was the closing couplet of the ditty: 'We paid our dues / where's our change?' "

Howard Portnoy - Hot Air April 30, 2011.

What has everyone excited about the recent non-event fiasco, between the San Francisco Chronicle and the White House, is obviously the blatant way in which the White House was not only attempting to censor journalists (you know, they're all supposed to be in the tank for Obama, and should "walk the line" accordingly), but the brazen way in which it tried to bully the Chronicle into compliance, with threats of ostracizing and barring Chronicle staffer Carla Marinucci (ironically, a member of the Obama-lapping media) from future Bay Area coverage of the president's visits, and even of disenfranchising the whole of the Chronicle staff if they would let know of their little "Lover's Quarrel".

And what was Miss Marinucci's unpardonable sin which warranted that the White House should "excommunicate" her from the "Church of Worshipful Obama Media Lapdogs"? Well, it seems Miss Marinucci failed to sit obediently (as she was supposed to) at the feet of Obama, quietly listening to "her master's voice" from the White House "Victrola" wagging her tail (having Orgasms at the sight of Obama.....and or thrills up her leg?), but actually had the TEMERITY (Oh, the humanity!) of videophoning some of Obama's own more rabid supporters at the event, breaking into a chant that, though it began pleasingly enough for the president with "Mmm-mmm-mmm", it ended with the demand: "We paid our dues [we elected you?], where's our change [why outright you haven't imposed Marxism on America like we expected you to?]?" berating Obama for not being "radical" or "Marxist" enough to their liking...

But what is far more foreboding and sinister about this whole affair, and is flying under the radar amidst all this commotion, is precisely that alarming last part - that with all the radical things Obama has done or attempted to do, from Obamacare to shutting down oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico while exporting our oil industry jobs to Brazil and Africa, to "Cap & Trade" and the EPA's back-door enacted "Green House Gases" regulations killing our industry and our energy companies, to driving our economy off the cliff with his policies, to the blatantly unsustainable budget deficits that dwarf the budgets of all other previous Administrations combined, to the anti-business atmosphere Obama has created that has cost Americans millions of jobs, and the inescapable conclusion that seemingly Obama must be purposely doing all this crazy stuff to bring our economy down, topple "capitalism", and bring about a socialist "Nanny State" - some of his more rabid supporters are despondent... because Obama is not far-left enough, and or radical-Marxist enough, or destroying America and morphing it fast enough, to their liking. Imagine that!

These are that Marxist/communist/socialist indoctrinated 50% of today's American electorate, with amoral twisted Hedonist values, who were responsible for electing the likes of Pelosi, Boxer, Reid, and this disastrous president, to power in the first place, and who have foisted them upon us all while the rest of us were busy working, trying to make ends meet, raising a family, and moving on with our lives!

For the most part these people have been brainwashed by the secularist progressive indoctrination to which we have been subjected to - for four decades - at all levels of our society, to hate America, despise capitalism and individual freedoms, and to be "activists" towards turning America into an "American Soviet Marxist Utopia" - Obama's "Change"!

What these "Fifth Columnists" amongst us were chanting at that event and demanding of Obama, and where they and their ilk will lead our nation if they have their way, should be the focus of our concern and of our discussion - not whether one of Obama's lapdogs "misbehaved", and the "master" had a tiff and threatened to put her in the "dog house", and or if the Chronicle Obama lapdogs got their panties in a bunch about it!

And the question begs to be asked: "What are we going to do with these people, people?"

Personally, I would strip all these disgruntled, malcontent, Marxist American radicals who hate America and would like to see her on her knees, of their "much hated" American citizenship (remember, they consider themselves citizens of the "Internationale"), and ship them all to Cuba....that they may enjoy Castro's free veterinary-grade "Castrocare" (any resemblance to Obamacare is purely coincidental?) and all the other perks of his "Communist Paradise of the Proletariat" (eating sh*t - literally), while the rest of us Midwestern, clod-hopping, "red necks" (Hmmm....Hey Marco Rubio, I didn't realize anti-communist Cuban émigrés were considered "red necks". Did you know? - LOL!), "holding to our guns and Bibles", take back America, and restore this country to the prosperous, proud, exceptional America, we all once knew, and love....

Posted by Althor at May 1, 2011 4:16 PM

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